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Hannelore Fuchs

Hannelore Fuchs was a player character played by ShotJon.

Hannelore Fuchs
Species: Abwehran Surfacer
Gender: Female
Age: 7 AY (24 EY)
Height: 6.03 ft (~184 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (85 kg)
Organization: Nachrichtendienst
Occupation: Agent
Rank: Unteragens
Current Placement:

Theme music: Black - Sniper Alley

Battle music: Castlevania III - Beginning

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' (~184 cm) Mass: 170 pounds (85 kilos) Measurements: C Build and Skin Color: Han is tall with athletics build. Her skin is chalk white colour and is smooth almost silk-like on touch.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has deep-set green eyes with thin eyebrows above. Her nose is small and her lips are thin.

Hair Color and Style: She has orange hair tailored into bob-cut haircut with fringe reaching to the middle of her forehead.

Distinguishing Features: She has a small tattoo of hammer in circle on her left shoulder-blade. She has absolutely white teeth.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Hannelore likes things neat and in order. She know how to act dignified and polite. She is a surfacer after all. She thinks Surfacers as Abwehrans are superior to nightcrawlers. She feels that nightcrawlers are less fortunate part of abwehran race and feels truly sorry that they have to live in dark and treats their eye condition as an unpleasant terminal defect. She takes them as a part of abwehrans though. Only thing she really dislike about them is their social behaviour. As of a fact she thinks that Abwehrans and namely surfacers are superior to rest of other races. What other had to geneticaly engineer, abwehrans are borned with. Her Personality is pretty polite and nice though. She likes to laugh and has genuine sense of humour. She is even polite to other races, although she treats them as someone who was unfortunate being born the way they are. Except bio-soldiers like Nekos and ID-SOLs. Han is not workaholic but she likes to fulfil her responsibilities the best way she can. As far as love and romance goes Han is pretty shy. She like to go slowly and don't rush things. Over time she found out that she has little interest in men while benig strongly attracted to females. But because she is a surfacer she is afraid what others might think and pretends to like males. She thinks of this as one of her largest weaknesses.

Likes: Humour, fencing, Empire. Dislikes: Cocky bastards, traitors. Goals: Rise up in nachritendienst and become higher-ranking member.


Family (or Creators)

Father: Matthias Fuchs 17 AY (Smith) Mother: Gertrude Fuchs 19 AY (Theater Actress) Brother: Simon Fuchs 10 AY (Musician)


Hannelore Fuchs

Hannelore was born, raised and always lived like a surfacer. She was taught how to be dignified, polite and act like a lady. She still had her inner tomboy but she saved that for times when she didn't have to hide it. Her father is a blacksmith and young Han took interest in his work and other thing that came with it. Fencing. That was of course large letdown for her mother who wanted her daughter to be a true lady and become artist like her brother.

Han liked to rather spend time on track field, in a smithy or sport fencing. When deciding her future Han decided to try out in military after seriously thinking it through. Which is why she joined Weltraumflotte and started training to become marine.

She showed to be talented markswoman and athlete as well as acting loyal to abwehran empire. Her instructors saw a moldable material in her and so she was scouted out by Nachrichtendienst. She joined right away. Her training routine changed and she was training to become field agent. Her combat skills were superior to her social one so she was chosen to do a more dirty work. She didn't mind becoming something that was more of an assassin or intelligence gatherer than a spy. Through training and some mild conditioning she became very loyal to empire and expert markswoman and agent. She was sent undercover in CSEIA Defense Forces, as a Weltraumflotte Marine. She was pulled into 69th Paramilitary Squad after short while under Mission Operator Caecilia Oberstein.

When put under Caecilia, Hanne was immedieatly thrown into some heavy-fighting on the space station. She and other marine by the name of Gisel were on point for group of soldiers. They met heavy resistance and had to defeat several ghost-misshu's by themselves. Upon joinin with others, Hanne and resto of the team met up with rest of 69th squad only to found that 69th squad was sent to rescue Princess Rosenthal. Team met more Ghost Misshui, while trying to get away from station. They got trough most of them, but one of the skirmishes resulted with gaping wound in Hanne's hand.

Luckily Hanne managed to get off the ship and then saved by corpsman in 69th squad named Hetzer. Within a next month, when she was healing her wound she became part of 69th para-military squad officially under Caecilia. Hanne and other newcomers were greeted in restaurant with a lot of alcohol being involved. Which was also why Hannelore happened to spend nigh with Nepleslian named Dragon.

After that, there were several months which consisted of power armor training. The 69th was preparing for a new mission. A boarding action where they took a pirate ship in fancy new armors.

Skill Areas


Hannelore is a trained markswoman and sniper. She received training with most mass-driver based weapons Abwehran military uses. She also received basic training with Yamataian energy weapons and Nepleslian handguns. Her firing accuracy is very high and she likes using precise long range weapons and pistols.

She is highly skilled martial-artist and lethal in hand-to-hand combat. She also knows how to use knives efficiently and in deadly way. Han received training in using powered suits. She fenced as a hobby.


As good agent Han knows how to be stealthy or discreet. She knows how to sneak and move as quiet as possible. She is able of doing quiet and deadly kills mainly with knife. She received training in pick-pocketing and lock-picking.


Han learned to speak fluently in Yamatai and Nepleslian. She has bit of an accent though. She is trained in operating most of Abwehrans issued communication devices. She also knows how to act and speak proper.

Technological Operation

Hannelore is capable of working with computers. She has even some knowledge of breaking into systems and gathering information.


Han likes to take care good care of her body. She trains daily if she can. She is fast runner and good acrobat. She is very good at climbing and an average parkourist.


Han is trained in gathering inteligence. She is able to identify ranks of other known races and recognize important-looking people. She received interrogation training and is able of torture to get what she needs. She also know basic squad tactics thanks to her time with marine-corps.


Han know how to survive in inhospitable wild and build basic shelters. She is able of reading maps and orienting herself. She is quite skilled in camouflage.



  • 2 Duty Uniforms
  • 1 Cold Weather Uniform
  • 1 Dress Uniform
  • Uniform accessories
    • 1 Rank Pin, appropriate rank, which goes on turtle neck collar
  • 1 Workout Uniform
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks
  • Undergarments (Female only)
    • 4 black panties
    • 4 black sport bras


  • Weaponry and Tools:
  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Branch logo on top
    • Put your medals in here.
  • Personal Hygiene: (to be reissued when needed)
    • 1 bottle of shampoo
    • 1 bottle liquid body soap
    • 1 toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
    • 2 washcloths, white
    • 2 towels, large, white
  • Electronics
    • Electronic Money Card


Hannelore Fuchs is currently a Unteragens(01) in the Nachrichtendienst and gets paid 1200C weekly.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
9000 C Starting Funds

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