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Gunther Stein

Gunther Stein is a player character played by Whitehart.

Gunther “Kaplan” Stein
Art by u/crystakat
Species & Gender: Male Oberflächenbewohner
Year of Birth: AF 241 (21 AY)
Height: 6'3“ (1.9 m)
Weight: 298 lbs (135.1 kg)
Organization: Former Weltraumflotte
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: N/Ap
Current Placement: ISS Shinpi

Physical Description

Build and Skin Color: Gunther has a weathered caramel appearance. While not obese he has declined into a heftier build than his previous lifestyle would have allowed.

Eyes and Facial Features: His brown eyes are slightly sunken within a weathered face.

Hair Color and Style: He keeps his slightly receding brown hair just long enough to be pulled into a short ponytail. His temples are slightly graying. He sports a Horseshoe moustache which also contains some gray.

Distinguishing Features: Gunther has a very calming demeanor. His face tends to relax into very non-aggressive features. He sports a tattoo of the Abwehran Imperial Seal upon the upper part of his top right arm and the Weltraumflotte seal on the upper part of his lower right arm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Gunther is a happy and relatable person. He keeps himself in good spirits knowing that he has his Empress behind him. Yes, Gunther is actually quite religious but not in an evangelical way. He practices and finds comfort with the Abwehran Empress Cult but will strictly not enforce it on others. He does, however, hope that others see the happiness it brings him.

  • Likes: His culture, his religion, friendships, alcohol, food
  • Dislikes: Coffee, candy, brazen sexuality
  • Goals: To live out his life bringing the knowledge of his cult to others and to stand by and protect his comrades.


Gunther Stein was born in AF 241 at the start of the Great Pirate wars within Abwehran space. It was a time of fear and uncertainty. Never knowing where the next strike would be, or who would suffer people were always on edge. Gunther's parents turned to the, once again expanding, Empress Cult. So, Gunther was raised a believer and was as devout as they come as he grew up. The Pirate situation took it's toll on everyone and Gunther knew he had to do something, he even considered it his calling, to serve the First Empress within the military.

He joined the Weltraumflotte and grew steadily in it's ranks with his bravery and calmness under fire. He was within the first of the Military to be trained and to field the Dämon Infantry Power Armor in battle. He took easily to the new armaments and fought as an example to other Abwehran soldiers. Beyond being a soldier he also served as a Kaplan on the battlefield. His fellow soldiers knew him to be fight for both their lives and their souls.

After all the time however, in AF 257, Gunther left the Weltraumflotte and decided to embark on a career within the greater galaxies. He wished to go forth and provide an example of the First Empress's people and hopefully show them that they too are protected by her divinity.



Gunther is fluent in Abwehran and Trade and knows the proper procedures to write reports and fill out military documents. He also knows basic operations of shipboard communications systems and standard military communication equipment.


He has received training in basic close quarter combat using hand-to-hand, knife, and sword combat techniques. His training has also included firearms training with mass-driver pistols and rifles.

Fighting (Heavy Infantry)

Gunther was lucky enough to help pioneer the Heavy Infantry role within the AAF. He was in some of the first classes that learned to use the Dämon Infantry Power Armor and the subsequent heavier weapons that went along with it.

Technology Operations

Gunther can operate computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. It was never really a perfected skill however and so he has trouble keeping up with the newer technological breakthroughs.


Unlike most militaries, his training required him to learn basic calculus along with algebra and trigonometry. Once again the maths was not a particular interest to Gunther but he understood the need for soldiers to understand it.

Humanities (Religion)

Gunther grew up learning about the divine Empress Rosenthal. By the time he was an adult it was assumed he would become a Priesterin so it was only natural he would take on the role of a Kaplan within the AAF.

Military (Tactics)

Gunther and the AAF learned early on that he had a mind for tactics and the brute force to lead the groups of soldiers in the Imperial Armed Forces. He led from the front and easily earned the respect of other soldiers.



  • Dark Grey button up shirt
  • Dark Grey dress pants
  • Black heavy boots




  • Cobalt blue NBC Protective Suit
  • Path of Righteousness holy book


Gunther Stein is currently an Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
9000 C Starting Funds
2400 C 6600 C Starting Gear

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