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Chaplain Ha'reiel "Himsā" Ti'rien Fyunnen

Chaplain Ha'reiel “Himsā” Ti'rien Fyunnen is a player character played by DocTomoe.

This character may not be adopted.
Chaplain Ha'reiel “Himsā” Ti'rien Fyunnen
Species: Lorath - Fyunnen Caste
Gender: Male
Age: 147
Height: 6'8 Feet / 2.032 Meters
Weight: 248 lbs / 112.49 Kg
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy
Occupation: Inquisitor & Chaplain
Rank: Chief Chaplain
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. LSDF Akahar

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'8 Feet / 2.032 Meters
  • Weight: 248 lbs / 112.49 Kg
  • Measurements: Chest 55 Inches, Waist 40 Inches, Bicep 20 Inches, Thigh 30 Inches.

Build and Skin Color: Standing at 6'8, with 248 pounds of muscle and 'a little extra', Ha'reiel has a hulking build, with skin that resides in a color of eggshell to pearl white.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ha'reiel's irises bear the color of rich and vibrant rust, with his eyes framed by aged skin, bearing the creases and wrinkles of age. Ha'reiel's face overall is still supple with vitality, while bearing the subtle creases of his late years, and an array of soft pink-grey scars, with one distinctively pronounced almost 'crater like' scar upon his cheek, in conjunction with a trio of scars which run from his jaw up into his hairline. At a minimum, Ha'reiel's face bears the signs of age, violence, and suffering.

Ears: Typical of Lorath of the Fyunnen, Ha'reiel's ears are somewhat swept back and pointed at the tops. A distinction of his are a set of gold studs which have been placed through his earlobes, two to each ear.

Hair Color and Style: Ha'reiel, in Lorath tradition, has grown his hair to a considerable length to note his status, yet, has styled it to emphasis his own role in the Matriarchy and its theocracy. His hair from behind the ears and the top of his head been grown to twelve inches in length, yet, the rest of his hair has been cut to a short one-half inch, with the topmost longer portion being styled forward into a 'forelock', while the rear portion of his hair has been styled into a braid.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from being able to be described as a behemoth of an older man, Ha'reiel's body overall has been marked with scars and the traces of burns, most of which were earned in the field, with others earned from his kin, including his elder sister. Seared into his hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders, and back are intricate flowing lines of Lorath traditional runic script, each runic symbol having its own meaning, with further meanings gained from those which have been added. At a glance to any Lorath which has graduated from their childhood theology courses, the overall meaning of the characters seared into his flesh could be summarized as; 'Will of god'1)

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A product of a traditional orthodox Fyunnen upbringing, Ha'reiel has a strong sense of ethical and moral discipline, yet, has also developed a strong appreciation for life in all of its worth. Effectively, Ha'reiel is a man of balance; able to tread a middle-ground between work and play, faith and fact, suffering and indulgence. Things which upset the balance in Ha'reiel's life are those which makes him unhappy, and what sets life in order is what brings him peace.

  • Likes: Study, physical exertion, history, theology, drink, food, art, women, teaching, debates, his work.
  • Dislikes: Ignorance, incompetence, defiance, poverty, illness, suffering, over-indulgence, greed, undirected wrath, vanity, and the excesses of modern society.
  • Goals: Service, simple service, to enlighten, to be enlightened, and to do his part for the wellbeing of his spiritual kin.


Family (or Creators)

Ka'ril Ti'rien Fyunnen (Mother), De'ete Ti'rien Fyunnen (Father), Cy'fi 'Heartbreak' Fyunnen (Sister), Father to 68 children, Grandfather to 612, Great Grandfather to 3060.


Born to a second clutch of eggs from his parents, Ha'reiel was taught to follow suit of his elder siblings, both of which were his elder sisters, most notably of which was his sister Cy'fi, who was quite hard upon him in regard to expectations of both study and growth. Ha'reiel's parents also had a strong hand in his development, as they should, and they did well to indoctrinate their son with a strong desire to seek and grow, to develop, but to be mindful of his place within the hierarchy of the Matriarchy.

