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Galtor Duumthax

Galtor Duumthax is a player character played by Charger2000.

Galtor Duumthax
Species: Kodian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 7'1โ€œ (216 cm)
Weight: 850 lbs (386 kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Unit Supply Specialist
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7'1โ€ (216 cm)
  • Weight: 850 lbs (386 kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Galtor is a tall and stocky ursoid, who is covered with thick, chocolate brown fur.

Eyes and Facial Features: His head is ursoid, with a bear nose and mouth, fur, and completely black eyes.

Ears: His ears look exactly like a bear's with brown fur.

Hair Color and Style:

Distinguishing Features: Besides looking much like a bear, Galtor is extremely tall and heavy, and easy to pick out in a crowd.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Galtor believes first in foremost in efficiency and productivity, and applies that to his life both on and off duty. His room is as meticulously organized as the cargo bay in which he works, and to some his emphasis on organization almost appears that he has OCD. But this is not the case, Galtor simply finds it to be most efficient when all articles are easily accessible. A patient, cautious, and stoic ursoid, Galtor sometimes seems slow to act decisively. But this is just because he's calculating all the outcomes of a situation in his head, an ability enhanced by his extensive mathematical education.

Yes, Galtor does like to plan, to think things through. To enforce logic and order upon a world that at times seems simply chaotic. Which is why he enjoys mathematics so much. To solve a problem, there are always definitive steps one can take. And the answer is always definitive, and exact. Galtor finds many principles in the numerical world, which the real world lacks in large quantities. And this is also why Galtor chose to enter supply, instead of one of the many other fields a math major could be useful in, like engineering, IT, starship ops, or intelligence. It gives Galtor a chance to work in an environment where everything is organized, in order, categorized. Galtor wants to be the Chuef of Supply on a ship, so he can be the king of his own little cargo castle.

But Galtor is more than just some efficiency obsessed math junkie, though this is overlooked by others since Galtor doesn't talk much about himself. He grows and brew his own tea out of a P-4 portable farming patch in his quarters. He likes to read, both nonfiction and mystery novels. Galtor also enjoys music, and plays the tuba and saxophone. Galtor's strong lungs in particular allow him to be more proficient at the tuba than most.

  • Likes: Math, productivity, red bush tea, saunas, and classical music.
  • Dislikes: Incompetence, disorder, xenophobes, onions, the color purple, and dentists.
  • Goals: To become a warrant officer specializing in logistics, and eventually a commissioned officer.


Family (or Creators)

Durnam Duumthax (Father) Farlam Duumthax (Mother) Retroff Duumthax (Younger Brother)


Galtor was born in YE 12, in a large cave city in Western Gashmere. His father, a geneticist, and his mother, an economist, both worked and lived in a substantially sized cave dwelling in a nice neighborhood. In primary school, Galtor received his best grades in history and mathematics, though he had decent scores in philosophy, language, computer skills. and science. When he was 11, Galtor had to chose a field to specialize in and receive education in for the next 14 years, until the age of 25. Galtor chose mathematics, and in his first few years, learned about algebra, geometry, and statistics, along with a smattering of general classes.

When Galtor was 15, the Yamatai Star Empire made contact with the Gashmere National Assembly, and after two years of diplomatic relations Gashmere was accepted into the Empire in YE 27. Tensions rose between those who supported good relations with the alien races, and those who staunchly opposed Gashmere's entrance into the YSE. Gashmere's educational center was in a district controlled by the Alien Peace Party, and this opened up doors for Kodian students there. The YSE sent recruiters to Gashmere to get Kodians to join the Yamatai Star Army. Looking for a way to put his skills to use, and escape Gashmere as hostilities between the two political faction seemed inevitable, Galtor started enrolling in classes offered by the YSA at the age of 22. For three years, Galtor received supply and general military training in addition to his math classes, and graduated in YE 37. He immediately enlisted the Star Army in hopes of scoring a supply job on a ship somewhere.



Galtor understands basic communications technology, which he learned about in basic training. Kodian is his first language, though Galtor can fluently speak Trade. He knows only a few basic military words or phrases in Yamatai.


Gator received instruction in hand-to-hand combat, melee combat, and ranged combat during his basic training. He is proficiently accurate using energy and projectile weapons, but is lacking in close ranged combat skills. Luckily for him, Galtor, due to his formidable size, can withstand a decent amount of damage and packs a big punch with his large and powerful fists.

Technological Operations

Galtor is familiar with the Kessaki OS, and can easily operate a computer. During specialization training, Galtor learned up to intermediate programming, and in his final year was instructed in Material Tracking Systems, which is important for supply personnel. However, his abilities can't hold a candle to trained IT or SO officers, who receive far more in depth training.


An advanced mathematics student for most of his 14 years of specialization training, Galtor knows his way around numbers, to say the least. He is well learned in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, analysis, computational math, topology, Newtonian and quantum physics, and rudimentary cryptography. However, Galtor leans more towards 'business math': proabability, statistics, accounting, and business calc.


During the last two to three years of Galtor's schooling, he received training in administrative and logistic skills, training simulations in Yamatai depots. Galtor is familiar with Yamatai Star Army paperwork, equipment specification, and the new Integrated Cargo Handling System. He has memorized the standard crate sizes, ammunition types, and supply classification letters, to help identify and order cargo quicker.


Galtor Duumthax has the following items:

  • Baseball Cap (Type 35)
  • Shoes, Black, Leather
  • Chess Set, NMX vs. Star Army Theme
  • 24 oz Coffee Mug w/Star Army Hinomari
  • 25 Star Army Energency Ration Pills
  • Boots, Type 22, Standard Dark Grey
  • 3 Star Army Male Pants, Cadet Blue
  • 5 Star Army Male T-Shirts, Star Army Blue
  • 2 Basic Elysian Data Pads
  • Uno Sunglasses


Galtor Duumthax is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2040 KS Starting Funds Minus Expenses
Non-standard characters should use a Modular Combat Armor System in place of the Mindy 2.
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