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Haj-Ei is a player character played by elfensfinest.

Species & Gender: Male Anthro
Date of Birth: 13日 9月 YE 16
Organization: Lost Colony
Occupation: Xenobiologist
Current Placement: Xenobiology

Physical Description

Haj-Ei is a reptilian anthropomorph. His skin is covered in scales, with most shinning an emerald green, with streaks of brown and crimson populating the spinal area. His left arm has intensive burn scars, starting just above the elbow and continuing down to the fingertips. He usually wears clothing that covers most of his body, including a mask or helmet. He posses a forked tongue with smelling capabilities, though it usually leads to a hissing lisp, making his voice drag on most S sounds. He also posses a long tail protruding at the end of his spine, which reaches the floor.


Haj-Ei is known for being incredibly self conscious of his reptilian appearance, usually keeping mostly to himself when not concealed. When wearing his iconic triangular helmet and worn lab coat however, he is known to be outgoing and friendly, often acting almost childish, though is able to keep his cool and finish the task at hand.


Haj-Ei was born in the testing facility of a now destroyed, illegal genetic experimenting group. He was created as one of the first of the group's experiments, and helped with the proceeding ones. The group was known for inhumane practices, with Haj-Ei helping only because he was threatened with death. He typically was used to identify and determine many of the illnesses that popped up in the facility. After 19 years of working for the group, an assault on the facility lead to the perfect escape opportunity. Grabbing one of the younger test subjects, he jumped into one of the escape pods of the shady station, and launched off with the young girl in tow. The pod however was highly damaged in the firefight, leading to Haj-Ei being knocked out in the pod. When he awoke he found himself on an alien world with the pod door open and no little girl to be found. After traversing the world for a short time, he found a small colony. He quickly found a shuttle to the nearest travel nexus and has since then been on a quest to find the small child that he lost. On his travels, he picked up a passion for alien biology, a profession he typically seeks out to pay off his travel fees.

Skills Learned



Basic Gene Tailoring

Accordion Playing

Social Connections

Haj-Ei is connected to:

Young Child (Object of Search)

Inventory & Finance

Haj-Ei has the following:

Lab coat

Triangular helmet


Haj-Ei currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by elfensfinest on 02, 07 2018 at 20:16.

In the case elfensfinest becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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