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Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916

Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916 is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916
Species: Freespacer Type Three
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Height: 6'9β€œ (241 cm)
Weight: 200kg (441 lbs)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Rank: Rookie
Current Placement: Bounty Hunts

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'9” (241 cm)
  • Mass: 200kg (441 lbs)
  • Measurements: 36B-29-35

Build and Skin Color: Shutdown's torso is that of an average build tending towards muscular.

Shutdown's skin is a medium shade of tan.

Eyes and Facial Features: Shutdown's eye is almond in shape and is an emerald green.

Shutdown's face is heart shaped with her mouth and lower covered by cybernetics, her left eye has been replaced by a cybernetic eye with a red glow.

Ears: Shutdown has medium sized pointed ears

Hair Color and Style: Shutdown has long teal colour hair which is normally left loose or done up in a bun if required.

Distinguishing Features: Shutdown's right arm has been replaced with a robotic mantis arm that can be used as swiss army knife, she has a cybernetic eye and a cybernetic throat and jaw. Her legs have been modified to be longer.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shutdown is serious when it comes to engineering and machinery, she normally gets obsessed when talking about engines or machinery.

Shutdown is very loyal and protective towards people she cares for, when she is with her friends she is fun, adventurous and kind, when she is with someone she doesn't like she is cold and distance. Shutdown likes to be by herself and doesn't really care about others unless she has formed a close connection with that person.

She had always been adventurous and hated being in one place for too long unless there was something interesting happening or she could keep herself busy and forgets about where she is. She gets edgy being the same place after a few days.

  • Likes: Guns, Robots, Machines and food.
  • Dislikes: loud noises, judgement, being joked about
  • Goals: Shutdown wants to see the universe. Shutdown also wants to make interesting machinery.


Family (or Creators)



Shutdown had an average childhood for a freespacer growing up on a mothership and learning in the tubes like everyone else. She was incubated via cloning-vats and put into communal nurseries. There she spent her time in a state of hypnopaedia, with short breaks in between hibernation cycles to develop basic social skills and physical health. By the time she reach adolescence she will have the equivalent of a high school education. At this point she was β€œlet loose” upon society as a temporary apprentices, visiting different ships and jobs until she found a task she both enjoy and was suited to.

She found the tech and engineering route was best for her, she earned the name Shutdown at the early stages of this job when she almost shut down all power to the ship.

When she reach adulthood she decided motherships and support vessels weren't for her and she spent her time searching for a calling, she work for a week or so on each planet she visited before leaving and traveling to a new planet.



Shutdown can speak in low level code talk with ease, Nepleslian, Trade, Yamataian and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation.

Starship Operations

Living in starship environments for Shutdown's entire lives, she naturally learnt quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. She can quickly take up other roles if she is needed to.


Shutdown learns skills in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. She can also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing her to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally she can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do.


Shutdown is familiar with how to effectively pilot most ground vehicles. She can make rudimentary repairs to his vehicle. In addition, she is particularly skilled at operating Mechas. While inside this vehicle, she can perform difficult maneuvers under high stress. She is also proficient in repairing this type of vehicle.


Shutdown loves to build and design things even if they make no sense when she talks about them, she just lets his imagination fly and what comes out is useful most of the time.


Shutdown was trained to fight, so knows how to fight with and without weaponry, she likes using her claw or any ranged weapon if needed for ranged combat.

Maintenance and Repair

Shutdown doesn't mind getting down and dirty, keeping things running and making sure that they won't blow up is all that she can do, as one of her many jobs that she had throughout her life.


Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916 has the following items:


  • Black T-Shirt x2
  • Red T-Shirt x3
  • White button up blouse x2
  • Light blue jeans x2
  • Black jeans x1
  • Black hip shorts x2
  • Green hip shorts x1
  • Leather zip up jacket x1
  • Black work boots x2
  • Red high heal shoes x1
  • Red open toe flat shoes x2
  • Black undergarments x3
  • Red undergarments x4


personal grooming

  • tooth brush
  • soap
  • hand towel x2
  • towel x2
  • tooth paste
  • female beauty products


Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916 is currently a Rookie in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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