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Hamada Shizu

Name Hamada Shizu
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Height: 4'10“
Weight: 80lbs
Measurements: 28-25-30
Family (or Creators): Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Organization Yamatai National Police
Rank Chui
Occupation Starship Captain
Current Placement YSS Junpu

Shizu is a Player Character played by Gallant. She was the Executive Officer of the YSS Eucharis until being transferred to the YSS Vesper; having retired from the service, she did a tour as a special investigator working with Special Investigations Unit 4 before that unit was deemed unnecessary.

With little else to do, Shizu returned to active service, and went through a small series of commands before finally catching the interest of certain individuals in SAINT, who saw potential in the otherwise listless line officer; it turned out, her methodical reliance on procedure made her excessively reliable on missions requiring precision and that although she was ill suited to combat oriented commands, her nature makes her suited to support roles and her experience as an Investigator makes her both discerning and discreet.

She now serves as the Captain of the YSS Junpu, deployed to the Bard Cluster.

Physical Characteristics, Extended

One of the first things most people notice about Hamada Shizu are her eyes. A peculiar light gray, her gaze is often somewhat unsettling, and some people have described her style of watching people as eerie, though it is at least easy to tell when she is actively paying attention to something. She also never seems to smile completely, leaving her with a peculiar half-smile that some find endearing, and others, offsetting.

Like all NH-29, Shizuka has a wiry build softened slightly by a few modest curves here and there. She is often described as delicate, due to slimmer proportions, and has an angular face lending itself to the same observation. Hamada's hair is a rather pleasant shade of darker green; it is kept completely straight, and ends near her upper calf. Hamada was born with long hair and over her years of service has completely refrained from cutting it. She often ties the whole length of it together with ribbon or twine when working.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: '…Ayuri had concluded that her roommate was more square than a machinist's peg, but as time went on she had come to understand that… like a trick image, if you stared hard enough, you began to see the hint of a more complex pattern.'

Exacting, precise, and professional; in the beginning of her career, Shizu tried, very hard, to be the model of a modern officer. Even though she failed by no fault of her own, that failure weighed very heavily on Shizu, coloring many of her decisions since and initially eating away at her self-confidence.

Shizu keeps to herself, and doesn't value human interaction quite as highly as most people do. She is a calculating woman of numbers and straight lines, and although she is not particularly awkward in human situations, it's simply her own choice to be quiet and reserved around people. With almost no temper, Shizu accepts most of what happens to her and then tries to move on from there - just like with her career, a lot of things exist that she can't do anything about, or change. Her response is a seeming apathy; she has little to no motivation to excel in her field, even though that field had changed several times.

Most people who watch her over a long period however note that despite this apparent apathy, there is a secret purpose behind her actions; a philosophical commitment to not trying. She is something of a lame-duck officer, no longer committed to pursuing rank, but instead holding to a certain exacting moral compass which doesn't allow her to play politics well.

She is, in a word, quite starkly uncorruptable - a trait that, until her SAINT Commission, went largely unnoticed due to the general uncorruptability of the general officer pool. But in a service full of daring and maverick Captains, Shizu seems a lodestone. The very 'inadequacy' that ruined her early career turned out to be of benefit, later.



Hamada Shizu was created in YE 27 specifically as an officer candidate by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu.

Her history is particularly dull. If one were to compare her to many officers in the fleet, it would become readily apparent that she has recieved far fewer assignments than most officers of her rank, and spent much less time aboard a ship than 90% of her contemporaries. However, what she lacks in this regard, she more than makes up for with the training she did receive as, instead of going to the fleet a confused and unconfident Kohosei, she had the honor of arriving as a fully fledged Taii, and while she might not be completely comfortable in her new routine, she is at least unphased by it.

After creation and a basic training, Hamada was immediately enrolled in the Ketsurui Fleet Academy - where she lived and breathed military for no less than two years of direct education. During her training there, she chose a specialty in intelligence operations, and progressed along that advancement path earning Chui at the point of her graduation at the cost of several more years of study.

Her first assignment was the YSS Eucharis (NG-X1-408), where she assumed a role as the ship's First Officer in the absence of its former first officer, Chusa Kurusu Misaki until the Chusa's return.

Upon the Chusa's return, Shizu was re-assigned to the YSS Vesper, where she served until dying during an engagement with the NMX. Re-awakened from a soul backup, Shizu took most of the blame for her unit's failure and was demoted back to Shoi; the first time she ever held that rank.

Over the next few years, Shizu's career saw several more deaths and failures, until she retired on pension in YE 33. Jobless and listless for a year in Kyoto, Shizu signed on with the Yamatai National Police force, more to break up the monotony and boredom than to actually hold down a job. After reviewing her record, her superiors transferred her to Unit 4, Special Investigations, to fly a desk instead of a starship.

Weaponry and Tools


Hamada Shizu is currently an inspector in the YNP. In addition, she receives a pension from the Star Army of Yamatai.

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