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Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673

Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673
Species: Type Three Automaton
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Zodiac Sign:
Family (or Creators): Minerboss Gurjev Two Seven 27-6592-5332
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 800 lbs
Bra Size: 34B (Robots Don't Wear Bras)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Medic
Rank: None
Current Placement: Awaiting Assignment

Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673 in Roleplay

Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673 is a Player Character played by Angelic Crux and is currently involved in the Awaiting Assignment plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1 Mass: 800 lbs Measurements: 34-26-33 Bra Size: 34B (Robots Don't Wear Bras)

Build and Skin Colour: Unlike many Freespacer Automatons, Tsura's current body has a very sleek, entirely humanoid design. While the shiny, moulded plates of her body make it obvious she is not actually human, her body has the shape of a tall, athletic woman. Her body proportions are, for the most part, like an ordinary human's, except for the forearms, which are significantly enlarged to hold the proper servos and motors that give her hands their impeccable dexterity. While there are black rubber coverings she sometimes wear on her joints to prevent dust and dirt accumulating, the frequency with which she is tinkered with causes her to forego these on-ship, giving observers a glimpse of the wires and machinery underneath between the cracks where her arms and neck meet with the torso, as well as her ankles and the hip joints. The major sections of her body are each housed in composite shell plating of a different color: white for the face, black for the rear of the skull, red for the shoulders and limbs, and a bluish white for the torso and abdomen.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Tsura's ocular units have been designed to have the appearance of a human eye, though the bronze iris and her inability to blink make them far from natural. Two black lines extend under her eyes, latches for use in removing her face for maintenance. Her face is quite artfully made, the smooth mask of a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, forever locked in a melancholic expression. The long, but aquiline nose, small mouth and well-shaped cheek bones give a certain quiet nobility to the already sad look she has. On days when she is feeling a particular emotion, she will often draw a decal or word on her face to let others know.

Hair Colour and Style: Tsura's “hair” is actually made from a similar composite material as her body, though its flexibility is much greater. It is a red, durable plastic with a natural sheen that gives it a look not terribly unlike real hair from a distance. However, the texture of her hair is artificially smooth, and it tends to be somewhat resistant to the touch and quick to return to its original position. She wears her “hair” at shoulder length, hanging slightly longer down along the sides of her face along the line of her chin, to conceal her lack of ears.

Distinguishing Features: Tsura will often have markings painted on herself. Sometimes words, other times simple symbols, and rarely intricately painted images, these markings can be an indication of her feelings, a commemoration of something memorable or just a design made to stave off boredom. Examples might be a heart painted on her cheek to indicate a good mood, a prayer to Terra painted on her forearm before performing surgery, or simple interesting graphic designs on her body.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Unlike most Type Threes, Tsura rarely speaks about her theories and observations of the world, preferring instead to listen and absorb the insights of those around her. While she is quite quick to offer warm encouragement or have long conversations at a patient's bedside, when it comes to her personal life, she is quite reserved. For those few she has allowed to get close to her, however, there are few things she would feel uncomfortable discussing, reverting to the open kind of thinking one would expect to find from a 'spacer.

Likes: Painting, Interviewing, Watching Others Sleep Dislikes: Deep Space, Elitism, Selfish People Goals: Become completely devoted to others, discover happiness again.



By the skill with which she picked up medicine as a young child, Tsura could have easily have qualified to be a technician in her mothership's genebank. However, her keen interest in the life and experience of Type Twos led her down a different path. She came from a somewhat impoverished mothership, its ratio of automatons and Synthetic Intelligences being far lower than the norm. Yet, this made the need for medical technicians all the greater, a profession which she gladly took up at the age of six.

Fleshmender Tsura was assigned to one of the mining ships of the fleet, which allowed her to see many Type Twos in their daily lives. Stalwart, dedicated, and selfless, the Type Twos seemed to be a breed above for the young woman sent to heal the bodies they put on the line every day to secure ore. It was there that she met her first and only love, Rockdriller Mihai Eight Two 82-6238-0195. She saw him more than any other miner in the sick bay, but almost every time, it was because he had been injured saving a comrade from harm. Open, warm, playful and encouraging, he was like the sun to her.

She decided that she was going to write an anthology of poems, observations, and expressions from the Type Twos, long thought to be of little intellectual import in the Free State. She wanted Mihai to be her first contributor, but his final visit to her sickbay ended in tragedy. A freak explosion near the ship had sent a piece of debris hurtling into the hull. While the other doctor quickly fled as the room lost pressure, Tsura hesitated, unwilling to leave Mihai to die, despite his protestations for her to run. So it was that two died that day instead of one.

