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Cy'fi 'Heartbreak' Fyunnen

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Cy'fi 'Heartbreak' Fyunnen
Species: Lorath
Caste: Fyunnen
Gender: Female
Age: 157
Family (or Creators): Ka'ril Fyunnen (Mother) De'ete Fyunnen (Father) La'ne Fyunnen (Eldest Daughter of 18) Y'neh Fyunnen (Grandson) Ra'el Fyunnen (Husband, deceased) Tel'ia Fyunnen (Lover, deceased)
Height: 8'5
Weight: 275 Lbs
Bra Size: 34C
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy
Rank: Vice Admiral
Occupation: Lorath Self Defense Force
Current Placement: Broadsides-Class

Heartbreak in Roleplay

Heartbreak is a NPC played by DocTomoe and is currently involved in the Lorath Matriarchy.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 8'5 Mass: 275 Lbs Measurements: 34/30/36 Bra Size: 34C

Build and Skin Colour: Heartbreak's build is best described as something which would make an ID-SOL blush, her arm and leg muscles are sculpted and well defined, the muscles of her torso are pronounced but not excessively so. Her muscular form is clad in pale skin which borders being a grey in color.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Despite Heartbreak's muscular body, her face has classic feminine features such as well defined cheek bones, a fair complexion, and visibly soft skin. Her eye color is a deep brown, with a red lining around the iris.

Hair Colour and Style: Heartbreak keeps her hair in a tightly bound ponytail which she often keeps tucked within her armor. Despite the tight binding, stray locks of hair often can be seen hanging by her cheeks and eyes. She dyes her hair from it's natural white, to a deep red.

Distinguishing Features: Heartbreak's primary distinguishing feature is a scar which is located in the middle of her chest, and it's matching counterpart located on her back between her wings. An additional identifying mark is a tattoo which is on her upper left arm. The tattoo depicts a heart which is stamped with her family seal.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Professionally, Heartbreak's personality is determined and focused. However, she is capable of showing sympathy to her troops and is considerate of the needs of those below her, however, she displays this compassion through 'tough love', often disguising a favor for her troops as a punishment. Privately, Heartbreak is quite reserved and quiet, often she seems as if she has something quite bothersome on her mind, yet she does not speak of it.

Likes: Her military service, her troops, tools of warfare Dislikes: Quiet days and nights, being alone and left to think, the diamond ring she wears on her neck Goals: To serve the Lorath Matriarchy until she is unable to do so productively anymore, and to overcome a burden which she keeps to herself.


Heartbreak's history is mostly the same as other women her age who are of the Fyunnen caste. At a young age, she began training for her duty to the Matriarchy, at adolescence she was placed into active military service, and through her adulthood she has continued to serve.

The distinguishing feature of Heartbreak's life was her marriage to one of the few males of the Fyunnen caste in her time which had any sort of diplomatic sway. He was a land owner, a commander, and he had the ear of the head of the Fyunnen caste at that time.

During the course of Heartbreak's marriage and service, Heartbreak's field assignment took her far away from home with her combat unit. During the course of this deployment, Heartbreak found comfort in the arms of one of the fellow officers which she worked with. Their relationship became intimate, and it endured even when the pair returned to their home city.

After some time of being with both her husband and lover, Heartbreak's secret was eventually discovered. The resulting events earned Heartbreak her name, and left her without a lover and without a husband. Since then, Heartbreak has never truly been the same woman. Since the tragic event in her life, Heartbreak's service to the Matriarchy has been the primary feature of her existence, and continues to be her central focus in life.



Throughout Heartbreak's life, she has been trained in Lorath combat methodology, and since contact with Yamatai, Heartbreak has expanded her knowledge of hand-to-hand skills to include Nepleslian and Yamataian traditional practices.


Much like her fighting skills, Heartbreak has had intense physical training and has also invested plenty of time in maintaining her physical fitness. Heartbreak's physical capabilities are comparable to peak condition ID-SOL.


During Heartbreak's military career, she has been trained in the top-of-the-line in communications equipment usage, and even after contact with Yamatai, Heartbreak continued her education in communication equipment operation. Heartbreak is able to speak Lorath, Helashio, Nepleslian, and Yamataian.

Military & Survival

During the course of Heartbreak's life, she has been trained in traditional Lorath survival and military command techniques. Along with her formal schooling, Heartbreak has also obtained several decades of command and survival experience. Since contact with Yamatai, Heartbreak has continued her study of combat operations by expanding her horizons to include space combat tactics.


During the course of Heartbreak's life, she has found that the ability to relate to troops under her command is a key feature in command, such an ability also proves to be useful useful in dealing with individuals off the battlefield as well. Due to this observation, Heartbreak has spent time learning the ins-and-outs of relating and communicating with other people.


Heartbreak has accumulated over 60 years of command experience, and 120 years of combat experience. During the course of Heartbreak's service she has refined her command technique in practice, and has taken time to study conventional command knowledge. Along with Heartbreak's formal command capabilities, she is also skilled in communicating with hostile forces and recognizing hostile actions.


In a 'Past Life' of Heartbreak's, or at least what she would call a past life, Heartbreak took pride in being a wife to a loving husband. During Heartbreak's marriage, she took great care to learn and utilize domestic skills such as cooking, cleaning, and meticulous personal upkeep of herself, her living space, and others.


This character is to be utilized as an NPC in the Lorath Self Defense Force, and has been written by DocTomoe

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