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Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe

Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe is a player character played by IQ.

Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe
Species & Gender: Female Nekovalkyrja (Type 33)
Date of Birth: 4ζ—₯ 7月 YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
Rank: SantΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis Plot

Physical Description

Fuyu is a NH-33 Nekovalkyrja with a height of 175 centimeters. Her build is a mixture of lean muscle and a curvy stature. A modest bust and gentle, swaying hips. Though she is seen as modest by her fellow Nekos. Her bust isn't overly endowed. Her arms are well toned, and properly defined in their muscle due to manual labour. One physical attribute that is prone to compliments are her legs. Long, slender and seemingly sculpted with a mixture of well pronounced muscle and just a bit of fat in exactly the right places. These legs are attached to a firm yet supple set of buttocks.

She has soft facial features crested on a oval face. With a smoothed chin and a pronounced jawline and cheekbones. She possesses almond shaped eyes with a deep blue shade to them. A short bob cut with a black hairband. The black hairband gives a very odd contrast on her almost pristine white manes. This white colour is shared by her eyebrows, thick eyelashes, the fur on her neko-styled ears. White is the natural colour, so any kind of body hair she has, is of this same white color.

Beyond her traditional science officer uniform or her field outfit, she seems to take a preferrance to dark and black clothing.

Her overal skin tone is tanned, being exposed to welding lights more than often. This tan is traced in a tanktop just above her navel and in the shape of normal panties.


Fuyu is the prime example of someone struggling to be the best, yet being told they're only mediocre. Whatever their efforts or results are. Fuyu always was of the opinion she could've done better. Throughout the short years she's lived, she was always met with the fact that her work was good. But it was just that. It never was excellent or outstanding. Comparable to the ol' reliable rifle. It did the job, but it didn't innovate or change anything. She came out of her training program with an Average rating.

It did miracles on her. She tends to do twice what most others are capable off in at least half the time. She always strived for perfection above the mediocrity. It made her take up some basic repair skills, she knows her way around an engine, a welding torch, a wiring kit, etc. A strong, capable set of hands. Halfway through her training course, she was offered to change to an engineering one. She refused, preferring to keep that on a backburner and focus more on the applied sciences. She enjoys working and creating, deciding to branch out in programming and finally, learning and studying AI. Learning and studying altnernate sapience, how to manipulate or help them, really caught her attention. And it became a passion.

This mediocrity, her best being just that, was however, detrimental to several other of the developed personality traits. Beyond having her expectations tempered and her ambitions completely destroyed by this curse of mediocrity, she started to regard everything in a shade of dull grey. It made her shy and abrasive, prone to jealousy and envy, even. She prefers to stray away from social activities and spend more time on research or egnineering. Or anything, her relaxation is found in her work. And less so in social occassions. She has never realized her speciality lay on doing a lot of work quick. She was often commended on her swiftness, a note that is certainly found in her reports. She is too blinded by results.


It's been two years since Fuyu's creation. So she's pretty fresh, she was assigned to lab and science studies a week after orientation. A course in which she would be trained in a plethora of ways. And she passed every course on average. Which she didn't take too well. No matter how hard she worked, how much blood, sweat and tears the poured in her projects. They were always average. She started to shirk work, cut back and still get those passing grades, those averages. And soon, she was met with the realization she had spare time on her hands. While most other nekovalkyrja used this time to socialize and befriend others, Fuyu could be found working either on more projects, or working on shuttles and such. Even the manual labour was something she enjoyed.

Her circle of friends rather small and limited as a result of this. But that didn't stop her. She found herself enjoying working on programming, even more, working on AI's enjoyable. And chose to specialize in this. Her course went otherwise rather uneventful. She passed her training on an average note, though her profile has an important footnote listed. While she doesn't excel, she does work extremely fast.

Skills Learned

Due to peaked interest and general solitude, Fuyu decided to become well-versed with AI's, able to guess behavioural patterns as well as know what exactly makes an AI tick.

  • Combat hacker, enemy consoles or even enemy AI have a hard time holding secrets from her. Hacking in the heat of battle, due to her fast and good is good enough working style, is something she is a prodigy at.

This is an innate skill that has only been enhanced by both her programming and hacking proficiency, as well as her work ethic.

  • Basic mechanic, knows her way around a welding tool, blow torch. Knows how to disassemble and assemble an engine, etc.

Due to her seeking new ways to amuse herself after being delusioned by the curse of mediocrity, Fuyu spent most of her free time in engineering bays, helping out other students by doing either the most menial of work or assembling things for them while they were doing the more complicated stuff. She knows how to use her hands, bottom line.

Social Connections

Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe is connected to:

  • No one just yet. She never met who she was derived from. And the little 'friends' she had back in training, have by now withered.

Inventory & Finance

Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe has the following:

Fuyu 'Codetalker' Kanoe currently has 3000 KS.

Fuyu's Mindy

OOC Information

This page was created by iq on 03, 12 2018 at 07:32.

In the case IQ becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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