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Hacker Phreak 674-404-3953

Hacker Phreak is a player character played by jjans002.

Hacker Phreak 674-404-3953
Species & Gender: Male Freespacers
Date of Birth: 10ๆ—ฅ 4ๆœˆ YE 15
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Technical Crew
Rank: Type 3
Current Placement: Horizon Expeditionary Force

Physical Description

Phreak is short and scrawny with long black hair. He is pale, with blue eyes. He has no muscle whatsoever, and looks like he would crumple with the first punch. He has had his right hand replaced with a robotic hand that can rearrange into a number of computer input devices in case he needs to physcially access target systems.


Phreak is not exactly a coward, but he rarely inserts himself into violent situations. Mostly because he knows he will lose. He either befriends someone bigger than himself, or he runs away. He has basically lived his life behind a computer screen, taking hacking jobs and freelancing himself out. He wouldnt consider himself lazy, but he doesnt want to do any more work than he has too. He does try to keep himslef clean, but sometimes, when engrossed in a job or really difficult hack, he will go days without showering. He is a very cautious person, and especially venturing out in the real world, he can seem a bit nervous. The only relationships he has is really with those in the online community, where he can be different than he normally is.


Phreak was created as a supplement to a freespacer mercenary group, Dawn's March. They needed a hacker for a particular hard job, and spent the resources to create him. He ran with this group for a couple of years, before the leader was killed by some enemies he had created. With thier leader dead, Dawn's March split up and everyone went their own ways. This is how Phreak found himself freelancing his skills. This paid the bills for a while, until he found himself missing a steady source of income. Then he started hearing rumors of someone putting together a crew for a job in the USO, and thought this would be a good chance to join a long term crew.

Skills Learned

Starship operation - Having spent many years with Dawn's March, he gained the basics on operating a starship

Technology Operation - He can access just about any system, and ones he hasnt seen before he quickly acclimates to. This has helped him immensly in his hacking career.

Maintenance and Repair - being on his own for a while, he has learned the basics of how to keep stuff maintained and repaired as he hasnt had anyone to rely on to repair his kit. He is not a master at this, but he can keep stuff working.

Vehicles - He can interface with most computerized vehicles and control them directly.

Social Connections

Hacker Phreak is connected to:

Dawn's March - Ex mercenary group

Inventory & Finance

Hacker Phreak has the following:

Custom built computer - contains hardware and software suitable for his job. Standard Clothes

Hacker Phreak 674-404-3953 currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by jjans002 on 06, 12 2018 at 06:22.

In the case jjans002 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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