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Hanna Tajuana Drevnerussky

Hanna Tajuana Drevnerussky
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 39 years
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'3β€œ (160 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Organization Francia City Education System
Occupation Teacher and Brothel Madam
Current Placement Francia City, Francia, Avante System

Hanna in Roleplay

A Player Character involved in Francia City, she is controlled by Matthew.

Current Events

Currently living in Francia City.


Small in stature, the curvaceous Hanna only has slight muscular tone and a flat abdomen due to only light exercise. Her swarthy1), baby-soft skin is well cared for in order to appeal to both genders. Hanna's heart-shaped face, with small button nose and full, pouty lips, is framed with wavy, golden-blonde hair that can reach down to her waist when wet. While she may braid her hair now and then, Hanna prefers to wear it down and loose. Her bangs are often kept well above her eyebrows. A pair of pencil-thin, arching eyebrows decorate her brow above ocean-blue eyes. Upon her back, Hanna has a tattoo of a dragon wrapping around her left thigh and curving around her rear up her back. The tattoo uses a jade-colored ink for the dragon itself with a fiery aura around the creature using reddish-orange ink to represent fire breathed by it.

When working, Hanna prefers a more business-casual approach to attire. Often, she can be found wearing knee-length, pencil-skirts of earthen colors and a simple, black, button-up blouse with loose collar. This is often accompanied by dark, nylon stockings over her legs and a pair of black, high-heel ankle boots.

In her other job, Hanna prefers attire to the more exotic and changes it often. Sometimes she wears a Susohiki-style Kimono to appeal to any Yamataian customers or individuals with Yamataian-tastes. The Susohiki is emerald green on the upper part of the kimono and white with imagery of a bamboo thicket on the lower part. To protect the beautiful garment, Hanna normally wears an emerald green nagajuban2). Typically, Hanna wears her kimono with the collar around her shoulders to leave her collarbone bare.

Other times, Hanna prefers to wear a sheer, sky-blue Sari with some floral-patterning to the cloth. Wearing it with a plain, white mini-skirt underneath, Hanna tucks the Sari into the waistline of the mini-skirt in order to wrap the sari around her waist properly. Pleating the sari just under her navel, Hanna brings the loose end of the cloth from her left hip over her right shoulder to leave her navel expose. In this manner, the sari cloth only covers her left breast. However, Hanna wears a sleeve-less, back-less, halter-style Choli, made of a sea-green colored cloth, to cover her upper torso properly.

When on her days off, a simple pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt will often suffice for Hanna.


  • Height: 5'3” (160 cm)
  • Mass: 119 lbs (54 kg)
  • Measurements: 39-24-36 (99-61-91 cm)
  • Bra Size: 38DD (85G)


A compassionate and fiery woman, Hanna is a fun-loving individual who loves to teach. She enjoys directing a child towards answers rather than tell them the exact answer, to have a child think their way to the answer and learn from it. Hanna enjoys the inquisitive minds of children and tries to be considerate of their needs. That doesn't mean she's willing to allow troublemakers to disrupt class though. Disruption to the class is unacceptable if it stops the learning process and/or harms another person. Even so, Hanna will only raise her voice loud enough to be heard rather than in anger. She will punish the guilty, but try to teach the troublemaker at the same time so that they can learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them.

For her night job, Hanna doesn't really change her personae at all. She pretty much acts the same way she always does but adds some flirtatious fun to the mix. With a job to please the patrons, Hanna is a woman without limits. But troublemakers have it worse there than the childish troublemakers of the school grounds. While not much of a fighter, Hanna isn't afraid to rough up a patron who has outstayed their welcome.



Name Relation Age Occupation Status
Samppa August Drevnerussky Father 33 years Freighter Captain Dead, YE 15
Modeste Marcella Drevnerussky Mother 27 years Nurse Dead, YE 08

Summarized Events


Born three years before the formation of the Yamatai Star Empire in Funky City, Hanna was the only daughter of Samppa August and Modeste Marcella Drevnerussky. Samppa was a freighter Captain and was usually away for most of the time plying the trade lanes, while Modeste raised her daughter alone while working as a Nurse. Hanna's life was relatively mundane even though her Mother practically raised her alone. Her Father would visit nearly five times a year during her childhood, so she never really got to know her father.

Realizing this, Modeste decided the best way to solve this was to send Hanna off with her Father on his next trading run, much to Samppa's chagrin. As luck would have it, this happened to the ten-year old Hanna in YE 08, which saved the girl from the Plague. However, her Mother wasn't as lucky. Modeste Marcella Drevnerussky passed away in the very hospital she worked at due to the Great Plague of YE 08. This left her Father to raise her alone.

For the next two years, Hanna would go gallivanting across known space in her Father's freighter. Once she turned thirteen years old though, Samppa decided that she needed more feminine influences in her life. Thus, Hanna was placed into an All-female Boarding School. However, she was only there for a few months before her Father was murdered by pirates. Without his funding, Hanna was soon transferred to an orphanage.


Living in an orphanage came to Hanna has a huge shock to the thirteen-year-old. With not a single relative left alive, her only hope at a normal family life was to be adopted. A hope that never came true. Still, Hanna did find herself a few friends in the orphanage and one hell of a roll model.

A volunteer teacher named Kelly Howitzer came in every week to tutor the children at the orphanage, giving them the education they would need to live on their own. Kelly was a kind woman, but had a fiery independence to her that seemed to interest the lonely, little girl.

