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Fredriika Østergaard

Fredriika Østergaard is a Game Master Player Character, or GMPC, played by CadetNewb.

Fredriika Østergaard
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Born: YE 11
Height: 6'
Weight: 142 lbs
Organization: Nepleslia Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Command and Organization
Rank: Commissar (Old Nepleslian Rank)
Current Placement: The Francia Frontier

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 142 lbs
  • Measurements: 32-27-36, 32B

Build and Skin Color: Tall and slender, Fredriika is considered somewhat willowy. The curves of her body are distinct enough to not be slight, but aren't particularly noteworthy. Overall, she's closer to being pear shaped than hourglass to her own chagrin, with hips that are slightly larger than her meager bust. Though her skin is pale and vulnerable to the sun, she is fortunate enough that her tone isn't so light to an exaggerated degree.

Eyes and Facial Features: Fredriika's brows are rather large and dark, resting above a pair of very cold, blue eyes. The two of them never seem to do anything but slant down and inwards in a scowl, which is a sharp contrast to the rest of her features. She has a delicate nose and lips, with a heart shaped face which, if it weren't for her typical range of expressions, would be warm and inviting.

Hair Color and Style: Taking advantage of her rank, Fred has chosen to grow her lustrously black hair out. Reaching down to the small of her back, the straight hair is silky smooth and well kept, only being put up into a braid or bun if the situation requires it.

Distinguishing Features: Every inch of her body is flawless, suggesting that despite being a marine, she has either had the best in medical attention, or has never been wounded.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Paranoid, needy, neurotic, and controlling are some words best used to describe Fredriika. Cruel and ruthless, she gives the impression that command favors her due to the results she gets in the field at the cost of any soldiers under her. At the best of times, she is melodramatic, and at worse, hyper-lethal. A stickler for rules, she is uptight and proper, with 'deviant' behavior often earning her ire. In other words, and in the words of many marines that have served under her, she is a “Mega-Bitch”. Despite this however, there is a certain vulnerability to her; Fredriika appears to have an almost childlike need for approval and praise from her superiors or those she looks up to. Perhaps unsurprisingly, any 'soft spots' she may have in regards to anyone she views as beneath herself are often covered up as best as possible.



  • Dortea Østergaard (Adoptive Mother, Deceased)
  • Magnus Østergaard (Adoptive Father)


It is estimated that Fredriika was most likely born in the middle of YE 11 somewhere in the lower levels of one of New Detroit's megacities. Going by her personal account, an armed conflict between city blocks over water usage had erupted when she was roughly four or five years old. Unable to flee due to the barricading erected by neighboring blocks to contain the violence, both her parents were killed, with Fredriika herself managing to crawl through small spaces and ducts to the safety of a neighboring block. Thanks to the fighting, records of her parents and any relatives were lost, relegating her to the orphanage. Chronically understaffed, underfunded and in a crime ridden area, she was often bullied as one of the smallest girls present.

Her fortune improved roughly a year later however, when Dortea and Magnus Østergaard, water tycoons to the district, decided to visit the block during its recovery. Their rounds included a surprise visit to the orphanage that Fredriika was housed at, and after a short amount of time, ended with the Østergaards unexpectedly adopting one of the children there - Fredriika. From here, she was groomed to become the heiress to their water empire. During the following years, she was the top of all her classes, eager to please her adoptive parents. Though her mother was kind and doting, her father was uncaring and distant, which only further fueled her desire for his approval.

When in highschool, Fredriika's adoptive mother became gravely ill, revealing part of why she was adopted by the two tycoons to being with. It turned out that Dortea was infertile due to her genetic makeup being poor, deteriorating over time due to the toxicity of her childhood home in Nepleslia. Like Fredriika, she also grew up in the lower level slums, and though she managed to leave, it hadn't left her. By graduation, her adoptive mother was dead, and what should have been a time of celebration was one for mourning.

