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Fujiwara Miu (藤原 美羽)

Beneath all of the talk which she had spoken of aspiring to shed the old ways of the Empire, there existed the still beating heart of what could only be described as some sort of creature which existed within the heart of the Empire, and guided its every motion. Even with that glimpse of the animal within, Helen was unflinching, it was a beast which she was quite familiar with, and had seen in the actions of Taisa, Shosho, Taisho abounds. If anything, that familiarity brought a comfort, not a warm comfort, it was more of the comfort that was brought on by hypothermia, or blood loss, it was that grim assurance that some unspoken requirement for a Nekovalkryja, no, not just a Neko, but also for any soldier, had been met by Fujiwara's behavior as a living and breathing embodiment of the localized will of the Empire. - Helen Klein
Fujiwara Miu
Pronunciation FOO-gee-wahr-ah MEE-uu
Species NH-33a Nekovalkyrja
Gender Female
Age (Born:YE 29) 11
Height 6'0“ / 183 cm.
Weight 152 lb. / 69 kg.
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Chujo
Occupation Commanding Officer
Current Placement Fort Asura

Fujiwara Miu is a character played by Bilgecrank.

Miu's Voice and Theme

Voice: Full Metal Alchemist - Riza Hawkeye

Theme(Normal): Jormungand - Ambivalentidea

Theme(Command): Company of Heroes - The Month of Valiant Effort

Theme(Battle): The Witcher 3 - The Song of the Sword-Dancer

Familial Ties

The Fujiwara family was only two until YE 39, when Miu's mother, Fujiwara Ginga, remarried with another Neko, Hanae Mori. Her family has swollen since as the Hanae took the name Fujiwara to assimilate into the budding family's status. Due to her rank and service and despite her age, Miu is head of this traditionally organized family, but is at odds to accept such a thing.

  • Mother: Fujiwara Ginga (Born: YE 27)
  • Mother(Deceased): Inoue Katsuko (Born: YE 26)
  • Step-Mother: Fujiwara Mori (Maiden Name: Hanae) (Born: YE 24)
  • Step-Sister: Fujiwara Aiko (Born: YE 29)
  • Step-Sister: Fujiwara Mitsuru (Born: YE 30)
  • Step-Sister: Fujiwara Teruko (Born: YE 32)
  • Step-Sister: Fujiwara Sanae (Born: YE 33)
  • Step-Sister: Fujiwara Miho (Born: YE 31)
  • Sister: Fujiwara Tamako (Born: YE 39)

Physical Appearence

General View

I can see her in my head. This sort of plain, depressing looking skinny thing - not awkward. The kind of person who would be wearing glasses if she weren't a nekovalkyrja. Very prim, very proper, but very repressed and maybe even a little melancholy. Even the dark of her hair is not really a jet black - not a pearly, shiny black like you'd get with real unique nekovalkyrja. Just a sort of drab unlustered black, tipped in white. - Gallant
  • Handedness: Right
  • Build: Miu is slender, and lean from head to toe. Her curves are slight, just enough to show her womanly, Nekovalkyrjan exterior. Her chest comes up to a small B-cup.
  • Skin Color: A sandy white, tanned very lightly by natural color.
  • Facial Features: Smooth face, with a small nose; sharp, thin eyebrows; her mouth is small, nestling over a narrow, sharp chin.
  • Eye color: A stark white that looks much like a bright gray.
  • Hair color and Style: Straight, raven black with white tips, shoulder length, usually clasped up with silver clip barrette. Her black, cat-like ears are white at the tips.
  • Distinguishing Features

Genetic Tattoos:

Spirit of Yamatai: Black, genetic tattoo of a dragon that starts from the waist and then worms its way around her body three times, before curling under her left shoulder with its head nestled over the left breast. The dragon itself has the Hinomaru emblazoned on its forehead.

Spirit of Home: A smaller dragon than the Spirit of Yamatai that twirls around her left shoulder blade, and curls under her shoulder, up her side, with the head nestled on the right breast. The name of Miu's home-ship, the GSS Koichi is marked this dragon's forehead.

Spirits of Service: Even smaller Dragonlings which curl around the Spirit of Yamatai, with each marked with the names of every ship Miu has served on. These mostly situate about her back and abdomen.

Spirit of Command: A fierce black dragon, marking Miu's selection to command. It winds up around her torso twice in the opposite direction of the Spirit of Yamatai, curling under the same Dragon to bare its teeth on her sternum. A flower, denoting a senior officer's rank, spreads across this dragons forehead.

Bar-code: Displayed proudly under her left eye.

