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Haankava Kukkanen

Haankava Kukkanen is an NPC played by Sourdoughy.

Haankava Kukkanen
Species & Gender: Minkan Female
Date of Birth: 14日 4月 YE 12
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Starship Captain
Rank: Chusa
Current Placement: YSS Kenage

Physical Description

Despite her long, glossy blonde hair that falls in waves around her head, she oftentimes keeps it pinned in an updo with several braided woven into it. Normally it reaches down to her waist, but she’s too focused on maintaining a professional appearance to let it down even when off-duty, only undoing her hair when in her own personal quarters. When it’s wet, it shifts from a silvery shade to a darker blonde, becoming heavy and straight. Her skin is pale, and she takes great lengths to protect it both when it’s exposed and covered, diligently wearing either sunscreen and lotion, whichever is most appropriate. Her eyes are large, with silver irises. Eyelashes being long and blonde, her eyebrows are also thick, being sharply arched.

Standing 5’7” tall, she’s of above average height for a Minkan female. While she weighs approximately 150 lbs, most of her body weight is in muscle, with an athletic, toned body. Although she possesses a curvy build, she has a flat chest, and has wide hips with a noticeable gap between her thighs. Her biceps and thighs are very muscular, giving an obvious indication of her advanced physical capabilities and athleticism. Her shoulders are also wide, giving her a more masculine frame, while her jawline is strong. Her expression is often serious, with a furrowed brow and tightly pressed lips.


Slightly abrasive, while she’s never intentionally rude, she can come off as strict or gruff, her naturally stiff attitude leading to her accidentally being off-putting. Despite her brash personality, however, she does care about other people, although she prefers working alone than with other people. Above all else, she trusts her own work, although this hubris has led to several disciplinary warnings and, after her pride led to her ship being destroyed in battle, nearly got her demoted. Stubborn, she refuses to admit defeat even when she’s clearly on the losing side.

Her stiff attitude carries over to her personal life, as she tries to maintain a professional appearance even when in private. She has a difficult time relaxing, working on her free time rather than pursuing her hobbies or interests, finding more interest in reading paperwork than actual books, and watching briefings and historical documentaries over classical entertainment. Even when it is permissible to drink alcohol, she never partakes, wanting to maintain her professional reputation.

Appearances are deeply important to her. She wants to seem like she’s completely in control, even when she feels inadequate or is failing at her task. When she’s embarrassed or humiliated, she doesn’t handle it well, locking herself away and avoiding whatever issue she’s faced with.


Pre-Mission 1

Haankava Kukkanen was born in YE 12 in the city of Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai, to an abusive father and a doting mother. An only child, her father died when she was young, and her mother was left to pursue her own interests at last. Raised in a healthy, loving environment, she had feelings of inadequacy in comparison to her peers at a young age, which led to her determination to improve herself and her abilities. By the time she entered secondary education, she was top of her class, although she was largely friendless besides her closest friend, Amano Anzu. Practically raised together, they’d known each other since they were little, Amano constantly trying to convince Haankava to focus a little on herself rather than her vocational and educational endeavors.

The two entered into the prestigious Star Army Academy of Military & Medical Sciences in Tania on Yamatai immediately after graduation, becoming two of the top students in their graduating class, although Haankava was always unsatisfied with her class ranking. Together, they graduated with high honors into the rank of Shoi, being immediately assigned to the YSS Shianshi, a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship.

Quickly rising the ranks to become First Officer of the ship, she was lauded for her quick thinking under pressure and sound tactical mind. Her risk-taking often paid off, and many missions were accomplished because she endangered her health and life taking the riskier paths. When her Captain retired, she accepted a promotion and took her oaths, becoming Captain and assigning Amano to the position of First Officer. Together, they fought on the front lines of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, winning many battles and skirmishes with the Mishhuvurthyar.

