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Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271

Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271 is a player character played by Cordinarr.

Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271
Species & Gender: Type 3 Cyborg Male
Year of Birth: 25 YE
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Scientist / GeneSculptor
Current Placement: Skeleton Ensemble
Theme Music: Halls of Science
Harmonic Voltage

Physical Description

Standing at 5’6” Six Three is a Type 3 Semi-Organic Freespacer Cyborg that takes a keen interest in the sciences. His arms and legs have been replaced with black, sleek mechanical arms and legs. On his torso where his ribcage is has been covered with durable, heavy-duty track that allows for a third appendage to be attached and for the appendage to rotate around his body to assist where needed. The only appendage he has thus far is a four fingered (three fingers, one thumb) hand that is about the same length/make of his other arms. This appendage can be detached for sleeping purposes or removed when not necessarily needed (formal occations).

The right half of his head has a metal plate that extends to the back and the front, the front ending in replacing the right eye. That allows it to be fitted to scientific instruments or focusing apparatus. Can be upgraded to see infrared, UV, or night-vision. Over his mouth is a metal covering with tubes running to it to aid in breathing in environments that would hinder it. The tubing actually leads down underneath his skin in between the clavical bones on either side to access the veins that lead to and from the heart. As the tubing comes into contact with the blood, lichen that produce oxygen are scrubbed clean, oxygen removed and sent back out into the blood. He grows lichen cultures on his lower back that are a deep shade of red, in four lines on both sides of his body stylized to look like bear claw marks.

Despite the heavy amount of augments, there is still plenty human. The metal casing is only fused to the muscular structure underneath the skin to allow for movement, but all of the bones and organs remain underneath. As well as, the legs stop at the hips and the arms at the shoulders. He left eye is an ice light blue, and the remaining hair on the left side of his head is steel silver color, ear length but he’s careful it doesn’t get too long. Skin was originally peach/flesh colored but due to the lack of sunlight/proper nutrients, it has become a decent shade paler.


A man that is dedicated to his work and takes pride in it. As a GeneSculptor he is constantly looking at genes for possibilities to strengthen personality traits, make bodies longer lasting (at least by current standards), or find areas in the code to reinforce the immune system. He is curious about others’ genes about what makes them favorable for them to pass on, or what exactly was chosen to accentuate in the current iteration of the genetic line they are from. While in the lab, he prefers to be shirtless to fully use his third arm, only donning on a lab coat when dealing with volatile chemicals. Six Three puts on a shirt around those that would otherwise be uncomfortable with his semi-nudeness or if the formal occasion would call for it.

He is socialable at times, truly engaging in conversation with those he cares about but only being polite with those that he feels he is obligated to. When discussing his work, he’s gained a knack for when people are being genuinely curious and when those are just asking questions to spur conversation. The former dragging out childlike wonder, enabling him to drone on and on about the newest sequence he found, the latest test he’s running or the instrument he’s had to deal with. The latter is dealt with professionalism, and a kind patience to explain what he’s doing…in the simplest terms he can think of.

While tests are being run, data being compiled, an instrument is down due to a key component, or just off time, Six Three enjoys light amounts of socialization, but particularly enjoys strategy games and puzzles. Conversations can range from the philosophical to the scientific, or to casual plans or ideas. Also has been known to venture into the kitchen to conduct “experiments” using what he can find. Some are good others…not so much.

Likes: Biology, Chemistry, sciences in general, helping the Freespacers, coffee, cooking, building/forging technologies.

Dislikes: Fighting, unnecessary aggression, Yamatai, unplugging his instruments when they're in the middle of a test.

Goals: Further the sciences of the Freespacers and help in reuniting them.


GeneSculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271 was born in 25 YE.

Upon exiting the gene banks, and the nursery that comprised of his world for many years, he took up an apprenticeship aboard a Mothership in the GeneCrafting center. Here he and other researchers took up the task of harvesting genes, and finding the favorable sequences that would make for good stock. However, he had to start out low as a mere labrat. Identifying sequences, assisting in the transferring from real mind to syntelligence, deleting code after code without respite. Mistakes happened, but learning of great amounts were never too far behind them. The scientists were kind and nurturing of a curious mind, influencing and promoting the inquisitive nature that came along with it. Soon he was adjusting his own code for review.

His final thesis at the end of his yearlong apprenticeship was a series of gene stocks cut from his own code, modified in different ways to accentuate portions of his talent and mind, while removing those that would be unfavorable. While it was regarded as a bit narcissistic, he viewed it as a way of giving back to the Mothership that had carried him for so long and taught him so much. It was agree upon, and the day before he left he was able to hear the mild, quiet thoughts of his clones that were growing in their vats. To him they were his progeny, his children.