She awoke in the one automaton body they had a spare of on the ship. Though she and Mihai had both been retrieved immediately, only one of the dying brains could be digitized. For the mining ship, it was a simple matter of priorities. For Tsura, the knowledge that her lack of faith had denied Mihai the chance at a second life was devastating. She closed herself off, focusing every moment on her medicine and easing the suffering the miners willingly endured. There was no end to it, however. No matter how skilled her hands, no matter how diligent her treatments, she watched two full generations pass, death after death etched in a memory bank that was programmed to forget nothing.

Given her quiet and reserved nature, few know of Tsura's history up to this point.

During a trading discussion between her mothership and the Free Wind, a merchant vessel, she offered herself as payment when negotiations were close to breaking down. As an automaton, she was not recognized as being anything but property outside of Freespacer culture, and came to serve as a doctor on the Free Wind for several months. Otomo Suzune, the engineer in charge of maintaining her on the Free Wind, paid for her out of pocket before leaving the merchant ship. Having no other friends, she continues to travel with Suzune, learning about the strange world outside of the The Free State.


Medical and Science

With over forty years of experience as a medic on a mining and salvage vessel, Tsura had no dearth of experiences with all manner of injuries, exposures, and contaminations. From radiation to biological agents on asteroids, explosions to security countermeasures in derelict ships, she has seen all manner of ailments in her time. Due to the heavy reliance on cybernetics among Freespacers, Tsura also has many years of experience in cybernetic surgery, though she has more practice removing faulty equipment and salvaging implants than in installing them. Her knowledge of medicine is severely limited when it comes to pathogens and organisms that can only survive in planetary environments.


One of the first things Tsura discovered about medicine was the importance of warmth in treating injuries. A miner who became a friend and a confidant, in addition to a patient, was much quicker to recover than one who just had his body bandaged. She learned all manner of ways to put people at ease, to learn how to bring them out of their shells, and how to get them to know peace in their final moments. While her communication style lends itself well to a doctor/patient relationship, she is not terribly adept at rhetoric or persuasion.


Being a Type Three Automaton, Tsura is designed to be connected to the Polysentience, just like all other Freespacers. However, having left her mothership, and in the aftermath of the Yamataian slaughter of the Free State, Tsura's ability to connect to the Polysentience has been intermittent. This has led her to be both better able to stave off boredom without the use of the digital connection of the Free State, as well as to cherish each opportunity she has to connect with it. With the exception of life-threatening situations, Tsura will stop anything she is doing and devote her entire attention to the network on the few occasions she is able to make contact with it.

Technology Operation

Being an automaton, Tsura's body is designed to interface with other machines through a variety of methods, both hardwired and wireless. The vast majority of her experience is with medical equipment and general computers, however, so the range of machines she can interface with far exceeds the range of machines she is experienced in using.

Art and Vocations

Tsura's hobby is in sociological and anthropological studies. While her personal focus was on the way that Type Two subculture developed and influenced Freespacer culture as a whole, she is well-versed general theories of societal development and human behavior. As well, her interest in the worldview of Type Twos caused her to research other philosophies with an emphasis on self-denial and a communal ethos. Studying from the Type Twos, who often learn to decorate their spacesuits with all manner of paints and logos, Tsura became an accomplished painter herself. Her talent lies more in graphic design and layout than in technical mastery, however. She mostly prefers to work with letters, symbols, and abstract designs with a focus on use of color. Her body is rarely free of various symbols and markings, except when she has just finished being maintained.


Tsura's current physical body is a custom design by Otomo Suzune. Far from the Freespacer preference for rugged, low-maintenance technology, she is in a near constant experimental state, aside from her prioritized systems (power, sensors, and arm function). While she can generally perform at a level much higher than most automatons, her need for constant maintenance and the extent to which her experimental systems break down would make her current design completely impractical in the Free State.


Having had to deal with the cleaning, laundering, and basic cooking in her mining ship's sick bay for almost half a century, Tsura is an expert at running a tidy medical environment. However, her experience is more focused on sterility in cleanliness and nutritional value in cooking. One should not look to Tsura for the perfect flounce in that dress for a nice night out, or for food that will get a compliment better than “pleasant.”



Robots Don't Need Clothes!


A Worn Red Cross Armband


  • Electronic Money Card


Latex Paints and Brushes


Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673 is currently a None in the Independent. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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