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Gisel Wilhelmina Aumann

Gisel is an Abwehran played by Soresu.

Gisel Wilhemina Aumann
Gisel Wilhemina Aumann
Pronunciation: Ge-Sel Whil-Hel-Mena Au-Mahn
Species: Abwehran Born: 254 AF
Gender: Female Height: 5'8“ / 174.78 cm.
Age: 6 AY (21.30 YE) Weight: 145 lb. / 67.27 kg.
Ranks/Grade: Maat/E-1 Organization: Weltraumflotte
Lineage: Nacht Bewohner Occupation Heavy Weapons Specialist
Current Placement
69th Para-Military Squad

Gisel's Voice and Theme

Physical Characteristics

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6 AY (21.30 YE)
  • Height: 5'8” / 174.78cm.
  • Weight: 145lbs / 67.27kg.
  • Measurements: 34C-26-36 in / 86-66-91cm

General View

  • Handedness: Left
  • Build: Lithe, sleek muscled while not being considered 'brawny'.
  • Skin Color: Creamy White
  • Facial Features: She has a small chin and nose, with high-wide cheekbones with narrow cheeks and cupid bow lips. Her eyes are large yet not overtly so, with high eyebrows to compliment.
  • Eye color: The same glowing blue eyes as her other Nightwalker kin.
  • Hair color and Style: Long, straight dark red hair that goes to just to her shoulderblades in length. Usually keeps it in a loose ponytail.

Mental Characteristics


Due to her life underground, Gisel is a fairly tough, straightforward girl who doesn't shy away from combat. In fact, one could say she likes using the heavy weaponry attributed to her profession and takes pride in her ability to utilize the tools of her trade. She is however not overtly prideful, knowing full well she could be construed as inexperienced when others have been at their military careers a lot longer then she. A tomboy of sorts, she isn't above carousing with “the boys”, drinking, laughing, and generally enjoys a good time.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: A good stiff drink, partying, guns 1), food.
  • General Dislikes: Generally she dislikes dour individuals.
  • Religion: Ancestral Worship
  • Sexuality: Swings both Ways2)
  • Goals: To do her family proud.



Name Relation Age Occupation
Karsten Father 23 AY (81 YE) Assault Legion Landwehr, Stabsfeldwebel
Henrika Matriarch/Birth Mother 21 AY (74 YE) Engineer
Lina Mother 21 AY (74 YE) Gravballer
Marieke Sister 19 AY (49 YE) Communications Specialist
Yvette Sister 16 AY (56 YE) Assault Legion Luftwaffe, Oberlegionär
Annelise Sister 16 AY (56 YE) Nurse
Else Sister 15 AY (53 YE) Chef
Hilde Sister 13 AY (46 YE) Engineer
Willem Brother 10 AY (35 YE) Weltraumflotte Space Forces, Bootsmaan
Gerhard Brother 8 AY (28 YE) Weltraumflotte Marine Corp, Obermaat


Prior to her military career, Gisel was the 'baby' of a brood of seven, with five older sisters and two older brothers. Gisel was somewhat pampered by her father, teased by her sisters, and ran wild with her brothers. Being the daughter of the Matriarch of the household gave her some broader freedoms then her siblings, and at the sametime stricter training and learning as her mother was almost a carbon-copy of her own mother, and Gisel's grandmother to whom she was gifted with her first name as her middle, 'Wilhelmina'. Wilhelmina had been a strict parent, dolling out rewards on exemplary work but brooked no nonsense while she taught her brood the ways of survival. In a way, her mother was trying to mold Gisel into something 'more' then she thought she could be. When it came time for her Coming of Age Ceremony, the first trial was the first time she'd ever been to the surface. Awestruck, Gisel was almost baffled by the endless tract of the sky overhead and the rolling hills.

Having completed the first of the trials, her father, Karsten took a leave of absence from his duties to perform the second. While a doting father, and rock of her life, he did not go easy on her. Bruised, aching and through sheer dumb luck she held her own against her old man until finally it was over.

Her mother however had a more brutal task in mind for her third trial. It was a right mostly held for only Abwehran males. Tyrani hunting. She was forced into joining a group of males on the hunt. It did not go so well. One of the males died as a small griff descended on them. With one of their number dead within moments, some fought, and two ran for their lives. Gisel remained with those that stayed, watching a few more comrades get injured and another having been grievously injured. Why her mother had sent her on this near suicidal task was something that almost appalled her. But she held firm. She fought, she survived, and she won. From then on, she was considered an adult by her family. Nor did her sisters tease her anymore for even though she was the 'baby' and daughter of the matriarch she'd proven herself.


Gisel's military career began a mere thirteen months ago like any other. The marked exception is she went off into a specialized school for Heavy Weaponry and that of Demolitions for the majority of her training. Near the end, Gisel was a participant in one of the war games usually held to show the competence of the newest batch of recruits before being given the rank of Maat. After passing, she is currently awaiting her first assignment.


Fighting/Fighting (Heavy Weapons)

Gisel has received training in basic close quarter combat using hand-to-hand, knife, and sword combat techniques in addition to her childhood training. Her training also included firearms training with mass-driver pistols and rifles. Additional training as given so that she may operate the heavy weaponry a specialist such as herself may use. Including heavy mass-driver weaponry and launchers.


Having undergone Specialist training, Gisel has a firm grasp of the explosive devices utilized by the Marine Corp. These include the standard fare within the AAF Demolitions Pack and grenades.

Technology Operation

Gisel can operate shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. Basic operations of ship systems and skinsuits is also included in the training.


Gisel is fluent in Abwehran and Trade3), after contact with the Star Army of Yamatai, and knows the proper procedures to write reports and fill out military documents. She can also know basic operations of shipboard communications systems and standard military communication equipment.


Unlike most militaries, Gisel's training required her to learn basic calculus along with algebra and trigonometry.


While living underground, Gisel led a tougher life then the average Surfacer. She had to learn how to fend for herself, construct basic shelter (Tents), hunt, fish and be able to navigate the cavernous underground should a natural disaster occur (Cave-in).


Gisel has learned the basics of driving some military ground vehicles such as jeeps and trucks.


Standardized Gear


  • 2 Duty Uniforms
  • 1 Cold Weather Uniform
  • 1 Dress Uniform
  • Uniform accessories
    • 1 Rank Pin, 'Maat'
  • 1 Workout Uniform
  • 4 pair of black boot socks
  • Undergarments
    • 4 black panties
    • 4 black sport bras


  • Weaponry and Tools:
  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Branch logo on top
    • Put your medals in here.
  • Personal Hygiene: (to be reissued when needed)
    • 1 bottle of shampoo
    • 1 bottle liquid body soap
    • 1 toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
    • 2 washcloths, white
    • 2 towels, large, white


Total Savings Credit Debit
9000 AC 9000 0 Starting funds
10500 AC 20 Weeks Pay 0 Total Balance
She's a bit of a gun nut!
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