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Gearhead Halcyone Three Seven 37-4252-9653

Gearhead Halcyone Three Seven 37-4252-9653 is a player character played by Gunsight1.

Gearhead Halcyone Three Seven 37-4252-9653
Species: Freespacer, Type III
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 6ft1
Weight: 270lbs
Organization: Free State
Occupation: Starship Engineer
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6ft1
  • Weight: 270lbs
  • Measurements: 36D-24-35

Build and Skin Color: Gearhead Halcyone Three Seven 37-4252-9653 is tall, curvy and fair skinned. Despite her heavy weight, she is not fat, just heavier due to the high level of metal from implants and artificial limbs and the such. Most never see the biological side of Hal as she most often remains in her fully sealed encounter suit.

Eyes and Facial Features: Hal has large glowing neon pink eyes, almond shaped and full of curiosity. Her face is slim and slightly angular, something one might consider attractive if they could look past all the tech.

Ears: Hal's original human ears are gone, replaced by cybernetic audio receptors that grant her much better hearing. She has metal 'cat ears' that help give her directional control and which fold back when she puts her helmet on.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is a bright pale blue and kept cut very short, as she usually wears headgear or the helmet for her specialized encounter suit. Her helmet features a long mane of artificial hair, really millions of small cables that glow neon blue to compliment the accent lights on her suit.

Distinguishing Features: Halcyone, like many Freespacers, is very unique. She has had both legs and her left arm replaced with artificial limbs, which grant her far superior strength and other bonuses. Several vital organs were replaced and she has various other implants built into her body, such as a communications system, audio receptors, enhanced breathing apparatus and the like. She has scars from wounds and burns over a lot of her biological body. Hal takes a lot of pride in her appearance, making sure to keep her mechanical parts and her encounter suit immaculately maintained. She hates scuffs and scratches and blemishes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Gearhead Halcyone Three-Seven-37-4252-9653, or Hal as she goes by with her friends, or Three-Seven to those she does not want to get too close to, is a nice person, a bit secretive, but caring and with a sarcastic sense of humor. She loves to tinker with things and rebuild things and such and spends a great deal more time working on some bit of tech or another rather than being social.

  • Likes: Fixing things, technology, candy, cake, cookies, sugar in general, coffee, soda, cartoons, comic books, small furry animals.
  • Dislikes: Mean people, stupid people, the small of wet cat food, the color yellow between 9pm and 3am,
  • Goals:


Family (or Creators)

A cloning tank


Hal was cloned on a Freespacer mothership some years ago in some part of deep space. She was happy to stay on the mothership, learning about various pieces of technology, a subject that interested her since she was very young, that and baking, but events shortly after she turned five changed that. The ship she was cloned on was attacked and destroyed by hostile forces, of which even to this day she doesn't know who it was. Hal survived, escaping with friends in an escape pod, though she was very badly wounded. Both of her legs and her left arm were amputated and she had to undergo major surgery to survive.

She received new limbs to replace those lost, a new set of lungs, and new ears, all of which she has upgraded and specialized to her vocation over the years since. She also developed and built herself what she calls her encounter suit, a protective power armor suit she wears to encase and protect what remains of her biological body.

She spent the years following drifting across the universe. Moving from one ship to another, from one station to another, even to a planet here and there, but has never stayed in one place for a very long time. She is a drifter, going where her skills are needed.


Starship Operations

Hal learned long ago how to pilot a starship, both small shuttles and larger ships, a useful skill for one who spends their lives in space.


She is fully equipped with mindware, giving her the ability to learn quicker, store information and other useful things.


Hal is an engineer, she loves technology and making things. She has learned much over the years and enjoys designing and building or improving things whenever she can.

Maintenance and Repai

Hal is trained and well experienced in repairing and maintaining various forms of technology from small computers to large starships and much more in between.

Technology Operation

Hal is proficiant in the operation of various computer systems and hardware.


Halcyone received mathematics training, to including up to algebra, geometry and trigonometry.


Hal has had to learn to fight over the years. She is decently capable in both hand to hand and armed combat and is a good shot with a pistol or rifle.


Gearhead Halcyone Three-Seven-37-4252-9653 has the following items:


Gearhead Halcyone Three-Seven-37-4252-9653 is currently a in the Free State.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Halcyone's encounter suit is mainly for protection from physical damage, it is a basic compact power armor of sorts that encases her body and right arm, leaving her legs and left arm, which are mechanical, exposed. The suit is designed to match the look of her replacement limbs, a polished black finish, rather slick in design, with lit neon blue lights as decorative accents. She also wears a domed helmet which covers her entire head and seals with the suit, giving her a fully sealed environment, allowing Hal to go out into space or into hostile atmospheres. The helmet has a smooth tinted glass-like faceplate, which can be raised to expose the lower portion of, or her entire face. This faceplate also has a detailed HUD (Head Up Display), feeding her information from her suit's sensors, systems and cameras. Her encounter suit is also equipped with a basic thruster and gravity control system allowing Hal to maneuver in zero-g or in space and some basic flight, enhanced jumping in gravity.

Various tools of her trade are built into her artificial left arm. Retractable screwdrivers built into her fingertips, wrenches and pliers and such that fold out of storage bays under the polished black surface of her fake arm. Both her legs contain hip storage compartments for more tools as well.

OOC Info:

In the case Gunsight1 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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