Trouble started in YE 39, after her ship went to answer a distress call that ended up being a trap laid by a Kuvexian ship. Ambushed and outnumbered, they continued to fight a battle they were destined to lose. Having ignored her commander’s orders to flee, shutting down communications systems with command and other ships, she attempted an assault on the warship with nothing but her lone destroyer, a skeleton crew, and depleted anti-starship weaponry. Haankava’s assault was unsuccessful, and the YSS Shianshi was almost entirely destroyed in the following hour. Being retrieved from an airtight room where the hull had not been breached, she spent forty-seven days in a hospital on Yamatai recovering, at the end of which she was brought in for discipline by her commanders. Nearly demoting her, they considered harsh punishment, such as dishonorable discharge, but instead determined a more fitting punishment would be being placed in a less prestigious command position to teach her the value of supporting her crew, following orders, and fighting as a team rather than solo.

After a year of mandatory leave from duty, she was assigned to the YSS Kenage, a Chiaki-class escort destroyer, her new crew consisted primarily of freshly enlisted officers and inexperienced, newly promoted personnel. Meanwhile, while she preferred missions that were located in the front lines, the missions for this ship would be primarily dealing with the internal affairs of the Yamatai Star Empire. While she resented this decision, believing that she had been right to take the actions that she had, she didn’t express her disappointment aloud. She considered resigning from her duties, but ultimately chose to continue pursuing her dreams, albeit set behind.

Skills Learned

Haankava Kukkanen has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting. Highly proficient at both ranged combat and hand-to-hand battle, she has been training in the skill for nearly two decades, and has had plenty of time to practice and perfect her combat ability. She is especially skilled in close combat, having a sturdy, strong build and a developed musculature. She trains frequently, honing her skills even further.
  • Mathematics. Possessing a brilliant mind, she is highly proficient in moth areas of mathematics, having been educated extensively in it while in both secondary schooling and higher education. In addition, she is talented at managing finances.
  • Communications. Fluent in Trade and Yamataigo, she is proficient with all standard forms of communication, and can use all communications devices and radios standard to the Yamatai Star Empire. In addition, she can follow procedures regarding transmissions.
  • Technology. She is capable of operating ships and Yamataian standard technology.
  • Tactics. With a brilliant tactical mind, she’s been proficient as a Captain for many years, leading her crew intelligently. She knows the difference between necessary and unnecessary casualties, and can effectively judge her enemies’ next moves, although she isn’t omniscient. As a side effect, she’s startlingly talented at board games.
  • Calligraphy. She has elegant, legible handwriting, and enjoys writing.
  • Piloting. A talented pilot, she picked up the skill from years of flying shuttles and combat ships. Often stretching her skills, it’s just a matter of time before she attempts something she can’t do, but for now, she’s a competent flyer who makes do.

Social Connections

Haankava Kukkanen is connected to:

  • Samea Ikävä, her father. Died in YE 15 of a heart attack when she was three years old. A cruel, bitter man, he was an alcoholic. Formerly worked in construction.
  • Haankava Hyvä, her mother. A kindhearted woman, she tends to fret over the wellbeing of her loved ones, immediately leaping to the worst conclusion in any situation. Aged fifty and not getting any younger, she has taken to following the trends of younger generations. While she was formerly a housewife, when her husband died she took on a job loading ships at the dock to support her only child, although when Haankava Kukkanen progressed significantly in the ranks, she retired and started her own floral shop, as was her dream. While she took the surname ‘Samea’ when she married her husband, she changed it back when he passed and changed both her name and her daughter’s to reflect that.
  • Amano Anzu, her former XO from onboard the YSS Shianshi, rival, and friend. While they were formerly close, after the incident that led to Haankava’s placement onboard the YSS Kenage, they suffered from a fracturing of their relationship, Amano Anzu being resentful that she was willing to throw away everything in her hubris. They are barely on speaking terms, although they still care deeply about each other.

Inventory & Finance

Haankava Kukkanen has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

She also possesses:

Haankava Kukkanen currently has 200,000 KS.

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