As life went on and college began however, Fredriika eventually became dissatisfied with the treatment she was receiving from her adoptive father. Or more accurately, the lack of. Even with the passing of Dortea, he paid her little attention, and out of being both frustrated and desperate for his attention, decided to join the then Star Army of Nepleslia. Surprisingly, this did get a reaction out of him; a somewhat bland message expressing best wishes and that she come back from her tour of duty alive. Feeling somewhat fed up, Fredriika took on an “I'll Show Him!” mentality and took to her military career with gusto in YE 29 - a very busy time to join.

Distinguishing herself in the Kennewes Offensive, she earned several promotions through both skill and necessity as officers above her were killed. As the Star Army of Nepleslia was reformed into the Star Military, her nationalistic feelings for Nepleslia as a bastion of truth and justice emerged and became much more solidified as she became more aware of the cluster around her and its happenings. The Freespacer Genocide, the revelation of The Great Plague of YE 08 and the attack on Nepleslia by the Mishhuvurthyar 24 hours after Yamatai asked for military assistance against the Mishhuvurthyar were some events in particular that had done so. All in addition to awakening what would later become a deep seated paranoia of anything and everything.

It was her participation in the The Rok'Veru Offensive against the Mishhuvurthyar in particular that hardened Fredriika into her present state however. The fighting she had went through there was particularly hard, and eventually culminated in her no longer seeing the soldiers she deployed as people, but equipment to be used and spent. Following the conclusion of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War however, Fredriika found herself restless, with nothing to do. As a result, she over-applied force during various peace keeping roles, thereby falling out of favor of Command.

This lead to her being assigned to a certain iceball on the frontier.


Though still young for a marine, Fredriika is easily one of the saltiest around.


Both training and old-fashioned hands on experience has made Fredriika highly adept in regards to firearms and their usage. This covers not only personal weapons, but heavy machine-guns, autocannons, with her finesse focusing on power armor based weapons in particular. Meanwhile, her usage of power armors themselves is second nature due to personally participating in some of the worst fighting that Nepleslia had gone through personally, prior to her ascent into the higher ranks. Out of armor, her style of combat is a sharp contrast to the typical 'implacable mountain' that characterizes most Nepleslian PA's, and instead focuses on mobility and speed.

Over time however, due to her officer duties, her fighting ability may have lost its edge.


Besides being competent in radio, laser and various sub-space communication methods, Fredriika is also familiar with more archaic methods. These include hand signals and morse-code. Perhaps most importantly however, is that she is bilingual; both Nepleslian and Yamataian are easy for her to speak in, however, with the latter, she prefers to ensure that she has an accent as a matter of nationalistic pride.


Fredriika's ability to lead originally started on the tactical scale, managing her own squad. Over time however, this expanded into effectively commanding her own squad, the whole platoon, and eventually several platoons. Her grasp and understanding of strategy, or 'the big picture' is primarily theoretical however, as her career has focused on the more 'personal' aspects of warfare. Though able to command marines through firefights, she does not command much of their respect; given her ruthlessness and lack of compassion, it is very surprising that she has not been involved in 'friendly fire' incidents.


In addition to the standard set of survival skills taught during boot camp, she is especially experienced in regards to temperate and desert climates. Finding sources of food, water and shelter are relatively easy to her, even among harsh, endless dunes. Navigation through areas such as deserts in particular, with no practical landmarks, is another skill of hers as well.


When it comes to vehicles, Fredriika is a Size Queen. Her skill in handling and operating vehicles is already quite handy, but is especially notable with larger vehicles. She is aware of their blind spots and various limitations as well as their abilities, allowing her to pull maneuvers in them that most others would think are impossible. Her favorite would be drift-racing tanks.


Directly against all expectations given her character, she is a very good with homekeeping in general. Her day to day cooking is shockingly quite comforting and homey. Meanwhile, all quarters that she tends to are kept nice and neat, with things such as books, games and so forth all being organized. She takes particular care with clothing in order to make sure they are washed properly to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan, and will even fold underwear. Children however, are her only weakness - they tend to pick on her.

OOC Notes

  • This page was created on 2015/02/17 12:36 by CadetNewb
  • Fredriika is Finnish in origin, but Østergaard is Danish instead
  • To get a sense of what she looks like, think of Koko Hekmatyar with black hair
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM: NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year: NO
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