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Got Ti Domo Voi Vin Cent

Got Ti Domo Voi Vin Cent is a player character played by Shadow.

Vin'cent Domo'voi Got'ti
Species: Shukaren-Daur
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 4'“
Weight: 90 lbs.
Organization: She'na Academy
Occupation: Student
Rank: Ui'ishen
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bloody Claws (She'na Academy)

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'”
  • Mass: 90 lbs.
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Vin'cent is a lithe with only a hint of muscle around the abdomen, fur is yellow with swirls of white scattered throughout his body.

Eyes and Facial Features: Vin'cent has purple eyes with an upturned shape. Face is shaped in a triangular fashion.

Ears: Vin'cent's ears are vulpine in the typical Shukaren nature, covered with yellow fur with white lining in the interior.

Hair Color and Style: Vin'cent is covered in yellow fur with white swirls, accompanying hair with a swept-back fashion.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vin'cent is an optimist to the point of bordering naivety. Due to being cooped up in his room learning the vulpine anatomy of his people, he is quite enthusiastic to interact with them, if a bit ineffectively. His friends from other schools would describe him as diligent, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic. He is also very trusting, so he could probably be coerced into letting something slip or loaning something to other people.

Vin'cent's mother has played a very large part inside of his life and the person he is. Angel'ica is a teacher who also happens to be a former doctor. Regardless, she passed on her empathetic values on to Vin'cent, who took to them far more than C'ross did. Despite the fact that he is a noble, the kit is sympathetic to the poor and more than willing to have a conversation and lecture them on good health.

Vin'cent follows after the traditional Daur's policy of pacifism, but he does not entirely abhor the use of violence for, say, self-defense.

  • Likes: Individual thought, sciences, medical textbooks, civic and political freedoms, and people.
  • Dislikes: Conformism, crushing authority, and restrictions.
  • Goals: To eventually graduate and become a doctor.


Family (or Creators)

Got'ti Taki'yaki Vito'rio (Father) Got'ti Mya'moto Angel'ica (Mother) Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross (Brother)


Vin'cent was born in the capital unto the noble House of Got'ti. He was, from a young age, taught by his daur mother, Angel'ica, the sciences and the rights of the citizens of Neshaten. This was an effort to give something positive to the world and maybe save a few lives. Vin'cent liked that idea, but his brother, C'ross, didn't, who enlisted in V'kaste's Legion and trained for the time he would become activate. Vin'cent didn't like the idea of hurting other people who did nothing to him or his family. He would much rather save lives than take them.

Eventually, Angel'ica decided that she wanted to give Vin'cent some pointers on medicine. She combined her teacher and doctor background to show him how the professionals did it. He's been inseparable from his first medical text-book ever since. Soon, an invitation arrived addressed to one Vin'cent Domo'voi Got'ti…



Vin'cent can speak and read Tinacen fluently, rightfully being taken for a noble by his accent and the way he speaks.

Medical and Science

Vin'cent is well-versed on the ins and outs of medicine. He could tell you in detail about the different well-known surgeries in the medical world and dispel any non-truths about it. However, he is not a qualified doctor quite yet, so he has much to learn.


Any kind of text you put in front of this boy will likely be remembered for the next few… Months, I'd say. Vin'cent is quite knowledgeable and capable of remembering a good deal of details on certain subjects.


Vin'cent could take two different people and accurately deduce what their offspring would look like. He is well-versed in Biology and quite knowledgeable in genetics.


Due to the study of his fellow Neshaten citizens' bodies, Vin'cent has deduced how he should act around people if different personalities. He has studied Xenobiology, Zoology, psychology, etc. extensively… Doesn't mean he can act as he knows he should though, sometimes he's too caught up in himself.


Yes… He knows how to fold his clothes and take care of babies. Interestingly enough, Vito'rio wanted to teach the boy something on responsibility without being too hard on him, so he sent Vin'cent to take care of family friends' babies and help them with domestic affairs and such.


Vin'cent has received training on how to use his sword. He's not going to disarm a Swordmaster, but he knows how to defend himself… Hopefully.


Vin'cent Domo'voi Got'ti has the following items:

Two Neshaten Working Uniforms

Two Male Student Uniforms

School supplies


Black backpack with red trim

Six pairs of black Socks

Hygiene items

Neshaten Light Vision Goggles

Utility Belt

Extra weaponized power crystals



Black leather jacket

Two Red Vests

Two White Dress shirts

Pair of sport shoes

Seta'sis sword


Vin'cent Domo'voi Got'ti is currently a Ui'ishen in the She'na Academy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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