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Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426

Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426
Species: Freespacer, Type Three
Gender: Female
Age: Seven, (17 Human Equivalent)
Zodiac Sign: Entropy
Family (or Creators): Well…considering she was made from the genebank no mother or father.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs (56kg)
Bra Size: B
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Freethinker-Scientist
Rank: None
Current Placement: None as of yet.

'Fight' Theme: Gurren Lagann - OST - Gattai nante Kusokurae!!

Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426 in Roleplay

Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426 is a Player Character played by Soresu and is currently involved in no plot as of yet. (Looking for an appropriate one)

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7 Mass: 120 lbs (56kg) Measurements: 32-25-33 (81-63-83cm) Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Colour: Has a somewhat slender and lithe build, due to her physical age she is still developing in…erm, “some” areas as it were. While still a teen, and still growing she has female curves even if her chest is behind in development. The different types of thin lichens growing upon her skin tend to give her a milky pale complexion with a faint pink fleshy tone.

As stated in the below article she is also tattooed as they are a fusion of Samoan and henna tattooing practices with elements of abstract, and geometric formations and patterns around her neck and right eye and cheek.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Her face has some tattooing upon it in what appears to be a fusion of henna and Samoan tattoo forms with some abstract geometric shapings thrown in for good measure around her arms, belly, and left leg. She has a mixture of traditional European, and Romani looks about her.

Her eyes are of a emerald green color

Hair Colour and Style: Hair is of a reddish hue that is made to appear shiny and polished looking. It is kept down to about the middle of her back and has a slight curl (ringlets almost) towards the tips.

The bangs tend to frame her face, and end in a swirling curl . She often has trinkets, and other oddities in her hair she has made, or taken a fancy to which you will hardly ever see her without.

Distinguishing Features: Her left forearm was inevitably blown off via a failed experiment, and necessitated the addition of a cybernetic one up to and eventually replace the elbow. Her hand was also blown off as is natural and is also cybernetic.

Etched into the metal plating of the cybernetic forearm is the autograph of none other then Prince Hassan which reads, “To Nova, a follower of my l33t pwnage and lulz. ~ Prince Hassan” to whom she idolizes in some regard. How she managed to do so is anyone's guess but her own.

She tends to wear a set of rimless rose tinted sunglasses as a staple. Depending on her mood, her outfit can change drastically, she is usually fond of tank tops, skirts with either stripes or flannel patterns, or short sleeved shirts. Usually her clothing is a plethora of colors both bright and dark. Usually done in patterns that shift around as if alive as she moves. She is also fond of platform boots, and just regular lace up boots.

Internally she contains an RTG which gives her, her radiation needs.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: To sum Nova up in a word…that one word that comes to mind is eccentric. Eccentricity is usually a good thing amongst the Freespacers after all, and why should she be any different you ask? Well, she is also a bit of a radical thinker and tends to come up with often odd, and or crazy ideas scientifically which she will pursue, and more often then not see fail as some are quite impossible.

However, the word impossible is not in her vocabulary, and as a result of her odd, crazy and usually impossible ideas some have labeled her as a bit of a mad scientist. And ironically she wears the title like a badge of honor as she knows what she is doing can come off as such. She can often be seen arguing, or rather having debates with some of the Type Fives on a given scientific subject. Despite her odd quirks. Nova is good person and quite friendly to boot. She is energetic in most situations, and even more so when working on a problem, or trying to invent something new.

She also can be quite the talker should someone show interest in any of her ideas. While this can be a good thing, it can also be bad as she tends to get carried away, and will continue on and on. Despite these things, she is an intelligent girl, and will stick to a given project with an intensity until told otherwise, it fails, or to her squealing delight it works and does not bring about a nuclear apocalypse.

Likes: New Concepts, New Technologies, Music (Specifically Nepleslian Rock in all its many forms and even Trance), Working, Building, Trinkets, Knick Nacks Dislikes: Lack of motivation (Someone stating a given task or subject is impossible), Not being able to follow through on her ideas Goals: To make things of awesome, and to ensure The Free State remains that way, free.



Nova Seventy Seven was born as all Freespacers were, and taught as all Freespacers were. Once she was let out of the nursery she apprenticed herself to a number of her kind ranging from a Datajack, Dollmaker, and Mindtwister until she found “her true calling.” This happened within the last six months of her first year out of the nursery and she soon became a Freethinker as she was quite imaginative with her ideas and always seemed to want to break the “4th wall” as far as science is concerned.

In one such instance she tried to improve a Junker Colony, to make them run more efficiently, and effectively. However, her tinkering, tweaks, and upgrades resulted in Militants being called in. In general…she rather not talk about that instance as do the rest of the ship she lived upon. It was safe to say that odd things happened, no one was hurt, but no one never knew an Automata could bend that way. Now however she has learned her lesson on messing with the Junkers and is doing odd jobs in the instance of her lending her scientific mind to better The Free State as a whole.

The alias Nova was gotten from another odd incident. At onetime Nova tinkered with the idea of a hand grenade sized nuclear device. While this was her first attempt, all seemed to be going well…at first anyways. Once the device had been assembled the grenade began its detonation sequence due to a series of faulty wiring within its core. Panicking, Nova tossed it out of an air lock and into space. The grenade drifted for around two minutes (the detonation timer was set for three minutes) until it finally exploded.

She'd been shooting for a mere One Ton TnT equivalent explosion, and instead managed a One Hundred Ton one instead! Suffice to say the ensuing blast was close, if not quite bright like a mini-nova. As a result, some of her friends gave her the alias of Nova for her penchant of explosions and so on.

Note: Since that time she has not tinkered with Nuclear Devices in the form of weaponry. However, she does plan on revisiting the concept. So for all you unfortunate Spacers aboard the ship she is on…panicking maybe a good idea unless told and proven otherwise!


Starship Operations

As with a majority of her kind, Nova can fill some roles aboard a starship as is only natural. She has some experience with piloting, and navigation.


As with all Freespacers, she was implanted at birth with basic neural technologies for her childhood education and beyond. As a result she is capable of accelerated learning, some data storage and downloads.


Math is something that was included in her education. Nova carried this further, honing it to keep pace with her current job as a Freethinker. She is knowledgeable in a number of mathematical studies, such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, as well as Base Eight Math and some Quantum Theory.


This particular skill she picked up from when she was apprenticing before becoming a Freethinker. As she is a Freespacer, having knowledge on being able to repair, and sustain a ship's systems to some degree is a good thing. She also uses this skill in order to construct some of her ideas, and bring them forth into reality.

Technology Operation

Nova like all Freespacers was also taught how to utilize their technology. As this is a standard skill to learn, and have amongst her people. As such she is capable of working control panels, computer terminals and uploading, and downloading information from Polysentience.


Self-Expression is something her people enjoy, so she chose to take up and learn what she could of art, and music be it history, or techniques and practices. While she is not a good musician, or singer as her voice while singing one time resulted in threats of her being thrown in The Grinder have not stopped her from appreciating the finer arts as well as utilizing them in her own clothing, trinkets, and designs.


This is something she has taken upon herself (Despite disliking it) to learn. Taking care of one's self is a sure sign of productivity, responsibility and in general, survival and clean clothes. So, Nova is capable of washing her own laundry, as well as preparing her own meals if need be, all bet sometimes they come out burnt as she curses the cooking devices to some lower plane of being.


Beyond some clothing, and simple scientific necessities nothing.


Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426 is currently a Freethinker in the The Free State. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
N/A Starting Funds

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