Mental Characteristics


With a forever frozen look of plainness on her face, Fujiwara Miu often appears without energy, or spirit. Though, to make this assumption would be a grievous error, because she's anything but. Miu is a workaholic, and approaches all her duties, even boring ones, with all the energy her body can give her. She likes to keep the appearance of a busy person, to inspire those around her to focus and complete their tasks as well. As such, she is very prideful of her work, and very prideful in herself and those that she commands, seeking perfection in all that she does.

In another light, Miu can be often viewed as a busy-body, passing up social time for the sake of getting work done. Her focus on discipline and professionalism is sometimes enough to off-put others who simply don't see it as important. Though, she is quite fine for handling the care of discipline and professionalism of other people for them. This reflects in her leadership style, where she directs people as efficiently as possible.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Keeping things orderly, getting the job done, disciplining people, discerning into the weaknesses of others and other races, and sleeping regularly.
  • General Dislikes: Having nothing to do, being told she's a busy-body, excessive laziness, inefficiency, and doing anything without adequate sleep.
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Lucky Number: 84
  • Clothing: Miu enjoys wearing tight fitting clothes that hug her features, but most of all she enjoys fine fabrics, professional looking wear.
  • Food: Fujiwara loves to eat anything that has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. Her favorite food is peanut butter.
  • Goals: To create an orderly world under the rule of the empress, and one day become suited to living a 'normal' life.


5th Fleet

Birth into Service

Fujiwara Miu was born of two NH-29 in early YE 29, on the GSS Koichi. Her birth mother was Nitô Juni Fujiwara Ginga, and her contributing mother was Nitô Juni Inoue Katsuko. From that point, Miu began her life into service as Santô Hei Fujiwara Miu, and was mentored strictly under her birth mother as a youngling. Though her contributing mother, who was much less strict than her other mother, encouraged a certain playfulness common of Nekos in that age.

Skirmish Value

During her term of birthed service, Miu proved herself a competent and adequate soldier, participating in her first skirmish only four months after birth. Her aggressive style in combat earned her the respect of her peers, as well as her stalwart discipline. Before the Battle of Taiie, she earned the rank of Ittô Hei.

The Battle of Taiie

In later YE 29, the GSS Koichi was running patrols in the Taiie system before it came under attack by Melisson, and her SMX forces. As with the rest of the 5th Fleet present, the Koichi was sent to defend the planet of Taiie. Though, the ship, and its crew was quickly diverted to rescue efforts on the planet with the Star Exploder was deployed. The armor team that Miu was deployed on was sent to defend on planet civilians as they were loaded onto shuttles.

During the skirmishes planet-side, Miu's mother and wing leader, Inoue Katsuko, was killed by a Ripper in combat. Despite severe mental, and situational trauma, Miu was able to restore order in the squad and take the helm. She continued the fight as a leader, and eventually returned the squad to orbit, only to find the Koichi had been destroyed in combat. So, the shuttle itself was turned towards another system and was eventually picked up by the YSS Susumu.

1st Fleet

Fighting the War

Following the Battle of Taiie, Miu was promoted to Ittô Heisho for her admirable services in taking charge when the chain of command had been broken. From there, she served out a term of service on the YSS Susumu. She served as a Wing Commander, leading armor teams onto enemy ships for surgical strikes, and survey groups onto new planets for the imperialistic expansion. Most who served under her would describe her as a firm leader, with little tolerance for failure or foolish mistakes. She was, at times, hated, but most of the time respected.

Reunited with Discipline

In YE 31, Miu finished her term of service, and was released with the rank of Nitô Juni. She spent a short time as a civilian, provided a home by the Star Army and experiencing Yamatai for the first time. Her mother Fujiwara Ginga, now a Shoi, tracked her daughter down and met her for the first time since the Battle of Taiie. In that, Miu learned that the ship had been almost scuttled as soon as her squad had entered atmosphere. So whatever hopes she had of seeing her contributing mother were gone, which struck Miu hard.

Death was common in battle, but one could always rely on back-ups. Her mother had died after her back-up had been erased, and thus was gone forever. Miu meeting her birth mother once more gave hope of seeing Katsuko, but those hopes were quickly dashed. It made civilian life difficult, and hard to bear with, so, to escape it, she applied for admission to the Kyoto War College, and reinstatement.


Miu took the rank of Shoi Kohosei upon entering the Kyoto War College, and took to classes well. She graduated with high marks, and with the rank of Shoi.

A Return to War

In YE 32, Shoi Fujiwara Miu was placed in command of a small fighter wing on the border patrol ship, YSS Takahata to enforce the lines against the NMX forces. Once more, with her adamant working personality, she created an effective fighting force with a very strong enforcement of discipline and a no-nonsense attitude when it came to aspects of a mission. Miu's tenacity towards her position earned her the position of Taii, and reputation for being a very strict commander.

Following her Wing Command posting on the Takahata, she was given a bridge officer position on the light cruiser, YSS Mao. Here she found her true calling as a staff officer. Miu's stiff regard to military bureaucracy made her an excellent logistics officer.

