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Garland Amberidge

Garland Amberidge
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Species: Nepleslian/ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 43 years
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 7'1“ (190.50 cm)
Weight: 351 lb (169.03 kg)
Organization Nepleslian Arms and Munitions
Rank Overseer of Testing
Occupation Scientist, Head of NAM Testing Department
Current Placement Planet-side NAM Facility

Garland Amberidge is a headstrong yet passionate scientist working for NAM. He is played by Moonman.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7'1” (190.50 cm)
  • Weight: 351 lb (169.03 kg)
  • Build and Skin color: A slowly fading muscular build, with tan flesh-colored skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Garland sports a slightly squared jaw along with a short, brown, neatly kept beard. He has dark hazel-colored eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: Garland keeps his brown hair short whenever possible, in a crew cut fashion.
  • Distinguishing Features: Garland is tall and muscular, due to an increased portion of ID-SOL DNA in his blood. Garland also has his left arm replaced with cybernetics, as well as the knee and below of both of his legs. He keeps them all covered in synthetic flesh.


  • None, Cloned by Criminal Party

Psychological Characteristics


Garland is a warm, hearty, boisterous individual. He prefers to keep his relationships with co-workers and friends on good terms, although he is quite capable of being aggressive if rubbed the wrong way. When working, Garland prefers to keep a practical viewpoint on things; if something is new to him, it must prove to Garland to be reliable before he fully accepts it.

Garland has a fierce respect for the ideals of Robert Davis, specifically his ideas for cleaning up the crime and for a more solid familial structure to become the standard. As such, Garland sports an extreme affection for his Savtech, Natalie, and his daughter, Juniper, as well as children of any kind.

  • Likes: Success, professional work attitudes, Davis ideals, children
  • Dislikes: Failure, threats to Nepleslia, big-headed individuals
  • Goals: To see Nepleslia grow into a more powerful nations, to help standardize and bring order to Nepleslia through his work



Garland was created to serve as a guard for a small crime outfit within Funky City. His DNA was a mixture of Nepleslian and ID-SOL, and as such he was a very imposing figure during his time working for the criminal smuggling ring. He participated in much fighting during his time working here, losing both of his legs and his left arm in the process. However, during a police bust, all of his employers were killed in a vicious fire-fight, and he himself was injured and later sentenced to prison time for his involvement with the criminal group. He was released a few years later for good behavior and a sound psychological profile.

After being released, Garland attempted to find work in several different career paths. However, with each job he took, Garland quickly found himself endeared to the scientific field. A rather odd turn of events, considering that he was mostly ID-SOL, however he came to a self-conclusion that the small percentage of his Nepleslian DNA must have been extracted from a science-savvy Nepleslian. He complemented this knowledge of the scientific field through many years of study.

As such, Garland worked his way up the scientific fields, his stern standards on success and failure and respect for the ideals of Robert Davis being of great help to his ascension of the ranks as well as his studies. Not surprisingly, Garland prefers testing jobs; because he enjoys the hint of danger present with untested technology, as well as the surprised and feeling of success when tests prove positive. Eventually with lots of time and effort, Garland has climbed to the head of the testing department of the government-controlled corporation Nepleslian Arms and Munitions.


Science (Physics):

Garland took an early interest in the physics field, as many of his first jobs as a tester required adept knowledge of such things. He takes slight amusement at the laws of physics, but has recently taken to calling them “guidelines of physics” due to his witnessing of many new types of technology that originally would’ve broke his ID-SOL brain from strain. Most of what Garland knows about physics he learned from selective schooling, as well as his own personal studies of the field.

Engineering (Basics):

Although he cannot build a starship from scratch, Garland took it upon himself to learn the finer points of the functions and usage of the various machinery and technology associated in his trade. He learned most of it from self-study, which was complimented with some selective schooling. Garland is not a master of the subject of Engineering, but he is much more informed than you standard ID-SOL on matters at hand.


Garland received much schooling in mathematics, but it was always his hardest subject to master. Although he is now more adept at complex numbers than your average person, Garland still hold a mild distaste for them, believing that complex mathematics only obscure and over-complicate matters.

Technology Operations:

Garland, through some training and advice from his peers, is fairly adept in operating computer systems common around Nepleslia. He can use them for basic things, like relaying messages and compute the finer, more complex figures of testing. Garland is also well versed in writing reports and compiling data from testing into presentable formats. If instructed in detail beforehand, Garland can also become adept at handling new technology.


Being a single father himself, Garland has recently taken steps to improve the state of his personal life. He has so far learned to care for his daughter through infancy, to cook, and even clean to a mild degree. His affection towards children is of great use to him in this field of skill.


Because of the large degree of ID-SOL DNA in his body, Garland is a very fit individual. At his peak, he trained and honed his body daily, as instructed by his bosses. However, in the years to follow his release from prison and choice of the scientific field, Garland’s fitness has waned over the years. He still attempts to keep his body in prime condition. However for the last 20 or so years this conditioning mostly came down to a set of pushups, sit-ups and a short jog, and this ONLY if he remembered to do so once he got out of bed. He can be a rather forgetful fellow.

Fighting (Small Arms, Military Equipment):

A throwback to his days as a bodyguard for an illegal smuggling ring, Garland is skilled in the use of small arms such as handguns, machineguns, rifles and, to an extent, knives and other bladed weapons. Through much experience in the testing fields for military equipment, Garland is also well versed in the use of such equipment, though only in testing environments.


Standard Issue Objects

  • Standard NAM uniform
  • NAM Identification Tags
  • NAM Testing Faculty Lab Coat
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