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Species: NH-29 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: ~2 years
Organization None
Rank Civilian
Occupation Medic
Current Placement None
Weight: 99 lbs or 44 kg
Height: 5'1โ€œ or 152 cm
Chest: 32โ€, or 81cm
Waist: 22โ€, or 61cm
Hips: 30โ€, or 76cm
Bra Size: C

Fryea in Roleplay

Freya is a Player Character played by Annie. She is not presently stationed aboard any ship.

Physical Description

Freya is a pale-skinned, small-statured NH-29 Nekovalkyrja. She has soft, though somewhat stern-looking features, and appears to be around nineteen or so. She is pretty in a delicate, almost doll-like manner. Her eyes are large and almond-shaped, with large irises of a gem-like rose pink color. Her button nose is set above soft pink lips, behind which lie her small, sharp teeth.

Her hair is a pristine snow white, silky straight and sheared at her shoulders. It is typically parted to one side and left tucked behind a lightly fuzzed feline ear, kept away from her face with a colorful clip at times.

Despite her height, her body is pleasingly curved and well-proportioned, as to be expected, though she has a more supple curviness as opposed to an athletic build. Freya has a full, but not overexaggerated bust, slim waist, rounded hips and long, shapely legs, her skin a pallid, milky white with little color to speak of.

Freya is not a fan of wearing clothes at all, but when she is bothered to wear them, large, soft, fluffy sweaters are her favored attire. She also likes stockings and garters. Otherwise, she is content to be found in anything colorful, and above all, minimal, finding clothing itself to be a horrible inconvenience, though she will resign to wearing a white coat and pristine, 'nurse-ish' attire when working. Sometimes.

Psychological Characteristics

Short, sweet, and to the point; this describes Freya well enough. She is not a workaholic, though she takes her job very seriously. With quiet mannerisms and a surprising air of professionalism in 'the workplace' (whatever that may be at the time.), she strives for the closest she can get to perfection in most cases. Her methods may be a bit stark to some, though she takes great care in what she says and does and how she says (or does) it. However, she has another side โ€“ a very laid-back and lax side. She loves little more than to lounge about in her free time with trashy romance novels, listening to operatic music in the buff while nibbling on cake, though this is an activity that has proven best to be done behind closed doors, for obvious reasons, she will be quick to tell you.

She's a wanderer at heart, more than able to be spontaneous and adventurous when the urge strikes, though she is typically more of a sober person, and when she does make the leap, it is definitely a surprise to those around her. She is rarely known to be affectionate, as she is not a very open individual and has not kept many close friends, despite being a fairly amiable person. Freya will often admit to being wrong and is not a fan of taking credit for things, deserved or not. While she is stern when it comes to her job, she is by no means an aggressor. Her prim and proper mannerisms are often a surprise.

Behavioral Quirks

* Meditates on a regular basis.

* Does not enjoy wearing clothes.

* Somewhat of a sadomasochist.

* Gets 'hazy' at the sight of blood, though whether this is a good or bad sign is not known.

Likes and Dislikes


Sweets, good health, soft music, fictional books, freedom, her pen, cuddling (though that's usually limited to a pillow), fine wine, sharp instruments, her mother


Annoyances, bad health, loud music, know-it-alls (as they tend to steal her thunder), heavy restriction, her mother


  • To learn more about medicine.
  • To begin an in-depth study of the mind and its workings.
  • To treat all she may come across, regardless of species, and ensure that they are in good health.



Freya was born from her mother's (a manufactured NH-7, then -17 series Nekovalkyrja) desire for enrichment and fulfillment after her term serving in the Yamatai Star Army had ended. After the initial 8 year service period, she had retired, settling as a medical assistant on Yamatai and taking the time to figure out what she wanted in a youngling. While she did not wish for her child to have the military life, she did intend to pass on certain aspects of it (the things she'd learned, the different types of people she'd met, and, of course, her medical knowledge).

