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Gunther "Lucky" Piedmont

Gunther is a player character played by Gallant.

Gunther “Lucky” Piedmont
Species: Helashio
Gender: Male
Age: ~36
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 246lbs
Organization: Intelligence and Pacification Group
Occupation: Defense Contractor
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: bastardpiece_theater

Physical Characteristics

He was a helashio, by all appearances - sandy colored hair, a straight tail with matted, curly fur, and a pair of ears high on his head. One of them had grown a bullet hole.

Gunther stands about 5'9“, with a wiry build, a sandy-colored ponytail, and narrow, light green eyes. The bullet hole in his ear gave him his nickname; 'Lucky'. A few inches to the left, and he would have been brained.

A male helashio, it is notable that he does not have finite control over his tail, and it is usually a good indicator of his mood.

He weighs over 200lbs - but doesn't look it. His musculature is extremely dense rather than bulky; he maintains what most would call a slim, athletic build, but his breeding and extreme metabolism show beneath the shirt. Helashio are capable of lifting in the range of 500 kilograms, and Lucky is a little above that margin.

His clothing is usually rather neat, but he doesn’t wear much of it due his body’s tendency to produce more heat than is strictly comfortable wearing more than a single layer.

Psychological Characteristics

Lucky is overall an adventurer by nature. He is interested in travel, in experiencing new things, in seeing more corners of the universe than possibly exist. Normally, however, he is quite level-headed in his pursuit of them, and rarely seeks to live beyond his means.

When it comes to making decisions, Lucky’s rarely impulsive, but tends to show remarkable patience with his situation and other people. As a soldier of fortune he has a very laissez faire attitude on life, but conversely he is an extreme talent with his equipment which has carried him through most of his career. When in a professional environment, he acts professionally, but if the norm of a unit is more casual he will usually adopt a casual demeanor.

When it comes to people, he’s generally open and accepting of most things. It’s notable that, although in general he’s rather secretive and doesn’t keep more than one or two close friends, he’s a great lover of women and rather open about his sexuality – which is, essentially, as much as possible as often as possible - and he has no moral or spiritual qualms about keeping more than one sexual partner.

However, even for all the nice and wonderful good traits, it’s not really safe to rely on him for things like brave charges and he isn’t particularly courageous, making him more suited to undercover work than actual soldiering. Press him and he might stand up for what he believes in, but if the going gets too hard, Lucky doesn't test his luck.

Sometimes, he plays pranks on people, too, that could be considered off color.


Family (or Creators)



Lucky first appeared as a helashio pilot in a largely ethnocentric corporation, working for an extremely ethnocentric family, the Saiga. Just how exactly he landed this job was questionable; the Saiga corporation does not put their records publicly on file. However, he was a branch office manager of the Saiga family security in the Yomuri district of Asura III, which made him the Task Force Lantern contact in the area.

He used to represent the interests of the Saiga family in the Asura region of space, and was their primary liason with the Tenth Standard Fleet, but it was revealed later that he was actually a private contractor hired from the Nepleslian NSMC's program for refugees - or at least, that is the official story. The exact details are not necessarily clear, but in the end, Gunther returned to Nepleslia Prime.

Upon returning, Lucky was issued a new identity, of sorts, re-registered as a citizen, and afterwards he was 'disappeared' in remarkable time.

They disappeared him to an IPG sleeper cell, where he continues to serve in a relatively undercover role using his unique skillset.



He previously operated an IPG cell on Asura III, along with a Saiga fireteam, and he can both give and receive orders under conditions of high stress. He knows a few nuances of leadership and command aside from that, enough to keep the people around him both productive and loyal, but doesn’t have any formal training beyond that.

Fighting and Physical

Lucky likes to play himself off as weak and congenial or otherwise helpless, but he is far from it; trained originally by the Nepleslian NSMC, he underwent further training as a “volunteer” working for Saiga. He was genewashed several times by Saiga, and consequently possesses what most Nepleslians would classify to be an ungodly amount of strength and what most Helashio would consider to be extremely feral – but stunning – secondary characteristics and traits, allowing him extremely good vision, reflexes, hearing, and a powerful sense of smell. He can pilot most if not all Nepleslian powered armors and vehicles, and is furthermore trained to pilot the Hatomoto.


An IPG spy, and then a Saiga research subject, Lucky’s trade is secrets, deception, and lies. He managed to operate for a few years in hostile territory, knows the handshakes, and understands the way that the information game works well enough to play it with more than just a few pieces of his own.

Technology Operation

He can operate most technology as required, but is specifically adept with technology most would consider to be outdated. He worked a cell on Asura for a while, and has a flexible enough skillset that even if he doesn’t know the technology well he can usually determine its use or at least figure out a way to make it explode in someone else’s face (sometime humorously).


Trained by the NSMC, Lucky can survive in most survivable environments, can find food where food is normally not found, can find water where water is not normally found, and he is particularly adept at climbing trees – a mildly embarrassing hobby of his, but a hobby none the less.


Gunther can operate most communications equipment reasonably well, having been exposed to several different types of encryption and both personal and armored communications equipment. He can speak three languages and both read and write with reasonable fluency; Yamataian, Nepleslian, and Lorathi.


Lucky owns few things aside from a casual suit of cloting


Lucky appears to be unemployed, and sustains himself with private contractor work.

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