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Henry Morris

This character may not be adopted.
Henry Oldrey Morris
Alias: Rifleman, The Quiet Man
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 177.7 cm
Weight: 71.3 kg
Organization Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Rank Senior Corporal (Old Nepleslian Rank)
Occupation(s) Technical Sentry
Current Placement 4th Fleet
Theme Song TBC

Henry Oldrey Morris is Luca's Silent Soldier of Literature.


Henry is a bit skinny for a Nepleslian because of his lack of the usual exercise Nepleslians would partake in. He has a very pale complexion. He has a smooth, featureless face, save his eyes and a very light beard trimmed to a Blade-1 perfection. His left eye is brown and his right one green due to cybernetics (and choice). Most of his brown/orange hair falls down on his face, usually concealing one of his eyes. He usually ties it to one side with a bobby pin. The hair is shorter at the back.

Notably enough, he had odd coloured eyes before getting them replaced, he usually wears reading glasses even though his vision is perfect (off duty), and he usually keeps a book somewhere on his persona.


In contrast to the rest of his family, Henry is a very dull, very sombre, reserved and withdrawn man of his standing. He appears to be very calm on first glance, but could be fighting a mental war in his head just while you talk to him. He regards his family as somewhat indifferent to him, but he is able to converse with younger brother John quite well. When he does speak, his voice sounds as though he's forgotten to speak and trying to learn again. Just because he seems to be deaf and mute doesn't mean he knows what you're talking about, nor is he disobedient.

It has been observed that when Henry enters a Powered Armour suit of any sort, his personality goes under a drastic change. He becomes more talkative, and his voice's tone raises, becoming more lively and passionate - especially about fighting and 'venting foreheads' - his demeanour also becomes icy cold and sociopathic towards his enemies. Once out of the armour, he resumes his normal speech patterns and mannerisms. A similar change in personality happens when alcohol is imbibed, though not as violent.

Preferences: Good Literature, Cigars, Brandy, Intelligent Discussion (or writing), Games of Chance/Gambling Distastes: Intervention of Spy Agencies (of any form), Vodka, The Reds, People who think he is mute, Pornography Goals: Become more sociable, naturally. Get a respectable kill count.


Born in YE 05 to Colin and Marina Morris, He lived amongst the slums of Funky City with a younger brother. He was somewhat disdained for his odd eyes and odd speech. Eventually the family sought refuge from the Crime and gangwars of Funky City and migrated to Ralt in YE 22. He spent his school years being mysterious, gaining high marks and awards, but not ever showing for it due to his withdrawn personality. A notable achievement was the amount of literature he read each day in the library.

Instead of staying with the Family in Ralt, Henry decided to leave and go back to Nepleslia in YE 25, where he spent a few years getting re-acquainted with the big city environment, which he thought was native to him.

A couple of years later, during YE29, he decided to join the Star Army of Nepleslia as a technical repairman. He served on various ships, doing a good job at the repair bench and getting paid for it, albeit being as silent as a post. Then something unexpected happened to Henry on the job… A transfer. He simply remained speechless, as he usually does.

After That...

Henry Morris

His first assignment was on the NSS Nerkat, a majority of it seemed to be that he was learning about how to fly the NAM series of Powered Armours. He wasn't such a bad shot, even making someone who bet on his skills happy.

Henry was thrown into the all-prestigious Alpha Squad, AKA: The Bullet Sponges, getting to know faces like Ran "Red" Rui and William Howard Harrison among others. He and the squad he served on were plunged headfirst into the Kennewes Offensive to take over a water plant from the Reds without damaging it. With time, combined effort, and a good blast from an LBR or a few, the plant was taken. He racked up an estimated kill count of 4 to 6 Reds. He was then transferred to the NSS Alliance.

Eventually, he was put onto the NSS Acadia His next assignment was to go High and Dry over Golding, to drive the reds away from the space station. He was caught by surprise and engaged a Crooked Demon in Melee combat and succeeded - although sustaining massive injuries in the process. Notably, he blacked out three times in the mission due to injuries, but that didn't stop him. He only managed to kill one other enemy in this mission. Crooked not included.

After making a good recovery, he received a medal for defending Starbase Golding versus the Pirate Yui-4. His next assignment was to recover the NSS Emden. He placed himself in the Gamma squad under the command of Ran "Red" Rui. However, this time he went without a power armour, resorting to tactical armour. During the course of the operation, he was able to provide some much needed tactical foresight thanks to the clever use of a NAM Observation Probe. He managed to attack and kill five pirates, and is currently attempting to reset the ship's Computers, albeit with a leg full of shrapnel.