The Battle of Yamatai

In late YE 33, the YSS Mao was refueling and resupplying over Yamatai. When the Mishhu came into range on Yamatai, the YSS Mao was sent into low-orbit over Yamatai to provide support to ground forces. Miu lead the efforts to coordinate all of the armor teams combating NMX forces that had made it onto the ground. They were largely successful, but were cut short as a NMX torpedo tore into the bridge, killing everyone, including Fujiwara herself.

The ship was left on emergency systems, floating dead in orbit. Miu along with the rest of the Bridge Officers were revived in the Med-Bay, and abandoned the ships in powered armor to continue the fighting on the ground.

Task Force Lantern

A Fresh Assignment

Following the Battle of Yamatai, Miu was promoted to the rank of Chusa, super-ceding her mother who was a Taii at the time. With several cruises, two major battles, and a wealth of combat knowledge under he belt, the five-year-old Neko was given a choice of assignments. There were several that consisted of chasing the NMX out of known space, but the unusual Neko made an unusual choice. Miu was tired of raw combat and war, the horrors of the Mishuu, and dying. She applied for a staff position in a small Task Force Fleet largely consisting of officers from the 2nd Draconian Fleet. Task Force Lantern.

Moderating Chaos

Upon arrival YSS Motome, Fujiwara was given her first assignment to manage the fleet; most of the officers, including the Shosho, were on their last off-duty day. So, the Chusa had been in charge of assigning orders to the Ryuusei, having addressing them earlier that morning. This was before the incident in the Third International Relations Conference, where her superior had caused quite a commotion. Before taking time to apologize to the Premier of the time, and brief Ryuusei she also had to deal with a spy that had managed to evade detection until that very morning. This was compiled on top of many more duties and social fires that sprung upward throughout the day. Though being rather apt at handling chaotic situations, Miu was just a bit overwhelmed.

When the day had come to an end, she had managed to brief her Shosho's squad, and managed to mildly contain her strange antics. The Premier of Yamatai accepted her apology quickly, and that gave her time to interrogate her spy, and even argue for her life against her superior. However, even though Fujiwara did her best to speak for the spy's usefulness, she was forced to find herself to terminate her later that evening.

A Greying Eye in the Sky

The next assignment to neutralize a minor IWL fleet had the Chusa sitting at Mission Control for Ryuusei. She spread herself between three squads, and directed them to the best of her ability, despite the strain it put on her. After her own mission, she retired to her suite, only to be interrupted by her noisome superior once more. This interruption, however annoying, was forgotten quickly as such when Morioka had awarded the Chusa with one of her own blades as a reward of her performance that day. Though a reward was more of a perception on Miu's end of it, she happily retreated back to her room, after dealing with another noisome display.


The Task Force Lantern had found its way into Miu's hands after Morioka's departure of command, and on her own she found herself in charge of the Tenth Fleet elements in the space between. She had, at that point distanced herself from the squad, but always kept them in her immediate reach in the events following. It turned out to be smart, in that she used them to settle the Asuran Tragedy before it could be an Asuran Nightmare. Her control of the fleet dwindled from that point as a more natural rank structure took hold in the reason, eventually being superseded by an incoming Taisho who took control of the Tenth proper.

Task Force Lantern

In a command that more suited her position, Miu continued forward, acting in the interests of the Tenth Fleet at large with her own Task Force. Lantern was not the same after the first Ryuusei was dismantled. More, elite soldiers of Yamatai came to take their place, but the Shosho never got quite as close to them as she had bonded with the original force. She focused more on cultivating her ship-sense and command, allowing herself to grow as an officer. However, a lack of action in region would prove to bore the quiet Neko, and she sought to expand herself elsewhere to keep her promotion boards competitive.

A Milder Career

Cleaning Up at Home

The first step was to purchase a better house for her growing family. In YE 37 her mother, Fujiwara Ginga, married herself to another officer Hanae Mori, a Neko of older stock and lesser rank. The more old-fashioned Hanae found themselves marrying into a stronger family, despite it numbering only two, and thus Hanae and her daughters all took the name Fujiwara. With other members of the Hanae threatening to do the same, Fujiwara purchased an estate in Riverside of Kyoto to house them all. While Miu has seen her mother since the purchase, she has never actually lived in this home.

Exchange Program

Following her settling of matters at home, Miu proceeded to take an opportunity to work in an officer exchange program between Yamatai and the Abwehrans. She used the experience to wrap her mind around a different culture and also learn more deeply about relative politics between the two nations. While a majority of her time was spent aboard Abwehran vessels around Jaspis, she found that she learned a great deal of the iron-boned people from their operations. She took this opportunity to impose her own will in exercises and joint operations, and Miu found that her steel-hearted methods of command worked well with those she directed.

