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Freethinker Tape 13-7643-3332

Freethinker Tape 13-7643-3332 is a player character played by SolunaII.

Freethinker Tape 13-7643-3332
Species: Freespacer
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 1.63 meters
Weight: 170 lb.
Organization: Hacker Cult
Occupation: Medic/Interrogation
Rank: ?
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Independent
  2. Bounty Hunter Series

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.63 meters
  • Mass: 170 lb.
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Tape, or One-Three as he is known more formally, is of an average athletic build. He has white colored skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Tape's eyes are bright green, and has a relatively handsome face. His face is completely clean, meaning no beard, and no mustache.

Ears: His ears are normal.

Hair Color and Style: One-Three wears his dirty-blond hair cut short, but not short enough to make it a crew-cut.

Distinguishing Features: One-Three has a barcode tattoo on his inner right forearm. Underneath the bars are his serial numbers: 13-7643-3332.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: One-Three is a very interesting person to fight with or meet. As a doctor, he has no fear of death, blood, or pain. His only morbid fear is the fear of killing someone. There is no way to make One-Three kill someone directly. However, Tape can kill people indirectly, or as he puts it, “Where one variable is completely out of my control.” For example, he once executed someone by handcuffing himself to a post, and giving the key to a nearby droid. He then instructed the droid to execute the man, and not unlock One-Three until he does. The droid executed the man.

Other than this phobia of killing, Tape, as he is rightfully called, began a large kidnapping/body trafficking ring throughout the Free State. His trademarks were: (Earning him the street name: the Doctor…)

1) A collapsible crossbow, which either shot foot long bolts, capable of puncturing some weaker substances, or could be used to shoot tiny darts filled with knockout chemicals…

2) Injecting himself with chemicals such as adrenaline to increase his reflexes, etc.

3) Using hypodermic needles for close-quarter combat,

4) Using medical tape to restrain and gag guards, kidnapped victims, etc.

5) A strange fascination for females in authority. It was these targets which One-Three concentrated his kidnapping on most. Basically, if you were in a position of power: lawyer, doctor, police officer, soldier, and a female, you were likely targets for One-Three.

  • Likes: Capturing women in power, medical tape, kidnapping, extortion
  • Dislikes: Killing people, authorities
  • Goals: To expand his body-trafficking ring through the whole galaxy. However, to do that, you need funds…


Family (or Creators)

The normal Freespacer genepool.


One-Three is a very interesting person to fight with or meet. He came to life as a freethinker (scientist) doctor; constantly performing “experiments” on his friends, like seeing who could keep their hands in ice water the longest. However, as he grew older, his experiments grew more morbid…

Emile started a body-trafficking ring after splitting from the Free State. He had a gang that rolled with him, the MDs. (Medical Doctor = MD)

He joined up with the Hacker Cult because of his skill at using different chemicals to forcibly extract info in the event that there was no Mindtwister.



The basic language is taught to all freethinkers as basic training.

Starship Operations

Living in starship environments their entire lives, they naturally learn quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. In a pinch most Freespacers can fill a wide range of roles.


Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This skills also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.

Medical and Science

Tape knows the finer points of the body from medical school. He also knows how to incapacitate someone without killing them.


One-Three is a genius chemist, constantly creating new chemicals to use on his escapades.


Tape has broken into a few banks before. Kidnapping someone is a piece of cake.


Tape is good at acrobatics, a fair runner. He has had to chase down fleeing targets a few times.


Freethinker Tape 13-7643-3332 has the following items:


Freethinker Tape 13-7643-3332 is currently a ? in the Hacker Cult.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Sorry about the short skill areas. Had to rush them slightly.

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