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Helric Johnson

Helric Johnson is a player character played by Luneth Aerohawk.

Helric Johnson
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6โ€œ or 182.88cm
Weight: 176lbs or 79.8323kg
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Rookie Bounty Hunter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunters

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6โ€ or 182.88cm
  • Mass: 176lbs or 79.8323kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Helric Johnson has slightly tanned white skin from being outside quite a bit. He also has decent amount of muscle, but not enough to be considered 'bulky'.

Eyes and Facial Features: Helric has sad, yet confident, deep brown eyes that burn with a fiery passion. He has a strong jawline with well-managed facial hair on the underside of his chin and jaw. His eyebrows are thick, but not bushy.

Ears: Helric's ears are round towards the cartilage with detached earlobes.

Hair Color and Style: Helric's dark brown hair is thick and shaggy, his bangs reaching slightly below his eyebrows and the rest a tad lengthy as well.

Distinguishing Features: The young man has a scar on the back of his right hand stretching diagonally from the knuckle going to his index finger to just before the joint of his wrist.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Helric tries to be respectful towards people, though he isn't shy towards a bar fight or the occasional pick-pocketing. He is almost always wearing a tie around his neck in public; his mother was always wanting him to look his best while at work. He always does his best to be calm and with a clear mind through his daily life. Much of the time he spends alone is to exercise or maintain his equipment or even to tinker around with spare parts to see if they are suitable as makeshift repair parts. However, when he feels like being social he can be quite charismatic, though he is always amused at how easily intimidating people comes to him. When trying to figure out a problem he is often found with an unlit cigar in his mouth because of the time he spent in the workshop with his father; his father would always have a cigar in his mouth while working, Helric actually almost never smokes, if at all. He is the kind of guy who can trust people unless they give him a reason not to, but that doesn't mean he can't keep an eye on them.

  • Likes: The rush of combat, Machines, Quiet, Fixing things, Working with his hands, Humor, Ties
  • Dislikes: Excessive alcohol consumption, Loss of machine parts, Being caught off-guard, Bullies
  • Goals: To become a great swordsman and gunslinger. To make a name for himself with a little cash on the side.


Family (or Creators)

His father, Jeremy Johnson (ID-SOL), his mother, Helena Johnson, and his adopted sister, Angela Johnson.


Helric grew up in the traditional family with two parents and an adopted younger sister who was only two years younger than him. His ID-SOL father was a well-known and highly skilled in machine and gun repair work while his Nepleslian mother was an experienced and learned doctor, both of whose skills were highly sought after. They could be considered wealthy, but they taught their children to be hard workers rather than spoiled brats. While Helric was more interested in, and loved, his father's work, his sister was more interested in their mother's occupation, but both of them were taught at least the basics of each craft. His dad taught him all manners of things about repairing and tweaking machines, armor, and guns, and even let him test out some of the various equipment to learn how to use it and how it worked; heck, his father even let him help repair ships and extensively study ship schematics from those that hired them. Because of the difficulty and size of some of the moving parts and repairs on these ships, his father had some old combat power armor that was modified and equipped for maintenance and repair work. The new found knowledge of how weapons and power armor work eventually led to Helric's interest in armed and unarmed combat.

As he grew older, Helric took various martial arts classes in addition to regular school classes he was already attending and became quite proficient with sword-like weapons and with his fists, combining the two forms of combat into his own style. Helric's father also schooled him in how to use firearms while they were repairing them. Even though the young man liked all sorts of guns, he preferred using handguns. They were light, easily concealed, and he felt that automatic rifles were generally too noisy. When his father was out, he would even take the old suit of power armor out for training his martial arts skills. Needless to say that Helric's schedule was quite full every day.

