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Hakunetsu Mikomi

Mikomi was a Bakafu Security Intelligence Agency (BSIA) security sentry on Hotaru Star Fortress that was killed during a foiled assassination attempt on Tange Misato in early YE 30. Her death lead to the creation of Hikyaku no Mikomi by her younger sister, Hakunetsu Sirin- which was named in her memory.

She was noted as an avid fan of the erotica books series, “Tales of Nepleslia”. She was a Nekovalkyrja with blonde hair and green eyes and was 6 years old.

In Death we knew her

Mikomi's ears pricked at the sound of voices, her thoughts were unhappily shifted back to her duties. That's…odd. People aren't usually down here. She hurried forward and used her anti-grav to help propel herself forward faster without making any noise in the corridor. Her left hand hovered near the grip of her NSP.

An alarm went off in the ShoSho's mind, the tone of Yuriko's words were far from joking-her stance shifting as she began to look around. “I didn't call you…” her hand drifted down towards her NSP.

Meanwhile Miho took her move, drawing her own sidearm, she braced herself against the rail, her aim locked onto Misato's head. This ought to end the Tange reign…ungrateful little bitch. I should have done this a long time ago. Miho thought to herself, feeling success in her future.

Mikomi's eyes widened when she saw the flash of Miho's NSP barrel in the dim light of the access way and then the steam. She recognized the voice of Tange Misato and her mind went blank as she quickly pulled her NSP from its holster and fired 5 quick blasts at the Chujo. “HOTARU, ALERT ALL SENTRIES: ATTENTION ALL SENTRIES, SOMEONE IS TRYING TO ASSASSINATE SHOSHO TANGE MISATO IN E-DECK. SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED. REPEAT, SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL THE SHOSHO! IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE REQUIRED!” The Blackcoat telepathically ordered Hotaru to pass along to the Blackcoat personnel.

Misato as she was pushed drew her own weapon, however dropped it while attempting to get back to her feet from behind the crates. “What the ….” Miho turned just in time to see Mikomi, but not with enough time to avoid the shots. She took all five being thrown left, her own gun being dropped in the process. Just as Mikomi finished firing and the Chujo fell a heavy Type 28 NSP shot was fired central to her and the Chujo, from the other side of the access way- the blast likely enough to kill them both. BSIA command was afire with activity as they dispatched soldiers to E deck.

The Blackcoat's dark green eyes went wide and she fell to her knees still clutching her NSP in her left hand. Mikomi stared down at the bloody hole in the middle of her chest in disbelief, touching at the bloody mess with her right hand as she fell forward onto the deck, the light in her eyes fading. “Nan..” she uttered weakly as her body hit the deck with a heavy, wet thud and then a clank as her NSP hit the deck.

MBNN Press Release

Re: [MBNN] Traitors in our midst - Memorandum

Originally Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:18 am

Further investigation into the assassination attempt on Shosho Tange Misato yesterday morning has revealed that the first BSIA member on scene, Hakunetsu Mikomi, was killed in the line of duty trying to protect Tange.

The Hakunetsu family has not felt the need to release a comment n the situation, instead wanted their privacy in this hard time. Mikomi’s co-workers have stated, “She was such a devoted member of our fleet’s security forces! She idolized Shosho Misato and hoped that perhaps one day, they could become closer.”

“She was so big on honor and fulfilling her duties in service to the Bakufu! She would’ve wanted it to be this way, to die a martyr in protection of her idol! …’s like a character in one of those books she loves to read…”

“It’s a shame really, she was so excited to be going home today to celebrate her birthday with her folks. Her sister was home from a long stint on another ship, and they were really close…”

“Miki was really looking forward to finishing her book after her shift. She was so excited about getting it early for her birthday! We even managed to get the author to autograph it for her!”

In thanks for Mikomi’s service, the Hakunetsu family has been granted honorary status into the Tange pledge house. It is rumored that Mikomi’s younger sister, Sirin will be naming her supply ship in her sister’s honor.

Hakunetsu Mikomi would’ve been 6 years old today and serving as a brilliant example of shining, dedicated service to the fleet in these dark times. She is survived by her mother, Daya; and two sisters, Sirin and Relia.

OOC Notes

Mikomi was a NPC played by Kim that made her introduction with her death on Oct 11, 2007 in Hotaru - An Unfortunate Night

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