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Flora Merribell Fields

Flora Merribell Fields is an NPC controlled by Noodles in the plot.

Flora Merribell Fields
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Organization: The Order of the Knight Marshal
Occupation: Marshal
Rank: Marshal Regent
Current Placement: Marshal Regent of the Order of the Knight Marshal

Character Description

Flora Fields stands at a fairly tall 5'11 (152.4 cm) and weighs in at 146 lbs (66.2 Kg). She has an athletic figure with a larger (32D) bust. She has lightly tanned skin. She has dark green, rounded eyes and a small, wide nose set precisely where they belong, right above a set of thin lips. She smells faintly of lavender. Her voice is a mid-alto, and she rarely speaks above an 'inside tone'. Fields is an organized, down to business type of woman, and while she doesn't devote her entire life to her work she does take it very seriously. She has no tolerance for lies or 'Bullshit'. She knows how to put on a diplomatic air for when it's required, but in most situations, she's a live wire; When she feels something, you're very likely to know very quickly.

History and Relationship Notes

Flora Fields grew up into a well off family who held education as the highest priority, and so she grew up with seemingly never-ending studies into a very large amount of subjects. Tutors came and went, and Flora's knowledge on a broad number of subjects increased. What she lacked, however, was knowledge of the people and places around her and the girl decided she needed to go places and do things outside of spending her time learning from books.

With time she was able to commission into the Nepleslian Navy, and from there she spent the next twenty years of her life as a relatively successful Naval officer.

Then came the time when the young woman, now much older, felt the need to reach out even further. However, someone else reached out to her, offering her the opportunity to truly put her skills, education, and experience to good use, a place with people she had never met; somewhere truly new.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade, Yamataigo, Seraphim, Freefolk
  • Expert Hand to Hand
  • Marksmanship
  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy
  • Security
  • Law


Flora Merribell Fields has the following items:

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