He boarded a ship that would take him to his next job aboard a Mothership that was having difficulty retaining its genetics without it deteriorating. During the next week, he delighted in the polyscience that was connected to the Mothership hearing his children learn and think. That is, until, the Genocide occurred. The sounds he had heard, followed by the silence was akin to him as if a babe had been ripped from its mothers arms and had its head thrust underwater until it made no more sound. Anger, confusion, and utter despair followed him into his new lifestyle. While the work that he had done to create them was still there, the silence that hung heavy in their absence haunted him.

During his mourning period, he took comfort in other Freespacers that had also experienced a great loss over this tragedy. After coming to terms and accepting his grievance he returned to his work with renewed vigor. If there was ever a time to prove yourself as a productive worker, as a true member of society, now is the time. Dark times makes those that stand in them, shine the brightest. Over the next few years, he continued his work solving problems for Motherships, conducting tests to aid them or to deliver the stock that they were lacking in, or even developing better technologies for their gene banks to replace their old systems.

However, his previous work that was first his passion remained untouched. He had memorized it and could pursue it all over again but to him the work has a black stain on it. Opening the thesis from time to time to reread it he always finds himself closing it in disgust. While others may forgive Yamatai, he could not.

Recently he has heard there are some Freespacer settlements that were cut off from the Polysentience, only to be rediscovered, though they had undergone change. The opportunity to aid in the reuniting of his people, the discovery of newly mixed genes or stock, along with the ability to help them thrive was worth more than the risk that was whispered along with them. Pirates, horrid creatures, and even worse empires lay out in space waiting but they couldn’t deter him from his new found calling. And so, he looks for a ship.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271 has the following notable skills:

Excels at:

Chemistry and Biology – Taking a keen interest in both, he immersed himself in them both while absorbing information about Genetics. Using his knowledge of Chemistry and the applications of it towards Biology he found himself to be quite the geneticist. Something he prides himself in helping Freespacers and their GeneBanks should trouble arise.

Competent but not the best:

Mathematics, Engineering: Lots of his tests required him to design, create and build his own instruments. As such knowing the amount of energy that would be put out, and making the blueprints for them required the knowledge on how to go about making them. However, when it comes to engines, weapons systems, or power cores, he has less practical knowledge about than general theory.

Cybernetics: Arms weak, sweaty palms, legs that would give out after hours of standing prompted him to creating his own cybernetic limbs as well as a third arm to assist in his studies. Having an extra arm to hold a beaker while taking from a sample can come in…handy. However, beyond his own cybernetics is something he needs to work on.

Technology Operation: The ability to save and more importantly, share information is vital in the scientific field. He has had to create his own servers and connect them to others, as well as saving drives, allocating memory, writing code for his own instruments to run their tests, or troubleshooting their systems. Though if a piloting system were to fail, or a life support system were to flick or go haywire, he might find himself in a pinch on how to repair it or create a new one.

Passing Interest and could use a LOT of work on:

Culinary: “Baking is science for hungry people,” or so his mantra goes. He tries and fails, often seeking recipes but also prides himself on making his own. They don’t always turn out so well…

Social Connections

Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271 is connected to:

  • Archon Mímir Four Two 42-8923-1489 (Type Five, Syntelligence, Scientific Mind and Archivist)
  • Biomage Hex Four Eight 48-2548-9835 (Type Three, Cyborg, Geneticist Mentor)
  • DNAdept ATCG Two Six 26-6852-4836 (Type Three, Cyborg, Scientific Peer/Close Friend)
  • ADProfessor Krebs Three Five 35-7856-1243 (Type Four, Automata, Scientific Peer)
  • Cakecrafter Ramsey Nine Seven 97-3658-1475 (Type Three, Automata, Baking chat room rival)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7325 (Deceased)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7326 (Deceased)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7327 (Deceased)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7328 (Deceased)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7329 (Deceased)
  • Genetic Progeny 56-8148-7330 (Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

  • EM-G8 Type 33 Dataslate – Used to taking notes, writing in his journal, and reading other’s works.
  • Adjustable pipette with swappable chambers. Each chamber can hold an upwards of 5 mL.
  • Selectable Ion Analysis Attachment: A portable Ion Chromatography that clips on to the data slate and feeds out the results giving the results accurate to 100 ppt. Usable for Gas and Liquid Ion Chromatography.
  • A two part all red with a gold trim robe. The top half of the robe over laps the bottom half and ends a few inches below the waist, complete with hood. The bottom half mirrors the top in color and fashion, as well as ending a few inches longer than it needs to. Mostly worn in semi-/formal occasions around persons that would be unaccustomed to Freespacer life-style.
  • 1 pair of formal shoes, long sleeve button up shirt, and khakis. To be worn when not using the extra arm.
  • 4 pairs of T-Shirts with the sleeves removed, matching patchwork pants.
  • 1 lab coat, safety eye patch, and washable lab gloves.
  • 1 Voidwalker Suit.
  • A wooden spoon.

OOC Information

In the case Cordinarr becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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