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Ghi To

Ghi To
Species: Human/Feline Hybrid
Gender: Female
Parents: Yip Ga To (Father), Ga Ming To (Mother), Tang To (Brother/Cat)
Age: 25 years
Height: 4'10โ€œ
Weight: 95 lbs
Organization Star Army Intelligence
Bra Size: C
Occupation Agent
Rank Master Sergeant
Current Placement Police Action


Build and Skin Color:

Ghi is a very small individual, but is built perfectly in proportion to her size. Her musculature is that of a gymnast and an athlete, toned to near perfection by a combination of rigorous training and natural (enhanced) genetics. The way her body moves often looks more smoothly feline than human. Her skin, underneath the complex ginger and white patterns of her fur, is that of a Han Chinese female.

Facial Features and Eye Color:

Ghi's facial features are marked by a combination of her natural Chinese features with those of a cats - not simply cosmetic but having a noticeably feline structure. The combination is not unattractive but noticeable, as are her large blue feline eyes.

Hair color and Style:

Ghi currently keeps her hair, which is raven black and extends to her lower back, in a single braided ponytail - however she is prone to changing its length and style depending on her situation, using various medical treatments (some of her own design) to regulate hair-growth. She keeps her ginger and white tabby fur well groomed.

Distinguishing Features:

In her current form Ghi is a cat-human hybrid and thus rather distinct - rather than being a traditional 'cat girl', Ghi's genetic structure is actually a combination of human and cats and her skeletal structure and musculature shows this. She certainly does not look absolutely human with a layer of ginger and white fur, cat-like eyes slightly closer together than on a human, cat ears in the proper location on the head and so forth. Very noticeably she a long tail, retractable claws and cat-like teeth. So all in all she is rather distinguishable, as well as being only 4'10โ€.

Psychological Characteristics


Ghi's personality is complex and has gone through much trauma and change throughout her life. Originally an exceptionally intelligent and compassionate child with a particular love of animals the traumatic death of her cat (combined with a somewhat fragile psyche) formed the creation of a splinter-personality of nigh on psychotic proportions which encourage her to embrace the 'inner cat' and 'hunter', to be alone and to kill those around her. As such there was a dichotomy between her kind and energetic normal self and the isolationist and violent 'other'. After joining SAINT she began to remodel her personality in order to become an efficient SAINT agent, suppressing her emotions and (with considerable effort and self-counseling) suppressing that 'other' side to her - her training taught her to be ruthless and efficient and that is what is left. However there is still a dichotomy between the kindly person who Ghi is at heart, and the grim and adept agent which she is trained to be. However she is always highly analytical and a particularly hard worker, reading up on all information available and constantly increasing her skill base in order to make her a more useful servant to the empire - this deep nationalism being a new but potent component of her personality.

Likes: Cats, people, the empire, SAINT, learning, fighting, medicine. Dislikes: Dogs, unneeded cruelty, enemies of the empire, cowardice. Goals: To serve the Empire.


Ghi was born to a middle class Geshrin family of Chinese decent and lived a rather happy life, although she was always compassionate to the degree of being somewhat mentally fragile. This showed itself in her near obsession with cats and in particular her love of her cat 'Tang' who she considered to be a brother. A formative moment in her life came when a group of bored youths found Tang in the families front garden and tortured the poor creature to death in the way that sociopathic youngsters are prone to do. When Ghi found Tang's mangled corpse in several different pieces in a pool of blood something inside her snapped creating a splinter personality which she would refer to as the 'other' which encouraged her to be a 'hunter', to isolate herself from humanity and to prize her own survival over all else. This did not stop her completing Star Army training with great success as a medic, with an emphasis on genetics, and it was only in the last few months of training that the voice grew to such a strength that she found it necessary to keep herself dosed on 'Calm' in order to keep it quiet. She was posted on the YSS Mikomi as Medic. One of her first actions was to transfer her 'soul' out from the Geshrin form that she was born into (which had already had significant genetic modification) and into a new body of her own design, a composite combination of cat and human which brought her closer to her night on obsessional ideal. She served throughout the Mikomi's short but active life, albeit lapsing into near-psychosis on several occasions at which point she locked herself in her room. She served well, but after the massacre of Bowhordia she was contacted by SAINT and finding that being a Star Army medic meant long periods of inactivity and wishing to do something more active than simply heal. Being taken to the SAINT training facilities at Black Sands and training for a year under the veteran agents Jadg Wolf and Karl Hadgard she was trained to become a special agent. Learning all of the tricks of the trade she became a deadly combatant, and in learning various mental techniques to defend herself from torture and the like managed a lasting victory over the 'other' and also created a facade personality around her so tight that her compassionate side has been largely repressed. At the end of this training Ghi has been assigned her first mission.




Medical and Science:





Survival and Military:


Technology Operation:



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