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Flurstie is a Nepleslian pop artist.

About Flurstie

Flurstie was born on the tough streets of Los Apagos to a Geshrin mother and a Nepleslian father. At a young age, her father tragically drowned in the sewers as he tried to clear a blockage. Inspired by her father's work, she worked towards becoming Nepleslia's rising pop star. Flurstie is known for her performances when she dances very promiscuously, mostly dressed in long cargo pants, a tight blue tube top, and a Nepleslian Military Beret. Her mannerisms have been mimicked all across Nepleslia by young and impressionable girls, with parents signing multiple petitions to get her shot into space.

Music Genre: Hip Hop
Hit Song: “Flurstictitious”
Most Popular Album: “Promiscuous Flirstie”

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