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Gaster Montgom

Gaster is a player character played by Readlliea.

Gaster Montgom
Species & Gender: mutant male
Date of Birth: YE 4
Organization: Azalea Company
Occupation: Psychologist
Rank: Barber Surgeon
Current Placement: Knights of Asteria

Preferred Plots

  1. Azalea Free Company/Knights of Asteria

Physical Description

Due to the genetics of his mother; a Flying Fox Fruit Bat, the most defining feature on him are his rather large arms/wings. Due to standing at six ft, his arms; thus his wings, have a wingspan of nine ft. He is a thin and gangly looking fella though and his wings aren't restricted by clothing. The skin on his arms and hands, up to his shoulder are black like the wings growing out of them. Though the rest of his skin doesn't share this color. Another trait from his father's side, is the fur like hair that grows around his neck and reaches down his chest. It has a soft texture and his hair on his head carries this texture but not as strongly. The man sports a small mustache on his face, which curl upwards slightly and have small streaks of brown in them. Turning it into a dirty blonde color. A trait he didn't get from his mother is green eyes that have no bat like qualities to them.

In terms of clothing, he wears rather old fasion attire; mainly due to feeling more comfortable in them and liking the style. He can be seen wearing a cream shirt with the sleeves rolled up to try and give his wings more room; and to do his best not to cut off circulation in them. A vest over it that is tapue brown and maroon striped with silver buttons. There's also a black bow tie that he usually wears.


For the most part, Gaster is a rather nice guy. A courteous and honest sort, he does his best to help out and try to not make others uncomfortable. However curiosity often leads to trouble and in his ways to try and help those around him, he does take risks. While his risk taking ways aren't out of enjoyment, he knows that to help others there is always a large risk that will need to be taken. Which he always does his best to mentally prepare himself for as you can't always take the easy road. There's a high road that is more dangerous that you'll have to take. This does make him rather altruistic however, in this it has lead to him being too trusting towards those he ends up close to. His loyalty to others ties into this trust and thus, many will see him as gullible and even a blind fool.

A thing you'll learn, is that he is a affectionate being and rather nurturing. This is shown by how supportive he tries to do toward his friends and allies, as well as how he'll act with children of any species. Course, this can easily be exploited against him and used as a means to hurt him. His caring nature will quickly lead to him taking more risks and potentially putting himself in harms way a lot sooner than he'd like. One way to get on his less than happy side or damage his confidence, is to make fun of his appearance. Even though there are many strange things in terms of species, there are still some people who are just plain jerks. Who will make fun of others for the littlest of differences.

Course, even with all of this some of it is a front. A way to try and hide his own issues, to try and keep focus away from himself. Gaster doesn't like others getting involved in his personal matters if he views them severe enough. As such, he tends to bottle up his more negative emotions to try and keep helping others; the man does tend to neglect his own mental health in that way you could say. While doing his job, he does have serious moments but he does his best to be kind and gentle still, holding his supportive side rather close for his patients.


Born on Neplessia, Gaster's family wasn't two normal people. Sure his father was a Neplessian though his mother was a xeno, specifically resembling a Flying Fox Fruit Bat; one of the largest fruit bats. Course, such couples weren't odd. Many humans and xenos hooked up, it was just the bat bit that was the possible surprising factor to his father's side of the family. It was interesting that the boy only had a few traits from her xeno genetics, both parents had assumed that he'd just be either or. Not a odd mixture of the two having the furry neck/chest and the wings attached to their arms/hands like she did. Though they were a little worried about his wings but they were able to handle it the same way she always handled her's.

The family lived a pleasant life, the normal troubles and turmoils a family faced. Money troubles now an then and of course, whenever Gaster got sick would be a mad house. But the family would always stabilize itself eventually and get through to the next day. And of course, Gaster had normal childhood problems on his own accord. He struggled with self confidence and worth due to his appearance and slowly he grew past it to the point where, he could ignore some teasing as he grew up. He got into small trouble now an then, as well as arguments with his parents. In the end, he kept some grudges though released many and accepted him being wrong.

Wanting to help people, he went into psychology once graduating high school and choose it as his field of study in college. The reasoning for this was due to the fact that many places were in conflict in the vast reaches of space and well, the people affected by that would need some help. There would always be people, ordinary people who would suffer from something and would need mental help.

Several years went by for Gaster on his home world, however. Even he would grow discontent on it. Sure he was helping others, but he didn't feel like it was doing enough. Eventually, he heard about Asura lll and how people seemed to view it as a new world of sorts. Seeing that the same old things were wrong here and he felt not as useful, he scrapped together enough to head on out there. While the world had a beautiful look, there were strange happenings in the Lorani Province and there were those who were trying to help. Seeing as that was why he moved here, to help out. He made his way to where the Asteria Knights where and offered his services as a psychologist.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Gaster has the following notable skills:

  • He can glide with his wings with clothes on. Although, this only works if he leaps off a high place. Flight is possible but he has to be shirtless for his wings to be able to function in that sense.
  • Basic medical training/first aid kits.
  • Has a degree in psychology to be a psychologist

Social Connections

Gaster Montgom name is connected to:

  • Beau Montgom (Father)
  • Nessie Montgom(Mother)

Inventory & Finance

Gaster has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Gaster currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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