Even with the limitations of gender in relation to social order and theological practice, Ha'reiel did as well as he could, growing stronger with time, learning, exploring what life had to offer. Part of his growth was to enlist in the ranks of the traditional army of the Fyunnen, where he was hardened, taught the ways of the caste, given duties on par with any other Lorath, even the women which he served beside. His specialties as an individual soon were developed, as he was placed into command roles for field detachments, aimed at the quelling of the Helashio which during his youth, were still a plague upon the Lorath which were in the process of solidifying their foothold upon the surface of Lor.

Ha'reiel's combat doctrines and methods were quick to gain attention, not out of their brilliance, but their disregard for restraint, and temperance, graces which most Lorath field commanders exercised for the sake of their unit, but for Ha'reiel, he practiced war by the numbers, which soon earned him the attention of his sister, who had risen above him in the ranks of the Fyunnen military. What came next for Ha'reiel and his military career was simple; reassignment.

In his youthful zeal, Ha'reiel's methods were a showcase of brash bravado backed by statistics and figures, a haughty display of arrogance was what his every action in the field had announced to those which oversaw him, and that was what had motivated Cy'fi to reassign her sibling to the theocratic corps. of the Fyunnen caste.

From being a lieutenant in the field, to being a friar still in the service of the Fyunnen caste, Ha'reiel felt slighted, insulted, and degraded. It was a painful point in his life, as he was brought back down despite his best efforts, though, the extent of those efforts were the very reason why he was put into his position; quite simply, he had dared to fly too high, to touch the sun, and for that he was to fall.

As Ha'reiel was pulled from the field, he took the opportunity to find a mate, and the mate's sisters, it was a comfortable living, one which only served to further muddle Ha'riel's resolve, as he gave rise to a family, and took on the role of a father, and even then he still had too much in mind for validation, for recognition, if anything, that desire for validation was the reason why he was traded between the sisters of his mate like some sort of plaything, which while degrading, was something that Ha'riel was not entirely opposed to, due to the way which their fleeting affections made him feel like 'someone', worth 'something'.

It took the better part of two decades of service once Ha'riel was back in the field, first as a friar, then a monk, and eventually a cleric for Ha'reiel to find his calling. A calling which served to transition Ha'reiel's frame of thought from that of an immature youth seeking validation, to a man with a purpose. How Ha'reiel found his calling could still be seen upon his face a century later; his inspiration came in the form of a bullet, a bullet fired by a Helashio, aiming to strike him down as he performed rites over the fallen. Hot metal tore through the flesh of Ha'riel's cheek, cleaved into the back of his throat, ripped through muscle, flesh, and brain, before exiting out of the back of his skull.

It took four years before Ha'riel was able to touch the world again, as he was kept restrained and under an induced paralysis, as Occhestian medical practitioners worked to mend him, to knit together his flesh, and to put him back together. As he was pieced back together, Ha'riel had time, so much time, time to reflect upon his thoughts, to read scripture which was placed before him by his wife which did so out of sympathy for his motionless suffering. In his agony, Ha'riel transcended the simple needs of his life, understanding that there was more beyond the kind of child-like validation which he had been thirsting for.

Meditated thought, focus, resolve, it became interwoven with rhetoric, theological dogma, and the views of the Occhestians which touched upon his mind, and were his only way to communicate with the world beyond the shell of his body. Ha'reiel found solace in scripture which the Occhestians shared with him, not Occhestian scripture, but Fyunnen, items of text and thought which were rarely spoken by the strongly Matriarch-driven caste. What Ha'reiel laid eyes upon was dogma that spoke to him of things which struck deep in his soul; teachings of validation through service, the virtues of knowledge applied in both thought and action, and most of all; the purpose of such things… a purpose, to do what must be done, for those which it must be done for, for those who can not, or will not. What the teachings Ha'reiel looked upon spoke of was clear; to perform, without hesitation.