His next assignment had him coming in hot onto Rok'Veru, just when he thought he'd had enough of the war. He and the rest of the NSS Acadia marines entered and left intact, having fought their way through Rippers and NMX of all sorts with gusto, blowing things up and having a ball, even putting his technical skills to use to aid other soldiers' armours when they needed fixing. However, he and everyone else didn't count on the NMX sending full-fledged gunships in to try and take out the marines. He and the unit had to escape, quickly. He was able to make it out with some damage to his armour, but otherwise fine.

In Harm's Arms

Henry didn't take well to the change of leadership in the NSS Acadia, and the introduction of the Nekovalkyrja 'Harm'. Either by suppression or simple distaste, Henry has forgotten about what happened when Wazu introduced her to the ship and allowed her a role of command - seriously upsetting the dynamic of the Nepleslian soldiers. Either way, it was swiftly forgotten, and never spoken of again.

He was transferred to the 4th Fleet after a self-medicated forgetting of the previous events. He found his niche quite well and proved his engineering prowess and combat skills of use on Tange and upon the far-flung system 87I. He got a true reunion on 87I, finding most of his former Acadia crew fighting and well, so to speak.

His first proper mission with the 4th Fleet, and his meeting with Phaedra Volkov wouldn't be a joyous occasion after the gross incompetence displayed all around him. Disobeying orders, bunching up, blowing up the objective, and getting rammed by an impatient marine just to name a few. Henry felt as though history was repeating itself.

In light of the squad's flailing and fumbling, his superiors thought it necessary to take everyone back to Boot Camp and train them on simulators. However, Henry had other ideas about how real the 'simulation' appears to be - it appeared all too real to the engineer.

Mission 5

Henry was assigned to lead one of the detachments during the boarding of the XSS Momoranth. Under his command, Corporal Ran "Red" Rui was killed in action by a damaged Ravager. His unit fought their way towards the NMX flagship's bridge and narrowly missed capturing the NMX admiral. They were stopped by the suicidal defense put up by the NMX security forces aboard the ship.

Nonetheless, the 4th Fleet Marines were able to secure much valuable data from the NMX flagship due to the boarding action.

The next day, Henry Morris was given a battlefield promotion to Corporal and given part of the Cavaliers, naming his squad the Minutemen. They were deployed, initially, to support the Cavaliers' operation before being shifted to support other 4th Fleet squads. The Minutemen, alongside five other squads, assaulted a reinforced NMX battalion that had been gathered to strike the 3rd Marine Shaik in the rear of its lines. Despite mounting casualties, the Marines were able to turn the tide with the arrival of Corona gunships from 4th Fleet's Spitfire Wing.

Skills and Abilities


While Henry's eyes may seem to be just a genetic aberration, it actually provides him with improved sight in the eyes. He uses it mostly for reading, but for a few other purposes though. These eyes are linked to a small cybernetic database in the back of his head, which allows him to have a near-photographic memory.

He has also had a mind chip implanted into his brain by the medic on the NSS Alliance.

Recently, he was given an injury to his right leg, and had some of the muscles replaced as a result. It has been informally dubbed the “Arse Kicking Leg” by the medics of the NSS Acadia, due to the extra strength provided.

Maintenance and Repair (Starships, Shuttles and Powered Armour)

Henry, like most other Nepleslians has taken a great attitude towards machinery. Ask him to repair a vessel and he'll do it as quickly as you said it without fuss. His studies have also allowed him to repair, and - conversely aid him in destroying power armours, the Crooked Demon in particular.


From reading all of that literature from an early age right through to the present, Henry has learnt a myriad of things and kept it in his memory, able to recall whenever the situation requires. This is aided by his brain Databank - but he still can't remember the exact kill count he's racked up.


From reading all of that literature from an early age right through to the present, Henry has some great insight into the world around him, and the people in it. He is also somewhat of a philosopher with all of the knowledge he has gained.

Technology Operation

Henry is familiar with the operation of nodes, computers, most Nepleslian Star ship OS' and other gadgets. He can fix them, break them or jury-rig them, depending on what you want.

Fighting (Power Armour and Firearms)

Henry is a good shot with most firearms and rifles, but he doesn't like to show for it. He also received courses on how to fly the NAM series of power armours, but not for combat purposes. However, a short training course on the Kestrel has helped him shape up. Recently he's becoming more and more acquainted with a wider range of Power Armour weapons and systems. In particular, he favours the WATER M2 and the Hostile armour suits.


Henry has a very strange way of communicating since he disdains from speech due to his odd voice and disposition. He uses a lot of gestures and hand symbols, as well as facial emotions to get a point across. Occasionally he'll use a notepad and pen if the message isn't getting across. Recently, his voice has been seeing steady improvements, and so has his social extroversion.