Over the years in the orphanage, Hanna started to develop a goal in her life. Hanna wanted to become a Teacher just like Kelly. Taking the her Final Examinations to get her Degree in YE 16, Hana passed in the upper percentile. This allowed her to attend College on a scholarship.

Young Adulthood

Much to Hanna's dismay though, the scholarship wasn't an easy in to a University Education. The scholarship itself only provided enough money for her yearly tuition and boarding expenses. This left her woefully poor and unable to purchase her basic necessities or even her educational material. She needed a part-time job that could get her enough money to survive, without having to delve into loans.

At first, the young woman tried waitressing. It was an all right job, even with the groping clientele. However, she still wasn't making enough money. One of her classmates had a better suggestion: prostitution. There was always a need for prostitutes on Nepleslia with the large percentage of men to women and they often paid well for a good time. Since Hanna was a beginner, she tagged along with her classmate, Sharon, to a brothel near the spaceports. From then on, Hanna was a studious individual by day and was an 'entertainer' by night. For four years the young woman worked herself tired to fulfill her dream.

In the year YE 22, Hanna graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies - Teacher Preparation with a License in General Curriculum K-12, Highly Qualified in Elementary Education. She stopped her life of prostituting to work in an Elementary School in Roger Wilco.

As a Teacher

Starting out teaching Fifth Grade Mathematics, Hanna was finally living her dream. No longer had she the need to walk the night just to feed herself. All she had to do was teach the younger generations. To educate them into future business people, doctors, and whatever they wanted to be. Or at least, she hoped to teach them. It was quite hard in the beginning, since teaching children tends to be on the difficult side.

Over the years though, Hanna would get the hang of it. By YE 25, Hanna had returned to College to study for a Masters degree while she continued to teach. She wouldn't receive her Masters of Science in Education (with a license to teach 6-12 grades) until after the bloody Battle of Nepleslia.

It was then, that she decided to move to Kennewes to teach at a newly built school. Of course, the Kennewes Offensive happened a year after she took the job. The result of the Offensive would actually lead to the destruction of the very school she was employed. Now thoroughly unemployed with not enough funds to return to Nepleslia, Hanna returned to prostituting. However, she also began to teach children for free. Anyone who was interested could come to a little day care nearby and learn. It actually turned out more successful than she thought it would. It would be several years before she would get the funds to move again, only it wouldn't be back to Nepleslia.

Francia (Before RP)

In the year YE 33, a classified on the InterNep caught Hanna's eye. A colony in the New Nepleslia was looking to start their educational system by bringing in teachers from the older worlds. It was an idea that intrigued her quite a bit. Of course, she would be paid less than the job she had previously worked, but the thought of being one of the founding teachers of a Colony's Educational System was too exciting to pass up. As soon as she could, Hanna applied for the job and made way to the soonest colonial transport to start a new life.

Due to the lower pay than her job at Nepleslia, Hanna knew she would need more of an income in order to make ends-meet. Enter Algol Marida and his Emporium. After a brief discussion and some demonstration, it was agreed that she would work under Algol as the Madam of Second Floor Brothel. While she still paid rent for one of the rooms on that floor, it is at a reduced price. In return, she rides herd on the ladies working the floor and even works on occasion3). After three years of working in the Emporium, many have come to call her Mama Taj or Madam D. She refuses to answer to her first name while on the clock.

During the day, she works as a History and Geography Teacher at Ale Elementary in Francia City. For the past three years, Hanna has taught all three grades due to the need for teachers. Often times, she has even been called to help with the physical education classes when the need for a female instructor is great. Children have come to call her Miss Hanna or Miss Drev due to her long, complicated family name.

Hanna's Skills


Hanna is fully fluent in her home language of Nepleslian. She can write scholarly papers and properly cite sources as well as properly format a variety of different texts (letters, essays, etc). She is fully capable of teaching Nepleslian up to the 12th grade level in grammar, spelling, and formatting.


Having lived as a single woman since leaving the orphanage, Hanna is fully capable of taking care of herself and her living space. Her cooking ability is probably on par with any apprentice chef and she tends to experiment when she has the time. She is fully capable of cleaning clothing and living space with and without the use of household appliances.


Being a β€œLady of the Night” on and off for much of her adult life, Hanna has definitely learned quite a bit about the oldest trade in Nepleslian history. Everything from satisfying a patron to enticing more patrons to bring in more capital. One of her favorite activities is actually belly-dancing, which is actually fairly good exercise as well as fun.


Living on both Nepleslia and Kennewes as a single woman is a dangerous life. It was obvious that Hanna would have to learn how to defend herself from the average mugger or street punk. So she learned how to wield firearms in order to defend herself. Her preference is for the small hold-out weapons that are easily concealable, but she can use a Shotgun when necessary.


Hanna has the aptitude and knowledge in multiple subjects in order to teach students from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. These subjects range from History to the Sciences. While she isn't a specialist in any of these subjects, she is able to teach her students any of these subjects with the proper materials.


In order to be a good Teacher, Hanna has been trained thoroughly in public speaking. She is able to present herself well in front of an audience whether its comprised of children or adults.


Hanna has been taught and can fully use mathematics up to Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis. She is also able to teach up to this level. For teaching calculus and above however, it's probably best to hire a specialist teacher.

Currently Training

  • None
for the right price

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