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This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Francine Volker

Francine Volker
General Character Information
Age 23
Species Geshrin
Place of Birth Funky City, Planet Nepleslia
Birth Date Oct 9 YE 14
Height 5' 7“
Weight 135 Ibs
Skin Color Caucasian somewhat tanned.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Ethnicity Caucasian
Faction and Organization Affiliation
Organization Freelance Mercenary/Gunsmith
Faction Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (Citizen Of)
Occupation Mercenary/Gunsmith
Rank or Status N/A
Current Placement or Unit Freelancer
Miscellaneous Character Information
Likes Small Arms.
Mechanical Workings.
Cars (Engines).
Dislikes Wide open spaces.
Goals To one day open her own gun shop.
Character Financials
Deposits/Withdrawals Date Of/Reason

Francine Volker is a player character played by Arieg.

Physical Description

  • Build and Skin Color
  • Francine has a petite lean build with little to no body fat, her skin tends to be pale but covered in varying degrees of grease and grime from her preferred professions.
  • Eyes and Facial Features
  • Francine has two green eyes set in a sharp face with a rounded chin.
  • Ears
  • Elven ears, both pierced usually with a small stud.
  • Hair Color and Style
  • Red, messy, kept in a ponytail some of the time and usually a few inches above the shoulder.

Mental Description

Due to her upbringing and living conditions Fran is a suspicious.. almost paranoid person, much like a prey animal in the wild, always keeping an eye out for the hawk circling overhead. To a stranger she'd seem almost abrasive, flighty, wanting to get whatever it is that has her out in the open among unfamiliar persons over as quickly as possible.

Among known associates or familiar environments however she is almost comfortable, her suspicious edge (a hard learned mechanism for self preservation) is always present but shes far more calm among those she knows. Her loyalty, while hard won, is often worth it as she tends to do her best to ensure those she likes are always provided with the best work she can produce.

Relations and Family

  • Father: Frank Volker (Nepleslian)
  • Mother: Aizawa Volker (Geshrin)

Character History


Francine was born in the medical center of one of Funky City's many towering mega structures, this particular tower however, simply designated as 'Tower 341A' by the city planning department, was among the most crime ridden and run down. It was this environment that Francine was brought up by her parents among the cities more shady elements and less fortunate inhabitants.

Her early years where rather fortunate, never going hungry, her mother and father always seemingly able to provide for their small creation. While her mother didn't work, instead taking to the task of homemaker, her father had found a niche industry for his military learned skill of machining and engineering… knock off firearms. Despite their commonality to the point of simply being in every street gutter or trash can most firearms where either of dubious quality or so worn to the point of non-operation. Not to mention the ever great demand for the latest and best weapons coming off the various major lines of the mega corporations that served the empires. Her father had discovered that for the price of materials.. he could manufacture his own for far less then the going price of these new weapons.. and sell them for a healthy profit even at a discount.

It was this 'family business' that Francine soon took to during her teenage years, at first watching her father as he crafted various devices in their living room.. to eventually following him to his own machine shop in later years. Like any child she wished to follow her father and like any father he was all to happy to pass on his skills to his offspring.

By her twenties this father-daughter team was producing some of the finest Funky City copies the area had seen and soon Francine had begun to delve into designing her own or modifying existing platforms to change the capabilities of the weapons or even create her own designs. This process a continues learning process until she finally turned twenty-five, a steady divide between herself and her father eventually leading her to find her own way.

Roleplay Events

Character Skills

Character Specializations

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Over the years of working with her father she became skilled at keeping their various implements and machines in well to do working order and with the various weapons that passed through there hands she became familiar with the various problems that firearms and energy weapons tended to generate and or how to solve them with either a newly machine part or a hard hammer blow to a seized mechanism.
  • Engineering
  • Making her living the way she did the various requirements of repairing or manufacturing weapon copies eventually imbued her with quite the ability to either machine her own parts either by hand or later with the various bits of machinery their small shop acquired. After her teenage years had passed her she soon discovered that those very same skills could be used to create things she wanted or modify existing designs to suit her needs.
  • Construction
  • Tying in with her various engineering capabilities, Francine soon developed a nack for developing her own machinery and or constructing it out of whatever she could get her hands on. Often crude these devices where none the less very effective at the tasks she had designed them for.
  • Vehicles
  • Like most nepleslians Fran knows how to drive most wheeled vehicles and even some that can fly…. and how to hot wire and steal them through various mechanical and wiring methods.
  • Fighting
  • Despite her quiet nature and smaller appearance Fran is still quite the rowdy fighter, not afraid to plant a pair of steel toes into a groin or plant a fist in a sensitive spot. However her tool of choice often lies with her firearms, her favorite being a pump action shotgun, one of her first creations. She is quite skilled in it's use.
  • Communications
  • Fran can speak and write both nepleslian and yamatain, a product of her parentage. She can also operate most communications devices found on the civilian market.. and a few from the military inventory.
  • Rogue
  • While not a rogue in the classic sense Fran can still very much be a sneaky individual, a product of her upbringing and child hood home. Shes not afraid to crawl through vents, silently slip past gang members to avoid harassment. Or jimmy a standard lock to get past a barrier in her path.

Character Inventory

Character Inventory
Zen Arms FEAR (Fuchs Enhanced Application Rifle) 1x Eight power digital optical with thermal or low light capability.
A single point sling.
A thirty caliber sound suppressor.
9x thirty round magazines.
Zen Automatic Rifle Compact 1x Holographic Sight
A single point sling.
4x 75-round magazines.
A thirty caliber sound suppressor.
Paragon Infantry Pistol (PIP) A small caliber sound suppressor.
4x 20-round magazines.
Armor and Tactical Gear

Tactical Helmet
A ceramic polymer minimalist design intended to simply be a optics and communications gear mount with some protection from fall and impact injury. It mounts a 'tricog' thermal, night vision, a low power electromagnetic detection optics. A continuous optical feed is also included in the package capable of being transmitted over a standard communications link. The interior is cushioned with a communications set designed to fall over the left ear and a voice or button activated COM mike.
Tactical Vest A matt black synthetic fiber vest with a thermal and kinetic protective vest sown into the liner to protect against fragmentation and thermal blast damage. Its a simple buckle and zipper arrangement with four rifle magazine pouches with velcro covers, three pistol magazine pounches with velcro covers, a shoulder knife shealth, all on the left chest area. On the right is a shoulder mounted pocket for communications gear, a large general purpose pouch with a velcro sealing top.
Hip Holster and Utility Gear Two matt black synthetic fiber hip holsters, one intended for a large combat handgun with two spare magazine pockets on the front of the assembly. The other hip pouch is a large modular pocket that is default set for medical bags.
'Soft' Chest and Leg Magnetorheological Body Armor A 'smart fluid' filled bladder with a texture similar to a diving suit wrapped around the user's hips, legs, and chest. It functions as a form of flexible body armor only hardening during the impact of a projectile to stop penetration and injury to the armor's user. It is capable of stopping up to PDR 4 projectiles albeit with significant discomfort to the user until the armor's power source is expended.
'Hardcase' Field Support Computer An off the shelf datapad intended to serve as a support asset for information, communications, and limited network infiltration (script kiddie). The device is customized to link with her equipment and is encased in a nerimium shell with the interior designed to limit shock stresses on the device. It is often worn on the back of her tactical vest.
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