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Flinz Gikane

Flinz Gikane is a NPC controlled by GM Nashoba in the 21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds plot.

Flinz Gikane
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Organization: None
Occupation: Career Criminal
Rank: None
Current Placement: None

Character Description

Flinz Gikane is six feet, four inches tall, with green eye and tied back brown hair. Has a rough appearance with bulging muscles, and several scars on his face from the life he has lead including scars on his arms and legs. He is very harsh and cruel toward others, not hesitating for a second to inflict physical pain if he doesn't get what he wants or if people betray him. He takes great enjoyment out of watching others suffer and savors the thrill of the kill, when murdering someone he tends to take his time and is rather methodical.

He walks with a slight limp, but doesn't let that keep him down. He's got an authority complex, hating police, military, politicians, anyone who he feels can potentially get in his way. However, he loves explosions, building bombs and watching them explode just adds to his excitement and seeing them take out his enemies works even better.

History and Relationship Notes

Flinz was born on Neplesia to a criminal father and his mother, both of which ran a racketeering ring. When he was eight, his father and mother were both killed in a police bust gone wrong, this began his sudden downward spiral.

He killed his first person when he was ten years old in a mugging gone wrong but was never caught. Then, when he was fourteen he murdered a wife and her three children when he was attempting to rob the place for a local gang he ran with in Neplesia.

For several years he hid from authorities, conducting business in the shadows and never letting a good deal go bad. During his time, he gradually taught himself how to make explosives and how to more easily utilize them in environments that had high amounts of police traffic, so that he could potentially detonate them without others know 'who' set them up.

His lust for power and revenge against those who murdered his family often times lead him to disregarding the concerns of those who followed him, and in turn, resulted in many people dying before his hands. It didn't take him very long to convince those who stepped out of time that doing so was a death sentence, many a people would be found dead in alleyways or in local sewers, many having been killed by means that were difficult to trace back to Flinz.

He got his first ship when he was twenty five when he was hired by a merchant captain to provide on-site protection for goods he was smuggling, only for Flinz to turn around and murder the man, taking the goods and the ship for himself. He used this ship for his own smuggling, outfitting it considerably to confuse and trick police scanners into thinking the cargo on board was harmless. This is also what eventually lead to him going into human trafficking, his primary cargo being women and children, women due to them being sold for breeding and children as they could be turned into slaves for usage by his various benefactors.

His criminal record is extensive, he's murdered dozens of people and has attempted several terrorist bombings only to be foiled either by those he was working with or by the general authorities.

The authorities quickly built up a staggering profile of Flinz, including his desire to kill anyone who crossed his path, or that he cares little for others no matter if they are the elderly or the young. He's also got extensive financial support.

When he was fifty one years old, he was arrested by Elisto Tereane after he had murdered a businessmen and his entire family for double-crossing him. He was attempting to flee Yamatai, only to get blockaded by Elisto's patrol ship and boarded. Flinz put up a fight, but eventually fell and was arrested and sentenced in YE 28, though not for the crimes he had committed off planet due to the evidence of those crimes having disappeared, the only crime he was able to get sentenced on was of the murder charge he committed on Yamatai.

Toward the end of YE 33, Flinz was serving time in a Yamatai Prison before he was able to escape following the NMX attack on Yamatai, now his whereabouts are unknown.

Although his records have seemingly disappeared, along with it any evidence of the vast majority of his crimes, Flinz actual rap sheet is well known to most people who have had dealings with him or have tried to catch him. He's murdered nearly three hundred and forty one people and has successfully smuggled countless more behind the backs of officers or a systems general police force. Most also know him as an avid bomb maker and lethal at hand to hand combat.

Modus Operandi

Flinz likes operating under the air of caution, despite his heavy handed and violent nature toward others, he does want to keep himself away from cops at least during the times when he does not want to get their attention, such as when he's planning a crime or an operation.

He uses his ship for smuggling purposes and also for transporting materials used in his crimes, though he is never really far from where a crime he is responsible for is committed, whether this is a murder or bombing. This is usually accomplished by him either having eyes in the general area, such as a lackey or someone who he has paid off, or by hacking into an areas general security system and watching it on CCTV, he will usually accomplish this by either stealing or acquiring someone else's identity to use in accessing such a system, hacking it something he prefers to leave as a last resort since it's easier to get caught with the current systems now in place.

When he murders an individual, he'll usually leave one body out in the open for it to be found, while the others are hidden away somewhere in the home or just the general area. However, this depends on the individual that he's murder. Sometimes he'll prop the body up, such as if it's someone who has betrayed him. When it's someone of authority, such as officers or politicians, he'll record it and send the recording to whomever that person's family is as a means of putting fear into others. Despite his desire to stay off the radar, he has more of a desire to instill fear into others and make others think twice about double-crossing him.

His passion for bombs means he always has some kind of an explosive on him, be it a grenade or some other explosive that he can quickly discard to cause mayhem.

Rap Sheet

The large number of crimes committed by Flinz only netted him a short sentence in prison thanks to the evidence disappearing, but the list here shows all of the crimes he has committed and the dates at which they were committed.

Offense Description or Notes
Three hundred and forty one people murder offenses Most of the murders committed were done either during gang wars, police raids, along with muggings, burglaries, and people who have betrayed him. However, some of these were more serious
Serious Offenses
Killed forty one people during a raid on a passenger liner utilizing a home-made bomb Police were able to trace the bomb back to Flinz
Killed thirty three people when a client attempted to betray him to the police, killed the client, his entire family, and his protection Police never knew about the murders until nearly a week after
Killed fourteen children just to get to one, this was the result of a financial backer betraying him, in an effort to force the backer back on his side he killed the backers son though in the process killed thirteen other kids. This caused some of Flinz backers, who had been working with authorities to bring him down, to suddenly switch alliegences to his side again.
Minor Offenses
Drug Trafficking
Weapons Smuggling

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamatai, Nepleslian
  • Fighting
  • Physical
  • Rogue
  • Leadership
  • Demolitions
  • Vehicles


Flinz Gikane has the following items:

  • Personal Clothing
  • Knife
  • Picture of murdered parents

OOC Discussion

Character was created by Kyle and is intended for Elisto's past and side mission, approved by Nashoba. Please note, this character can be used by other people, given that he's a criminal - but I must ask that you inform either Nashoba or Kyle JUST in case he is already being used.

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