The child would come to be in time, every aspect of her being carefully mapped out. Her mother was created without a surname to speak of (and with little care put into her own name.), and while it was common to give younglings one with special meaning, she simply could not put give verbal or written meaning to the joy that her child brought her. So, she had been given a simple title, one that she'd learned was associated with love and beauty. In her eyes, this suited the little one all too well, and so 'Freya' came to be.

Everything her mother knew, she taught. And Freya was a fast and rather enthusiastic learner, in her own, quiet way. Freya grew fascinated with the life of a doctor, even as a youngling she seemed to be intrigued about the workings of the 'human' (and Neko) body. Like all Neko, she grew up fast, and followed in her mother's footsteps. The two were always close, though as Freya matured, it became a bit more of a love-hate relationship than anything else. Freya had no intentions or desire to go into the military, and, in fact, intended to take on a cushy job in a hospital alongside her mother. Such was the cause for a transfer โ€“ the two became NH-29 with the intention of a smoother transition into civilian society with the ability to function as citizens.

Fate seemed to have other plans, and her simple life was not to be. Freya left home at about a year old, overcome with a case of wanderlust, and began to 'settle' on various civilian ships. She was never aboard one for long, and whenever it docked, she was gone before being able say goodbye. This was her way โ€“ she picked up a heap of medical knowledge, among other things, and seemed content to tend to the wounded or sick on her way without making any close connections.

Unfortunately, since her last little 'adventure', she's been unable to find a ship willing to accept a new medic. So, she's doing what she can to earn her way, and has decided that maybe a long-term arrangement would be best. She'd heard of a ship seeking a medic and decided that she'd try her luck.


Communication: Freya speaks and writes fluent Nepleslian and Yamataian, and, as a Nekovalkyrja, is familiar with communication via telepathy.

Medical: She has extensive knowledge of first-aid and basic medical routines, as well as being qualified for many areas of medicine and some surgery. She can effectively treat Neko and 'human' patients.

Biology: Freya's trade requires her to have clear knowledge of biological functions, and she is well-versed in the anatomy of several types of beings, both human and animal.

Chemistry: She can properly identify types of chemicals, and as such, prescribe a variety of medications, knowing of their use, and any risks that come with using them.

Humanities: Freya has some training in psychology, such that she is qualified to tend to an emotionally distressed individual and suggest treatments and methods of relief.

Culinary: She is talented at making many types of desserts, and fairly proficient at making a few meals otherwise. However, her talent lies within cakes, pies, and pastries.

Domestic: Freya is completely able to look after herself. She is fully capable of doing her own laundry, cooking her own food, and keeping house, so to speak.


Current possessions

  • First Aid kit
  • Medical manual
  • Small, plain black journal
  • Metallic, neon pink and green pen with a round jewel bead topping it and a jewel star charm dangling by a series of silver beads
  • Chrome Egg - Powered


  • Extra-large violet and magenta striped fluffy shimmering sweater
  • Several pairs soft cotton pants, various colors
  • Several thin cloth T-Shirts, various colors
  • One black long coat
  • One white medical coat
  • Several pairs white skirts and shirts โ€“ pastel aqua, pastel blue, white
  • Several pairs of assorted stockings
  • Several pairs assorted bras and panties

Accessory Items

  • One pair non-prescription eyeglasses with small iridescent gems on either side of the frames
  • Several containers of strawberry candy flavored lipgloss
  • Assorted rhinestone hair clips โ€“ dragonfly, flower, star, heart
  • Packs of small, various colored, plastic star gemlike body stickers
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Strawberry scented shampoo and liquid body soap
  • Towels and washcloths, aqua green
  • Clear, neon blue toothbrush
  • Neko Sparkle toothpaste, 2 tubes
  • Hair cutting and styling items (scissors, razors, hair gel, etc)
  • Loofa sponge


Freya is an unemployed civilian, and as such, her financial status is ever-changing. Any payments made to her or by her are recorded here.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 Starting Money

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