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Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross

Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross is a player character played by Shadow.

Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross
Species: Shukaren-Daur
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 4'4 ft.
Weight: 104 lbs.
Organization: Youth Corps
Occupation: Swordmaster
Rank: A'Fuereb
Current Placement: NSV Gam'Trosha

Preferred Plots

  1. NSV Gam'Trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'4''
  • Mass: 104 lbs.
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Ross can only be described simply as “scrawny.” His frame is thin, but wiry with muscle. His skin, like his brethren, is pale.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ross has yellow eyes set upon high, sharp cheekbones and a sharp jaw.

Ears: Like all Shukarens, his ears are vulpine in nature, covered in black fur with white lining the inside.

Hair Color and Style: Ross is covered in black fur from head to paw, with a short and well-kept hair-style.

Distinguishing Features: There is a small but fairly noticeable scar on Ross's right cheek. This was caused by a training accident when sparring with a classmate from Primary School. Any feeling of pain from this area is blunted due to Ross's lowered sense of feeling.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ross is a optimistic realist, as it were. Due to his extensive education in political and military history, he has learned to be cautious in all things. When dealing with strangers and acquaintances, he is described as diligent, trustworthy, and honorable to his word. However, it is not hard for them to pick up the caution in his voice, and there is always that feeling he is not divulging information or handing over certain items unless they give him a very good reason to.

In contrast, his family, friends, and the down-trodden would describe him as truthful, generous, and loyal. These traits were not only taught to him by historical figures, but his father as well. Despite his noble upbringing, Ross sympathizes with the poor and contributes to their well-being however he can. He has also taken to the concept of honor almost fanatically. He would be more than willing to die for something as grand as the Kingdom's well-being, all the way down to the honor of a lady.

This has led to his disregard of pacifism, however. Now, he will not unsheathe his sword with unjust reason. But when he does, there are only two possible outcomes of the ensuing fight. His death, or his enemy's defeat.

  • Likes: Order, politics, history, intelligent discussions, friendly spars, and meat.
  • Dislikes: Disrespect of authority, disregard of history, and general idiocy.
  • Goals: To serve the kingdom and bring pride to his family name.


Family (or Creators)

  1. Got'ti Taki'yaki Vito'rio (Father)
  2. Got'ti Mya'moto Angel'ica (Mother)
  3. Got'ti Domo'voi Vin'cent (Brother)


Ross was born in the capital unto the noble House of Got'ti as the first-born son, automatically becoming the scion to the family name and its small fortune. He was, from a young age, taught by his Laibe father, Vito'rio, the history of the Kingdom, hoping for the kit to take pride in that he shared the same blood as all of these valiant fighters of old. Later on, Vin'cent didn't take too well to this line of thought, instead opting for the Daur point of view and following his mother into the education field. Not Ross, he loved it. He was enamored by these soldiers' laying down everything for what they believed in! Oh, the glory of it!

Eventually, Vito'rio decided that he wanted Ross to begin training for military service early. He did not do the Youth Corps' job, you understand, he simply gave him an advantage. This was all possible due to the small fortune Vito'rio inherited from his family and his own military service. It was quickly evident that Ross was good with a sword, but he wasn't the best. Vito'rio correctly surmised that his son could easily become a swordmaster. However, his skill with the energy bow was below average and when given a rifle… With a firearm he hit everything but the target.

As soon as Ross became 12, he enlisted in the Youth Corps. Until now, he had never been activated by the military.



Ross has a deep understanding of Tinacen and is fluent in literacy and speech, rightfully being taken for a noble.


Ross has improved in all fields of fighting, easily passing the requirements for swordmaster and becoming more proficient with a bow. However, he still has trouble dealing with fire-arms.

Noble Education

Ross has a profound understanding of military tactics, strategies and history and vice versa with politics.


Ross has a silver tongue in between his cheeks supported by his noble bearings. He has been taught how to remain diplomatic with the more hot-headed members of society.


In the event that Ross is deemed unfit for military service, he has been taught how to handle the family's property, staff, and finances.

Wilderness Survival

Ross was taught in V'kaste's Legion how to survive in the event of being forced to live in the wild. However, his training was rather bare-bones.

Threat Detection

Ross has been taught how to spot threats to himself and/or the individual he is accompanying.


Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross has the following items: * Clothing


Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross is currently an A'Fuereb in the Youth Corps.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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