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Harry D. Rhodes

Harry D. Rhodes is a player character played by Livgardist.

  Harry D. Rhodes 
  Species & Gender:    Human Male 
  Date of Birth:    Unknown 
  Organization:    Independent contractor 
  Occupation:    Mercenary 
  Rank:    N/A 
  Current Placement:    SBS7 Scythe 

Preferred Plots

  - Special Planetary Section 7: Scythe

  - ISS Shinpi

Physical Description

180 cm tall, slender, weighs 75 kg. Toned body with minimal body fat, and wiry muscles. Plenty of scar tissue, including from chemical weapons burns on his shoulders, torso and legs. Browb hair cut in a classic business haircut, oval face with sharp lines and a chiseled jaw, greyish blue eyes with some wrinkles under them. A dimple on the left side of his mouth that gives him a cold, callous appearance. A jagged, nasty scar from a knife cut on the right side of his neck. No tattoos.


A war vet from countless conflicts, Rhodes is a soldier through and through; professional, calculating, short and blunt in his way of speaking. Hardened by what he's seen, he is jaded and no stranger to the suffering of others, or himself, but does not actively make life difficult for innocent bystanders. He lives by his own set of ill defined rules.

While not somebody who takes pleasure in hurting people, he is ruthlessly efficient when he has to be, not hesitating to rely on violence or torture to complete his assignment.


Where Harry Rhodes was born is a closely guarded secret of his - if even he still remembers it. He has been working as a mercenary for so long, few who know him knows what he did before that or what his history even is. Harry himself never speaks of things in the past, too busy with living in the now and planning ahead.

When enlisting with the Nepleslian Marines, supposedly at age 16, his history was full of holes. Giving a story of being raised in the slums of Funky City, he claimed to have lost his birth certificate at the time. However, he showed an unusual proficiency with small arms and in hand to hand combat, indicating some kind of previous combat experience, but denied any such experience, and no evidence was ever found of such during a background check.

He rose to the rank of Master Sergeant in the marines in record time, serving as a sniper in various hotspots in the Imperium, and actively applying for assignments in the most dangerous corners of the colonies. But after his first contract with the military ended, he resigned from the marines without explanation, and disappeared out of sight.

Next he showed up as a member of the mercenary Typhoon Liberation Forces (“The Chimurenga”), a rebel group during the Typhoonian Civil War in the Nepleslian Northwestern Colonial Expanse system of R-8 Red Sky. During the war, the rebel group was heavily reinforced by foreign mercenaries from every corner of the galaxy. After the brutal and violent conflict, he moved from one battlefield to another, working with various mercenary groups and rarely staying long enough to make any deeper connections with people.

Suffering from a terminal illness called “Mantell's Disease”, a cancer normally associated with exposure to chemical weapons, Rhodes is a dying mercenary without a cause, not haunted, but exhausted by the face of death, and his memories of conflicts fought and lost. Highly expensive drug treatments mitigate the effects of Mantell's Disease, and extend one's lifetime - but the illness itself is incurable and causes painful side effects.

Currently, Rhodes is contracted to work with the special police unit Scythe, or SPS7, on the planet of Francia.

Social Connections

Harry Rhodes has no known friends or family or other emotional attachments.

Skills Learned


Rhodes speaks Trade, and Yamataigo fluently, as well as three minor planetary dialects.


Rhodes excels primarily at one thing; fighting. He has many years of experience and training in small arms, recoilless weaponry and sniper rifles, as well as hand to hand fighting.


Over the years he's developed some leadership skills, including but not limited to battlefield tactics and warfare, and how to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of his comrades.

Medical and Science

Rhodes is trained in giving first aid and battlefield medical assistance. He's also been in the field long enough to be able to improvise battlefield surgery of simpler wounds.

Survival and Military

Rhodes has served in some of the world's most hostile climates. He's undergone survival training in the Space Marine Corps, and has expanded on that knowledge with direct experience over the years.

Inventory & Finance

Rhodes has the following items:

Paragon Infantry Pistol

Styrling Tactical Assault Rifle

Styrling Muur Torso Armor


Personal Communications Equipment

OOC Information

In the case Livgardist becomes inactive:   * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES   * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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