Upon recovering from his injuries, Ha'reiel redoubled his efforts for the Fyunnen clergy. Sacrifice, duty, zeal, temperance, they were offered in abundance by Ha'reiel. While the Matriarchs of the Fyunnen held absolute authority, what Ha'reiel had to offer was absolute willingness, and an obligation which went beyond the will of caste politics; it was a willingness to enact the will of the Tur'listia, with a zealous drive that went beyond the temperance of the majority of the orders of the faithful which served the theological interests of Lorath society.

Ha'reiel's drive, his resolve, his determination, and his adherence to doctrine, all came together to earn him a position within the ranks of the call of the inquisition, and a position of abbot within the field chaplain service of the Fyunenn. Within Ha'reiel's family life, his new-found resolve was able to earn him the respect of his wife and her sisters, strengthening their bond beyond the carnal impulses of want and desire, if anything; Ha'reiel's newly found enlightenment had made him a better man, at least a better man within Lorath society as he fulfilled the needs of his wife and sisters, not out of a want for validation, but simply because he could.

Decades of service were ahead of Ha'reiel, with that service came continued growth, not just in rank, but in self-worth, as the inquisitor climbed the ranks of his service, and was soon ordained Chief Chaplain, a position reserved for a select few within the ranks of the traditional Fyunnen military. With the expansion of the Matriarchy into space, and the founding of the LSDF, Ha'reiel's mission was expanded upon, as he was appointed adjunct to the LSDF, with a defined purpose; keeping the souls of those in the service safe from the influences of what they were to encounter in the void beyond, and to put down those which were tainted in a way which could be a threat to themselves, their comrades, and the Matriarchy as a whole.



As a Fyunnen, Ha'reiel has been encouraged from his early most memory to learn how to fight. Educated in unarmed and armed combat methods, as well as methodology for fighting alone or in a group, Ha'reiel received the fundamental backbone of fighting skills required for a trained Fyunnen soldier well over a century-and-then-some ago. Since that time, Ha'reiel has maintained his fighting prowess, refining technique and method, learning new methods application and redirection of force to refine his martial style. With the Lorath expansion into the interstellar field, Ha'reiel has made it a point to learn of martial combat styles embraced by alien cultures, such as those of the Nepleslians and Yamataians.

While Ha'reiel is skilled in armed combat, his expertise focuses upon the use of close-range weapons, specializing in the use of blunt striking weapons. Due to cultural stigmas, Ha'reiel has only obtained a passing proficiency with firearms, at least in regard to the Lorath Self Defense Force proficiency requirements for adjunct personnel.


An essential part of Fyunnen living, Ha'reiel has developed a strong proficiency for domestic duty. Tasks such as maintaining the cleanliness of his home or his quarters in the field, the preparation of meals for family or comrades, and the ability to care for and tend to the needs his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are all capabilities which Ha'reiel possesses.


A vital role for any Fyunnen, the ability to apply leadership skills is essential for the smooth operation of a military outfit. Ha'reiel has refined his ability to direct and lead in the field over the course of decades, however, his military leadership capability is only a component of his overall capacity, which serves to supplement his true calling; the ability to provide spiritual leadership. Just as easily as Ha'reiel is able to command a platoon of personnel, or negotiate a cease-fire, he also has the ability to rouse through sermon, or provide critical guidance to those under his guidance as a spiritual adviser.

Survival and Military

Between service purely as a soldier in the ranks of the Fyunnen, and service as a field chaplain, Ha'reiel has had more than enough time to build his capabilities for proficiency in the field in regard to survival methods and the essential field survival skills of a soldier. Taught in youth, and supplemented by experience, Ha'reiel has the ability to find and secure sustenance, construct improvised weapons, navigate using landmarks and stellar positions, construct shelters, and use domestic and foreign signalling techniques. Beyond survival methods, Ha'reiel also has knowledge regarding the concealment of position and movement, observing movements of materiel and personnel, formulating and analyzing strategy, and implementing strategy as needed.


