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Haepo Crathe Cutter

Haepo Crathe, also known as “Cutter”, is a player character played by Grey Library.

Haepo Crathe
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 77
Height: 8'5“
Weight: 2855lbs
Clan: Crathe (Ziras Sarhi)
Organization: Protectors of the Alliance
Occupation: Healer
Rank: Mola Dradai
Current Placement: None

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 8'5” or 259cm
  • Mass: 2855lbs or 1295kg

Build: Surprisingly wide-framed for a desert-dweller, Haepo boasts a beefy physique somewhat marred by his height (or lack of, to be accurate). Though burdened with a noticeable paunch due to his rather stationary lifestyle, his tree-like forearms discourage ridicule of it.

Eyes and Facial Features: Haepo is “blessed” with a set of somewhat rare black eyes, which synergize well with his regular expression (i.e. a perpetual frown) to give him an “beady eyes of EEEVIL” look.

Ears: Holes on the side of his head.

Scale Color and Scale Pattern: Particularly light brown scales give him a somewhat sandy look from afar, a great boon in his desert homeland. Not that he gets out particularly often, but still.

Distinguishing Features: Despite his chunky figure, Haepo has a set of long and thin fingers that look similar to those of a pianist. Giving him a rare deftness and aptitude for precision work, they have served him well throughout his long stint as clan healer.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Stomping around with a perpetual frown on his face, this eternally-grumpy male looks more akin to a pissed-off debt collector than a doctor. Devoid of any form of bedside manner (or “whelp-pandering”, as he calls it), Haepo often mutters under his breath (or outright sneers at) patients with injuries from particularly ridiculous or careless sources, ripping their egos to shreds even as he patches their shredded bodies back together.

However, when treating seriously or even mortally injured patients, Haepo is known to lapse into silence while operating, only communicating by soft murmurs and gestures until he has done all he can. After that, he is quick to disappear from sight, with a bottle of the nearest liquor in hand.

  • Likes: Whiskey on a cold night, Patients actually learning from their mistakes, the smell of flowers
  • Dislikes: Reckless patients (YOU IDIOT!), repeat patients with the same injuries (YOU BRAINDEAD IMBECILE!!), reckless repeat patients with the same injuries (AAAAAAAARGHH!!!)
  • Goals: To make something out of what's left of his life, and to get out of that stuffy clinic of his (COMPLETE)


Family and Clan

The Crathe, a small but somewhat significant Ziras Sarhi, was formed less than four generations ago when members of the larger Zurak Sarhi Kratavahl splintered off from the clan to form their own in the sandy wastes. Making a living off trade caravans plying the seas of dust, the clan has managed to embed itself firmly in the area and appears set to last for a good long while, in comparison to the hundreds of its less fortunate counterparts that slip beneath the sand each year.


As one of the oldest members of the Crathe Ziras Sarhi, Haepo was pretty much the “grumpy old man” in the Crathe clan stronghold for over 60 years. Part of the second generation of the fledgling Clan formed out of splinters of the Zurak Sarhi Kratavahl, the grumpy healer has spent most of his life tending to the many generations of Crathe descendants throughout the years and has seen his clan solidify its place among the shifting desert sands.

Originally tied down due to his position, Haepo has managed to secure promising heirs in his many apprentices. Now with the Crathe's continued wellbeing secured, he has set off to see the wider world beyond the desert expanse for the first time.



Haepo is fluent in Ris Vi Raiken, albeit with a slight guttural accent. After undergoing basic training, he has learned to operate communications devices and understand military codes and signals.


Drawing off his basic training and dimly-remembered tales from his clan members, Haepo has patched together a passable knowledge base in constructing basic shelter, hunting for food, finding drinking water, navigating harsh terrain and other survival skills.

Due to his desert upbringing, he is particularly adept at navigating sandy terrain and locating water through scent.


Experienced with brawling from the Crathe's tumultuous early days, Haepo knows how to deal with hostile Raiken and lesser creatures just fine with his bare hands, employing a style similar to judo that takes advantage of his short and dense frame. In battle, he prefers to wield a thick targe shield and a sturdy pick-hammer, slamming into his opponents like a living battering ram and braining them with piercing blows from his billed weapon.

Haepo is particularly adept with fighting carapaced or shelled foes, cracking open their protective shells for supporting archers to exploit with both the pick and hammer ends of his weapon is his favoured tactic.


Doubling as one of the clan masons when not treating anyone, Haepo has attained his excellent physique through many long days of hauling sun-dried blocks of sandstone to shore up the keep's walls, as well as tussling with the eager young upstarts of his clan and subduing uncooperative patients. This unbalanced regimen has granted him with good arm and core body strength, but has cost him quite a bit in running stamina and leg strength. Basic training with the Protectors of the Alliance has helped to remedy this imbalance somewhat, but the effects still remain.


Patching up bleeding warriors with whatever he has on hand, this is something Haepo is (unfortunately) very familiar with! During the founding years of the Crathe Haepo had to treat multiple patients at once after a hunt gone wrong, or during bloody territory conflicts with the other Ziras Sarhi in the region. Many times operating on wounded warriors with minimal supplies, Haepo is adept in field surgery, crafting medical supplies from wilderness-obtained materials and triage procedures.

He is also familiar with treating common sicknesses with folk remedies, though not as skilfully as his work with injuries.

Technology Operation (Medical)

Something learned in basic training due to his position, Haepo still finds himself confused at times by the shiny new techno-gubbins of modern Raiconian healthcare. Still, he can (usually) find his way around modern medical appliances with no major issues, though he greatly prefers the old-fashioned scalpel and surgical pickaxe (hence the name “Cutter”).


The only thing close to surpassing his constant grumpiness is his familiarity with Raiken physiology. After thousands of operations stuffing the guts of patients back into their abdomens, Haepo can handily identify most of the major Raiconian organs offhand and their respective importance. However, he has a rather nasty habit of shockingly gruesome anecdotes with each organs he lists, all with a eerie glint in his beady black eyes.


Haepo has the following items:

Personal Belongings

  • Backup surgical set, originally handmade but refined over the years into industrial grade
  • Hygiene Kit
    • Scale Cleaning Kit
    • Soap
    • Mouthwash
  • Several handy rags, useful for cleaning off blood or emergency staunching
  • Hip flask, usually filled with a strong drink of some sort (for both himself and wounded patients)
  • Small hand axe and cutting knife
  • Desert cloak, quite dusty

Military Gear

  • 2 Uniforms
  • RACTAG (Raiconian Alliance Communications and Tactical Advantage Gauntlet)
  • Military Issue One-handed Shield, paired with Pick-Hammer
  • Military Issue Compound Bow
  • Solus Gauss Cannon
  • Military Issue Medical Kit (expanded Healer version)

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