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Fujitani Nai

For the purposes of this article, although the physical body of Nai is female, the character identifies as male so all pronouns will be masculine despite using female ones in game.

Fujitani Nai is a non-player character played by Kim. His name is written in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) as 藤谷 無い, or ふじたに ない。藤 meaning Wisteria and 谷 meaning Valley. 無い meaning nothing.

Nai is a Star Army Intelligence Intelligence Operative working with the YSS Kaiyō II SOFT 501 Special Operations Fire Team to provide specialized training.

Fujitani Nai, 藤谷 無い
Species & Gender: NH-33S (Stealth) Female
Year of Birth: 1日 3月 YE 03
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai, Star Army Intelligence
Occupation: Intelligence Operative 03B
Rank: Ittô Juni
Current Placement: SOFT 501

Nai's body

Nai is a NH-33 (Stealth). He has a slender, petite tanned body with a soft, athletic build common for nekovalkryja. His hair is shoulder length with long layered chin length bangs that are swept to the right side. His hair fades from a pink to purple as it reaches the ends. He has innocent looking, almond shaped, light blue eyes with thick long eyelashes. His nekovalkryja ears are short and fur-less.

Hex Codes for Nai

Skin: #6DCFF6 / Hair: #F2586E to #6A05D / Eyes:#FAAD81


  • Height: 5'2“ ( 158.2 cm)
  • Weight: 111 lbs ( 50.35 kg)
  • Measurements: 31.9-23.9-33.7 (81-60.6-85.6)
  • Bra Size: 30B

Short Description

A cute non-assuming neko with small furless neko ears. Slender, petite, light blue eyes, shoulder touching hair with long bangs the fades from pink to a deep purple at the tips. Has an airy feminine voice. Wears a subtle perfume that smells of roses. Tends to walk more on the balls of his feet.


The default public Yamataian persona of Fujitani Nai is that of a soft spoken, polite, reserved Yamataian lady. Nai utilizes female pronouns at all times although he still identifies as male.

When not operating in a public setting as a known SAINT, Nai is stubborn, abrasive and demanding. He expects the best out of people and holds them to a high standard. He is a stickler for military etiquette and giving proper respect to those with rank and authority. He treats his subordinates with what he feels is fair but ultimately tough love. He is notorious for giving orders but not giving specific execution orders, intending for his subordinates to figure it out or deliberately ask him for what he wants. He uses the first instance of this as a test to see if his subordinates have initiative or are capable of reading him.

Once he respects someone, he is less gruff but is not what anyone might consider cuddly. It is unknown if he has ever had an intimate relationship.

Likes: Sweet things, tea, ballet, violin music, feminine things Dislikes: Sweet things, tea, ballet, violin music, feminine things (This is deliberately the same.)

Classified History



Fujitani Nai was originally born as a Nepleslian man named Erikas Anxo in YE 03 on the Rokin Islands, Planet Nepleslia to Viktorija Anxo and Augustas Anxo, as the middle child of an older brother, Titas and younger sister, Odeta. His father was a fisherman working the docks and his mother was one of the technicians at the Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center. His childhood was rather uneventful and his family was unaffected by the Great Plague in YE 08 that decimated the Geshrin population on planet Geshrintall and launched the Elysian Wars.

Growing up Erikas would follow his father around and help fishing. To amuse himself on the water, he would do impressions and imitate the way the other fishermen behaved, mimicking their body language and movements. This entertained him well enough that he decided to branch off to imitate the action heroes in the dramas on Nepleslian television. He watched the action heroes and watched the news reports of the various battles going on and longer for a more exciting life.

At 15, he ran away from his loving but boring home to Funky City with what savings he had from helping out with his father's fishing business and doing odd jobs around town. He quickly found all the excitement he though he had been seeking and took to petty street scams to generate more funds to live on. When his success started to cut into the business of the local gangs, he started to drastically change his appearance with whatever things he could find- stealing clothes from clothing lines, public laundromats and sewing wigs from discarded fishnet stockings and exotic dancer hair extensions. He enjoyed his non-committal life for a couple of years but eventually grew bored with this as well.

When Erikas turned 17 in YE 20 he volunteered to enlist in the Army Of Uesureya. He requested to be placed into a NH-7 Nekovalkyrja body to maximize his combat effectiveness and to experience life in a way he had never imagined before.


From YE 27 - YE 38, Nai was utilized for covert collections and had changed his physical appearance numerous times in order to travel to areas controlled by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the United Outer Colonies and various commercial trading hubs to gather more information on the situations in those areas of space. He found that a petite female appearance was effective to gather information though some padding and other augmentations increased his effectiveness with Nepleslian men.

In YE 39 he was transferred to a position as a trainer and was requested to work with the YSS Kaiyō II SOFT 501 Special Operations Fire Team.

Publicly released Declassified Information

Fujiani Nai was created in YE 20 as a NH-7 Nekovalkyrja serving in the Army Of Uesureya. She like any other infantry Nekovalkyrja was brutally effective and became more skilled in armed and unarmed combat beyond the initial combat programming with each battle.

In YE 21, after the Army Of Uesureya combined with the UE Spacy, she came a member of the Grand Star Army and participated in the various combat engagements as planetary infantry, slowly gaining enlisted advancement through the ranks and learning how to use good military tactics to lead. Nai enjoyed the physicality of combat but wanted a chance to use her intellect to win a battle she didn't have to fight in.

Joining SAINT

After barely surviving the Battle of Nepleslia in YE 26, Nai applied to transfer from the infantry to Star Army Intelligence. After a rigorous screening process she was accepted and transferred to the SAINT Training Activity.

In YE 31, after it was implemented Nai underwent the SAINT Conditioning process.

In YE 39, she was requested as a trainer to the YSS Kaiyō II.

Skills Learned

Fujitani Nai has the following notable skills:

  • Acting/Disguise: Nai is good at playing a role and will often stay in character until a scenario ends. He has not stopped being Fujitani Nai to be Erikos since YE 20. He is proficient at using materials on hand to create disguises to become someone else.
  • Interrogation: Nai is proficient at getting information from people in non-conventional ways. He likes to use people's perceptions and preconceived notions against them to put unsuspecting targets at ease so that they are more willing to talk to him or when he is around.
  • Leadership: Nai has learned the value of leading from the front and when the situation calls for it, can be a rather understanding leader but he expects a lot from his subordinates and holds them to the highest standards. He sees himself as fair but his subordinates find him demanding and overbearing.

Social Connections

Inventory & Finance

Fujitani Nai has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Fujitani Nai currently has 19 years of Star Army of Yamatai enlisted pay.

OOC Information

This NPC was created by request by Ametheliana.

Character artwork created by Kim using a base made by and purchased from

In the case kim becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES, YAMATAI/ SAINT Only
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES, this is a SAINT, YAMATAI NPC
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