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Gushiken Chizuru

Gushiken, Chizuru is a NPC controlled by Soresu.

Gushiken, Chizuru
Pronunciation: Gush-ee-khen, Chee-zoo-roo
Species: Nekovalkyrja Born:
Gender: Female Height: 5'3โ€œ / 161.54 cm.
Weight: 111 lb. / 50.3 kg.
Ranks/Grade: Shosa Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Lineage: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Occupation Star Army Starship Captain
Current Placement
Task Force Lantern, YSS Motome

Voice & Theme

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Chizuru in the roleplay

Measurements 32-24-34 / 81-60-81
Bra Size 34 D

Amongst the Nekovalkyrja, Chizuru stands somewhat apart in being more shapely than the standard. It goes without saying that Chizuru has the characteristic good looks atypical of her race. Small nose and chin, high cheekbones with the right curve of the lips to be considered 'cupid's bow'. While the standard templates of the Neko is to have cat ears, Chizuru opted instead for the Elven-style as a throwback to her heritage upon being 'coerced' into 'upgrading' her physical form. Somethings have remained the same despite the transference of her mind to the new NH-33.

Her eyes remain cardinal red the sign that she once was a test weapon while in her NH-7 shell. Her hair was once long and voluminous. Is now left long on top and shorter in the back and sides the style is almost boyish in appearances save that it is still lengthy enough to be considered girlish suiting Chizuru fine as long hair tends to get in the way anyways. And while some may say that her silvery hair clashes or accentuates the dark olive-hued complexion, Chizuru thinks it serves to lend an air of the exotic to an otherwise solely Yamatai-centric appearance amongst her adopted sisters.

Further expressed due to her work ethic being more laid back than that of the typical career-minded Neko of YE 34. She gets results, but unless poked and prodded into immediate action she takes her time in a seemingly roundabout way that in realty helps to cover all of her bases should complications arise. She can be an easy going leader at the best of times and one who brooks no nonsense or disrespect at the worse of times as a result of being in what she considers 'A Harder Star Army' than what is represented by today's standards where punishment results in a vacation in the brig.

Owning to her life in the GSA, Chizuru has a wealth of combat experience both personal and in a more commanding position having been on the frontlines of conflicts grand in scale. Or sending soldiers to wage war in her stead as she rose in rank. As a result she is by no means to be underestemated due to her personal quirks and work ethic.


Born as an elf, Chizuru was not privy to the wars the Grand Star Army waged across the stars until Albini. Within months of her enlisting the conquest of the water world was all but inevitable. It was to be her first mission within the Grand Star Army to which she performed admirably.

A year later Chizuru saw action in the capital city of Ayenee acting in its defense from an alien invasion force. Now in charge of a platoon with a shiny new rank pin, Chizuru and her forces held the line against odds not in her favor even earning the thanks of civilians she rescued that had managed to become trapped in crossfire being injured as a result. The next two years of her life saw shorter less noteworthy engagements due to reassignment before being transferred back to the front now within an NH-7 body as a result of old injuries. It was not until YE 24 at the onset of the Second Draconian War that she'd be a participant in large-scale warfare again in a command position due to being promoted to the rank of Shosa. For Chizuru the Second Draconian War is a haze of conflict, confusion; adjustment to which she's taken in stride save for some of the newer, more progressive ideals within this newer, shinier 'Star Army'.

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