Fort Asura

In YE 39, Fujiwara was assigned as base commander to Fort Asura with a promotion to Chujo. It was a comfortable transition when we she arrived back into Yamataian space, as most of her things were stored on the Leo Star Fortress. In the time she had been gone, however, she had come to find that her new posting was more than a career milestone. Asteria had been granted dominion of the planet her fortress was based upon, and it had come to be her responsibility to work in conjunction with Tenth Fleet to deal with the budding suzerainty, and an old friend.

Service Record

GSS Koichi

  • Birth
  • Given the rank of Santô Hei
  • Promoted to Ittô Hei

YSS Susumu

  • Promoted to Ittô Heisho after the Battle of Taiie
  • Promoted to Nitô Juni

Kyoto War College

  • Promoted to Shoi Kohosei on induction
  • Promoted to Shoi on graduatuion

YSS Takahata

  • Promoted to Taii


  • Promoted to Chusa after Battle of Yamatai

Tenth Fleet

  • Promoted to Shosho on reassignment to Tenth Fleet
  • Made Fleet Commander
  • Transitioned to command of Task Force Lantern solely not long afterwards.

Abwehran Space Posting

  • Serving in a staff capacity in an officer exchange program.

Fort Asura

  • Promoted to Chujo on reassignment to Fort Asura

Medical Record

GSS Koichi

  • Birth
  • Broken right arm during first skirmish

YSS Susumu

  • Extreme mental trauma post-Battle of Taiie
  • Extensive bruising
  • Broken left leg
  • Left arm decapitated
  • 2 Deaths total

YSS Takahata

  • 1 Death


  • 1 Death


Art and Vocation

During her time after the command of Task Force Lantern, Miu has taken up the art of calligraphy to calm herself and pass the time. She usually practices in the evenings before an evening shower.


Miu is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other soldiers through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She's fluent in Nepleslian and much so Yamataian, and can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Encounters with other species have forced Miu to learn more non-standard forms of language, and takes to it with less interest than subjects of war. She has a lower level grasp of Saal-Sari and a survivable understanding of Volksprache with an understanding of the alphabets of both. Though she may understand some the Iromakuanhe and Abwehrans, if she is on any land Yamatai holds sovereign, she will refuse to speak less than Yamataian or Nepleslian.


The precise science and demanding skill of baking has always held Miu's eye. She is capable of amateur level baking, her Abwehran co-workers were particular fond of her attempts of at making Buchtel. Her peanut butter cookies are to *die for*.


Miu received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor. Years of extensive has only sharpened her skills and has made her familiar with a wide array of combat-based equipment. Following the gifting of Morioka's blade to her, she began practice a more historical fighting style and has come to use it more in sparring.


Part of Miu's education during the officer exchange program was outside look at the interstellar relations between two nations. She's seen first hand, and taken to studying politics on this scale.


Through studious endeavor, and from the fact living some of it, Miu is quite knowledgeable of YSE's history as an empire. She also familiar with the various laws of Yamatai and the regulations of the Yamataian Star Army.


For the year she was born, Miu has proven to be a capable leader. In combat, she's able to direct troops, give orders, and pass on orders down from the chain of command. She can recognize ambush points, potential failings in tactical strategy, and come up with quick solutions on the spot. Out of combat, she is an avid administrator of duties, and is able to coordinate large and groups to complete a common goal. As such, she is capable of recognizing the chain of command in the field and off, and adheres to superior orders with a strong sense of discipline.

Task Force Lantern was a growing experience and a jarring one having been lifted from bridge crew to fleet coordination. Miu drew on a wealth of experience from her Captains and learned how to manage and coordinate fleets of ships. Further, in Abwehran space, she observed Abwehran order of battle and learned how tactics and strategy may differ in what technology one depends on.


Miu has received advance mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Technology Operation

Miu is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Miu is a capable fighter pilot, having served a term of command over a fighter wing. She is familiar with Star Army fighter control layouts, and tactics involving fighters. With a few tools and a bit of time, she is capable of making minor repairs to most kinds of fighter craft.




Handheld and Accessories

  • 2 Mono-filament combat knives
  • 1 Sword, gifted to her by Morioka Naoko
“The gift I was talking about is this. Before you can wear armor you must learn to wield all the weapons in this room, including Vul'the, starting with this one. I thought perhaps if I gave you this, after showing you that, it would impress upon you the need to take care of it. I am not joking, or half-hearted in this, and neither should you be.” Task Force Lantern: [ACT III: Scene I] The Swords of Heaven

Real Estate

  • A traditional looking estate in Riverside, that looks more like something in the Imperial District. Humbly dubbed Fujiwara Shiro by its occupants.

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