A critical skill for a soldier, a father, a husband, and a chaplain, Ha'reiel is experienced, and trained, in the intricacies of communication; written, spoken, symbolic, gestured, and many forms between. Beyond his capability of presentation and reception, Ha'reiel has been trained in the ability to communicate using historical, modern, and martial Lorath dialects, as well as the capability to communicate orally in Helashio, Yamataigo, Trade, Saraphim, Saalsari, and Volksprache. Ha'reiel has also developed a proficiency in reading and writing in Trade, Yamataigo, and Saalsari. Branching out from traditional dialects, he has also developed the capability to communicate using a variety of cryptographic, machine coding, and mathematical languages, for the purpose of communicating with cybernetic organisms, synthetic organisms, and Freespacers.


A cornerstone of reaching out to family, friends, parishioners, and comrades; Ha'reiel has developed a wide repertoire of entertainment techniques for the purpose of rapport building and the purpose of building social and communal ties. Skilled in song, story telling, stage performance, a strong understanding and appreciation of music theory, the ability to play a variety of Lorath musical instruments, and a strong ability to put on a stage performance (including behind the altar), Ha'reiel has done well to develop a range of abilities to entertain those which he wishes to hold the attention of.

Beyond Ha'reiel's openly revealed entertainment methods, he has also developed a range of abilities for use with his wife, her sisters, and other kin which he has 'specially performed' for.


As a theologian, a scholar, a soldier, a citizen, and a father; Ha'reiel has made it a point to learn and retain as much as he could about scripture, law, history, facts, figures, and general information which he has had available to learn of during his lifetime. With the introduction of interstellar travel, he has not shied away from learning what he can of other cultures, ensuring to keep his understandings of law and theology broad. More so, through meditation and training, Ha'reiel has developed the ability to retain and recall information at whim.


Ha'reiel has developed a strong mathematical aptitude, partially for the purpose of military use, and partially for the purpose of enlightenment. Originally, Ha'riel's grasp of math was focused upon the 'immediately practical', meaning the skills required for military field operations; such as the ability to coordinate troop movements, artillery strikes, weapon yields, and the such. With age and growth, Ha'riel's grasp of mathematics was expanded, as he aimed to learn the fundamentals of statistics, physics, quantum/dimensional theory, and the mathematics behind software engineering.

As a side hobby, Ha'reiel has also developed a capability to perform traditional Lorath numerology readings.


A hallmark of being a Fyunnen, physical prowess is a cornerstone of being successful as a Fyunnen soldier. Ha'reiel has developed a robust capacity for raw physical strength, as well as a distinctive range of endurance. Despite his rather 'generous' size due to his muscular physique, Ha'riel retains the ability to move with agility, grace, and flowing mobility.

Prior to cybernetic augmentation, Ha'reiel was capable of dead-lifting 621kg unassisted.

Technology Operation

Originally spurred by military service, then pressed further by Lorath technology development, Ha'reiel has made it a point to become proficient in the operation of domestic and foreign computer systems, consumer technologies, and technology trends. In-house Lorath equipment is still a specialty for Ha'reiel, as he has been trained in the use of specialty hardware and software made available within the Matriarchy.


Chaplain Ha'reiel “Himsā” Ti'rien Fyunnen has the following items:


Chaplain Ha'reiel “Himsā” Ti'rien Fyunnen is currently a Chief Chaplain in the lorath Matriarchy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion


Fully, the script carries the meaning; 'May he who walks upon the world know the calling of faith, may he who walks upon the world know the calling of justice, may he who looks upon the sky know what it is to be, may he who looks upon the sky know what it is to die, may he who speaks, enlighten those who know not, and deliver the word of he who knows, and he who dares.'
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