Soon after, he began getting involved in a gang, skipping school classes every so often. The gang was actually dedicated to helping out around the area and keeping the peace instead of causing trouble or 'marking territory', but other gangs didn't quite approve. The gang's initiation seemed a bit out of character, but it made sure that their members could handle themselves. If they could handle themselves, they could handle other people. Helric was a valued member of the gang due to his skills with machines and knowledge of the medical field, though his family didn't exactly approve. Even if they didn't approve, they at least respected his decision and the ideals behind it. His parents simply wanted to make sure their skills were passed on, what he did with them was his business. A gang war inevitably erupted and violence in the streets was very unpredictable. It wasn't until his sister was fatally wounded from a gunshot that he left the gang. They understood and he would still repair their equipment for a price from time to time. His sister barely survived due to where the bullet hit, but Helric's mother was able to patch her up.

Due to his absences from school, he had a lot of catching up to do on his school work. He and his neighbor, Jacob Fuller, went to school with him and they didn't know each other very well, but after seeing Jacob getting picked on, he made a proper introduction by intimidating bullies away from him. They quickly became friends and Jacob offered to help Helric on his studies and catch-up homework in appreciation and they โ€œhung outโ€ quite frequently. Jacob was very smart and was picked on for being a brain, he was very good with electronics and had quite the interest in ships and he could usually find some way to make Helric laugh.

After traditional school the duo went their separate ways but always stayed in touch. Helric went to a mechanic and engineering school to fulfill his dreams, but the time he was there seemed like he was only in a refresher course through what he'd been doing his whole life. After a month in the school he was kicked out because of the gang life he'd left behind. When he returned home, he had met up with Jacob, who had been through a rough time recently, and they both decided from then on that they would be partners through thick and thin, doing whatever reasonable jobs that came their way.



Helric knows how to speak, read, and write very fluently in Nepleslian because of his public schooling. From the years spent testing and repairing equipment with his father in the workshop, he knows how to use various types of communications equipment.

Maintenance and Repair

Helric has spent his whole life around machines and has been mentored by his father to know the ins and outs of anything that came into the workshop. He has inherited his father's talent with repairing anything mechanical and is skilled in maintaining and repairing most armors, firearms, and basic communications equipment. He has even an extensive knowledge of keeping most power armor running. He can work with ships just fine, but doesn't like it as much due to the time it takes and the size of the literal size of the problems.


Years of training in the martial arts has left him to be good with swords and in fist fights. The bit of schooling from his father and his experiences in the gang have given him the chance to increase his skill with handguns as well. He can operate other firearms well enough, but doesn't like the weight of them nearly as much. He is able to fight in power armor if he needs to, but has limited experience in that.


Helric as a very strong muscular and bone structure due to his training and constant working in the workshop as well as from being the son of an ID-SOL. He is agile but can take a hit when he needs to and has sharpened reflexes from his experiences in the gang war. He pushes himself excessively when training and can run for longer than most though he may not necessarily be able to run much faster than them.


His repair work and training have taught him how to effectively control the lightness of his touch and therefore to be able to use sleight of hand to quickly draw a weapon with limited attention brought towards him. He isn't very experienced in pick-pocketing, but can manage. In the time he spent in the gang he also obtained some experience from shaking and hiding from pursuers.


The initiation of his former gang was to survive alone in the woods for one week, if he couldn't do it he obviously wasn't going to be in the gang. That experience taught him to keep his footsteps light wherever so he wouldn't scare off any potential prey. By the end of it he developed a sense of direction and the idea behind using the environment against your opponent, stalking his prey and striking from the shadows. Even if he does prefer a more direct approach.

Medical and Science

Though he isn't especially talented in the medical field, his mother made sure that he knows how to do basic patch-jobs and how to effectively treat most bullet wounds.


Helric Johnson has the following items:

Combat Gear

- Styrling Everyday Armor Set Full Set w/ Modified Intricate-looking vest

- Brown Leather Trench Coat w/ Hidden Pockets

- Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber Two-tone color w/ Sound Suppressor, Brown leather holster, Magazine Pouch, 5 Magazines, Box of 250 rounds

- Retractable Durandium Long Sword (Bastard Sword Style) w/ Molecular Knit

Personal Gear

- Ulti-Tool Multipurpose Tool

- 10 x 1-inch tubes of Liquid Bandage

- EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad

- Black Duffel Bag

- Button-Up Dress Shirt and Tie


Helric Johnson is currently a N/A in the Freelancer.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
1950 DA 4050 DA Equipment

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