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Hanabusa Miho

Hanabusa Miho
Species NH-29
Gender Female
Age 7
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 5' 2โ€œ (157 cm)
Weight 95lbs (43.1 kg)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, Fifth Expeditionary Fleet
Occupation Command
Current Assignment Chujo

Hotaru Star Fortress


Miho is solid in stature. Neither extremely thin, nor overly stocky, she fills out to a nice average. She stands tall, never slouching or dropping into a relaxed position, a testament to her professional attitude. Her gaze is unwavering and confident. Despite this, she often lets her hair hang loosely. Her choices in uniforms are often simple and well groomed. Even when not on duty, she dresses formally.


Height: 5'2โ€ (1.57 m)

Weight: 95lbs (43.1 kg)

Measurements: B30-W25-H32

Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Small and solid, light tan skin

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red with several black streaks

Psychological Characteristics

Strong, confident, professional. Those words just begin to describe Miho. She serves the Star Army of Yamatai with stoicism and conviction. She views anything less than that a dereliction of duty. She expects a lot of people under her, but she is understanding enough to forgive. She is slow to anger and provoke into heated discussions, unless you disrespect her fleet or her fallen comrades. Under those circumstances, her tongue is vicious and quick.


She enjoys classical and soft jazz music, ice cream, her bonsai trees, meditation


Disrespectful people, people who are late, ignorance, animals of any kind

Current Assignment

Miho is currently serving in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet as the commanding officer of the Hotaru Star Fortress.



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