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Genominus is a player character played by Alexstraizer.

Species & Gender: Non-binary Random Alien (Male by Personality)
Date of Birth: 1日 1月 YE 01
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Self acclaimed 'Primal Gene-Smith' (Current)
Current Placement: N/A
Plot Independent/Section 6

Physical Description

Genominus is, by physical terms, an amalgamation of different alien species of unknown origin. He can be depicted as having the body of a human, the legs of a centipede,6 small, frail arms and hands, and the face of a spider. His back is littered with blister-like sacs, on which he keeps most of the genetic materials that he salvaged and scrapped. His skin tone borders around black and dark green, his chitinous hide is completely dark in color. He also secretes a slimy, purple substance, which helps his body to retain its moisture. It is also been used as a weapon, using its slimy texture to trap prey.

The structure of his brain is unique, on which he can independently control his six individual arms and hands with little effort, although they won't work as efficient as using only one pair. In this case, he must find a balance between quality and quantity, since he needed all three pairs to conduct his experiment. His bug-like eyes, which was hidden inside his exoskeleton,can magnify like a microscope, which aids him in altering the microscopic genetic materials.

Two pairs of spider-like appendages are incorporated into his back,which can be revealed as two sickle-shaped arachnid legs.He can also use them to alter the microscopic genes,but when forced to,he can and will use them as slashing weapons.

Due to his weight,size and shape of his spider appendages, Genominus makes it up with his ability to be a living factory of small beetles called “Bio-bullets”, the beetle's aerodynamic shape and hard exo-skeletons makes it a viable candidate to deal damage to other beings. He can also modify these bio-bullets as to inflict different kinds of injuries, like acid burns, viral infections, Explosions…and many more. These Bio-bullets are only the size of a human's thumb,

He usually speaks in a deep, resonating tone, although his vocal chord is capable of imitating other voices, a sign that he is being sarcastic to someone.

Genominus can also encase himself in a cocoon-like egg, which allows him to control some of his creations. He can regenerate his body by this mean, the purple slime inside the cocoon acts as a natural healing agent. His mind can also be enhanced, allowing him to communicate with others via telepathy.

“Adaption.Powerful weapon against evolution, and yet the two halves are similar by all means.”


Genominus can exhibit Xenophilia when encountering different species and biospheres, wanting to extract their “Bio-matter” for his better understanding of that selected species. He is quite literal, not able to understand any forms of humor. He can also be wary of one's intent, thinking that they would attempt to 'Assimilate' him. His drive to discover new species have caused him to be a little bit aggressive when he attempts to extract some of their “Bio-matter”. Nonetheless, he can be loyal and sometimes worthy of being one's friend and adviser, if his Xenophilic attitude doesn't get in the way.


Genominus was born in YE 01. An amalgamation of different alien species created by a entity named,“The Primordial”,He serves no other purpose than to,“Evolve,Alter and Create.”

In YE 15,Genominus have now learned of nearly 40 percent of all known alien species,using live experiments and autopsies to strengthen his knowledge of biology.

In YE 24,He suddenly felt a loss of someone he served long ago…..yet he didn't remember it.For no reason at all,he turns feral,experimenting on unfortunate souls who encountered him on an unnamed Nepleslian station.Living in the depths of the trash compactor,he reused some organic materials and turned it into new species of beetles,some are beneficial,some…..destructive.

After spending almost a decade,in YE 33,he decides to hitchhike a transport ship,which leads him to a small planet outside Nepleslian territory.There,he resumes his search for the meaning of life,Mutating and altering some alien species along the way.

Currently,He is detained by the Biohazard Rapid Response Force (BRRF),after his involvement in several biological-related incidents.

Skills Learned

Genominus has the following notable skills:

  • Advanced Biological understanding
  • Alter or weave genetic materials
  • Turning organic lifeforms into bio-engineered creatures
  • Capable of bio-engineering with only his bare hands,genetic materials and a dark,damp chamber
  • Preparing “Adaption Strains” for testing and field jobs

Social Connections

Genominus have no known Social Connections.

Inventory & Finance

Genominus has the following:

  • Some strands of Genetic material
  • A set of organic 'Micro-needles' for altering and repairing genetic material
  • A pair of Weaponized Biological Rifle Module "WORM" Gun (W.B.R.M AKA “Worm” Guns) that could be bonded to someone
  • A Cocoon for small,metallic beetles called 'Lead-bugs',used as ammunition for the Worm Guns

Genominus currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

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In the case Alexstraizer becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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