Military Gear

  • 2 Pullover shirts, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 2 T-Shirts, dark green
  • 2 pairs of boxers, white
  • 4 pairs of underwear, white
  • 2 pairs of Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
    • 1 Tinfoil Packet of “Kohuna Bouha” Cigars. (4“ long)
  • 1 pairs of pair boots, black
  • 6 pairs of boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)
  • 1 Rank Patch, Soldier 3rd Class (Outdated)
  • 1 Rank Patch, Soldier 2nd Class
  • 1 Leather knife holster, brown, left hip
  • 1 Leather gun holster, brown, right hip
  • 2 pairs of Work overalls, Green
  • 1 pair Dog tags, metal, stamped with name and hometown.

Casual Gear

  • 2 Shirts, White Collar
  • 1 Belt, Black Leather, Gold Buckle
  • 2 Pairs of Slacks, Black
  • 1 Tie, Navy-Blue
  • 1 Tie, Deep-Red
  • 1 Pair of Shoes, Black Leather


  • 1 Red Cunning Scarf
  • 1 Nepleslian Greens Bomber Jacket with Name tag and Rank Patches
  • 1 pair of Reading Glasses, silver frame, flat lens.
  • Wallet, has the marine corps symbol on it

Weaponry and Armour



Ammo and Accessories

  • Suppressor, chambered for .45 Calibre weapons.
  • 1 box of .45 rounds.
  • 1 box of 30-30 Rounds.
  • 4 spare magazines for the Styrling Dart.
Henry Rifle

A hexagonal-shaped barrel about 25 inches long, rifled six times to the left in a polygonal shape, accompanied by a cylindrical underbarrel which doubled as a magazine for 8 shots, and adorned iron sights. The main method of reloading was a lever-action, to compliment the quaint number. All of this was chambered for an obscure 30-30 calibre bullet. There was then the straight-grip stock with a steel buttplate and forehand grips made in solid polymers and plastics. (Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel Marksman's Rifle)


  • Datapad, Black
  • Engineering Corps Armband

Medals and Awards

  • 22 Iron Stars
  • General Defence Medal (Starbase Golding VS. Pirate Yui-4)
  • Shattered Soil Medal

Literature Horde

  • “The Green Manifesto” - A small book full of various aims and goals of the Greens.
  • “Gun Maintenance for Dummies” - A yellow, paperback book that says what it does on the cover.
  • “Battle Tactics - A Stratagem” - A musty, leather bound book on battle and war tactics.
  • “To Hunt Seagulls” - A novel which explores the issues of Racism.
  • “Nature or Nurture? An Essay” - An orange book with a Snake emblazoned across the front. Explores the nature of Human Evil, as an innate thing or as something learned from the environment.
  • “Coronet” - A red, hardback novel on organised crime, a particularly entertaining read.
  • “Faergilas” - A really, really old, dusty book. Need we say more?
  • “Bartulby” - A book which was famous among Nepleslians for not using the letter 'E' once.
  • “The Mouth of Avron” - A really, really poorly written heroic fantasy. Try not to crack up laughing when you read it.
  • “YE 25” - A book that explores the nature of totalitarianism and tyranny from the YSE. It details the probable fall of Nepleslia to Yamatai. It was written somewhere in YE 22.
  • “Those crazy Yamataians” - A very simple book, complete with illustrations of Yamatai's 'glorious' history.
  • “Percussive Maintenance” - A laymans book on repairing things by knowing just where to strike them.
  • “101 Card Games” - A lexicon of card games from Poker and Big Two, to Bullshit and Solitaire.
  • “Public Speech and Vocal Exercises” - A booklet with tips on how to make your larynx and trachea sing!
  • “Handmade Gun Lovers” - A magazine found near his bed, with certain items in it circled in and ordered.


6000 DA6000 Starting Funds (I'm assuming that my paycheck starts from my earliest recorded post at the moment. Starting from October 5th, 2007 (The Hammer Falls - Alpha Squad). I may be shooting myself in the foot like this)
6750 DA750 Weekly Pay as of January 19th, 2008 (15 weeks)
9150 DA2400 Weekly Pay as of June 27, 2008 (24 weeks)
16950 DA7800 Weekly Pay as of June 30, 2009 (52 weeks!)
15250 DA 1700Bought Styrling Muur Armour
13250 DA 2000Bought items to build Henry Rifle
13015 DA 235Bought NAM Grenades. 2 EMP, 2 Scalar Pulse, 1 Subspace Particle


  • ”…bloody, spooks…“ - On the IPG
  • “Plasma and - lead don't, discriminate… I do.” - On the nature of Combat
  • “It's true that a man who has experienced earthly success in risky any field, be it killing, gambling, drinking, mechanical repair, or even apparently benign pursuits such as chess and literature studies will lust for further successes in any of those fields and more.” - On the nature of Living Life
  • “Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable, since it gives a man a driving purpose in life in a bogglingly large universe with threats and friends everywhere, it causes a man to act, to do, to be. I'm far from exception, and I don't mind. In fact, I've started to embrace it.” - On the nature on Living Life

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