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Heram J. Wazu

Heram J. Wazu is a player character played by Zack. He is a modern-day Renaissance Man who set out to fix the problems of the universe by himself, and cracked under the pressure.

Heram J. Wazu
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10“
Weight: 150lbs

Physical Characteristics

Wazu has been around a while, and has lost a lot of color from his skin giving it a slight gray appearance much like his eye color, which is mostly green but heavily desaturated. His body is fairly unassuming, not particularly tall, not particularly short, in shape but not bulging with muscles to a Nepleslian degree. He occasionally has a limp in his left leg, and prefers to wear his hair in simple, easy to maintain, styles like a ponytail.

Wazu's Personality

Decades ago, Wazu was certain he knew how the world works. There are good guys who need saving, and bad guys who need killing. Towards the end of the Fourth Elysian War he found that things were far more complicated. The good guys didn't live up to what he had expected and the bad guys weren't as evil as he originally thought. The way forward seemed clear, in order to avoid being manipulated he needed to be the one doing the manipulating. Wazu became more withdrawn, collected, and intense. He pushed himself to the extremes, quietly bending and sometimes breaking the law behind the scenes to push his allies in the correct direction. This resulted in great success, pacifying war zones, saving people, building empires, but his extreme measures had a cost. He couldn't tell friends from enemies, excessive use of stimulants and combat drugs quickly wearing him out, and numerous international groups gunning for him as he started to meltdown.

He eventually ended up on Ether to cool down, recover, and figure things out. Though the naive who wants to think the best of people, and the driven, authoritarian, machine willing to do anything are still present inside of him, the current Wazu is more reserved, unsure of who he is or how valid his own feelings are.

Likes and Dislikes


Order, Starships, deep conversation, cerebral-anything, fast-tempo music. Warmth. New experiences. Adventure.


Pain, Kessaku Irim, Unfairness, Overly-sugary drinks, Extreme Cold.


Wazu appreciates Minimalism, Efficiency, and the color Green. He typically wears simple, comfortable, outfits and will avoid wearing military finery like medals and pins when reasonable.

Boxers, never Briefs

Oxfords, never Brogues


Wazu is well-traveled, and has had time to learn the basic languages of the universe including Yamataigo (邪馬台語) and Trade (language). While fluent, he is not a native speaker and tends to make small mistakes and use simple language when possible, preferring not to use contractions unless he is very familiar with them.

He knows enough Gartagen to get around, but will often have to substitute in other words.

He knows a bit of spacer, Elysian, and a handful of key Lorath phrases.

Family (or Creators)

L. Wazu, Mother. (Deceased)

Medical History

Pre-YE 30

Acid Lung toxic atmosphere exposure treated with steroids and anti-virals
Broken Nose Misunderstanding with computer, treated with nanomachine suspension ointment.
NH-7 ST Pranked
ST into original body

YE 30-31

Fractured Skull
Broken Arm
Broken Ribs
Internal Organ rupture
Internal bleeding
ruptured ear drum
Broken leg
lacerations from debris

YE 32

Gunshot wound to the torso GSW to left shoulder from behind exiting near arm. Treated with skeletal reconstruction and Droksin tablets.

YE 34

Frostbite Treated with full recovery

YE 38

Stab Wound, Face
Dislocated Jaw
Stab Wound, Left Shoulder Deep cut, heavy bleeding
Acid Burns, lower body Numberous, Small, quarter sized acid burns
Gunshot wound, Lower Torso Bullet still inside, entering from the side, exiting front



Wazu originally thought he was going to save the universe, and to do so he needed experience in how to do it. He wandered around the Kyoto sector a bit, getting a bit of experience working with local security forces before joining the Qel'Noran shipyards, designing his first ship, and taking a post as Science officer in the GSA on board the GSS Yui under command of Ketsurui Yui herself during the Fourth Elysian War.

Wazu took part in the ship's adventures, both in combat and exploration, but one of the experiences that stuck with him was the crew being too slow to react to save Chiharu during an incident where the GSS Yui was damaged. He became determined to avoid any more failures due to inaction.

Wazu shot up through the ranks, and quickly became Taisho of the Fourth Standard Fleet, turning a fleet that was in disarray into a more larger and capable force through his position at the Qel'Noran Shipyards. Though his skill in combat wasn't exceptional, his designs, technology, and logistical experience brought the 4th fleet considerable success in combat and the Qel'noran Shipyards considerable wealth and power. It was around this time the Integrated Strike Force Battleship was developed, aspects of the design and some of the technology are still in use today, and it was seen as the first 'real' design that the Qel'Noran Shipyards had produced as even KFY was interested in the ship… despite disagreements over aspects of the final design.

Wazu assumed that despite tense conversations being exchanged with Ketsurui Fleet Yards, that both groups were still on the same side. This illusion was shattered when Eve murdered his mother and her caretaker by posing as a young girl selling cookies. Putting two and two together Wazu determined that Kessaku Irim had ordered the assassination to give her sister Kessaku Anri an upper hand in getting her company's computer systems installed in Qel'Noran Shipyards products. Of course Wazu had no evidence that this was the case, and rather than lash out he decided to step down. The truth of the matter is that Ketsurui Yui ordered the hit. Wazu considers her a close friend, and does not even consider her a suspect.


Wazu took this time, occasionally advising the Qel'norans and trying to guide them towards a peaceful break away from Yamatai. He watched the star army come to destroy the Qel'noran's homeworld, and started to see Yamatai as an out-of-control empire bent on constant war. After experiencing a series of personal losses, and finding out the Elysian Celestial Empire weren't as clear-cut badguys as he had originally thought, the idea of trying to wage a massive war seemed distasteful… but there was another way to achieve his goals. Wazu would seek out Robert Davis, then head of the Nepleslian Military.

Planet Nepleslia, then, was a mess. The planet was constantly somewhere between civil unrest and open rebellion against both Yamatai and its own institutions for as long as Wazu had known about its existence. His new attitude towards how to view the world shown through during his first interview with Davis; They were going to use each other to get what they wanted, and when it was over Wazu expected a clean-break. Regardless of the impression he made on Davis, Davis certainly made an impression on him, quietly testing his reasoning skills and leaving Wazu outsmarted.

That day Wazu joined the Nepleslian Military.

Less than a year later, Davis' rivals for control of Nepleslia in the The Black Syndicate and the Red Military were dead.

Two years later the Greens had been supplied with a new fleet.

In Three years Nepleslia had its own home-grown military industry, had expanded to dozens of worlds, had held off Yamataian blockades and thwarted NMX attacks, becoming a de-facto rival to Yamatai. During this time Wazu was running at 110%, pushing himself harder than ever before and going to extreme lengths to accomplish his goals. Wazu maneuvered himself to become admiral of the Nepleslian 4th fleet. He was easily the best strategist in the Nepleslian Military if not the entire Kyoto sector. He conducted more diplomatic missions than any other officer at the time in Nepleslia's military, rebuilt Nepleslia's infrastructure, forged alliances, and warned the spacers of The Freespacer Genocide nearly a year before it actually occurred, helping bring them under the protection of Nepleslia before the impending disaster.

But times change, and the newer Sky-Marshalls were not happy with Wazu's methods of operation. He bent some rules, broke others outright, and the IPG suspected more was going on than he was letting anyone know. Wazu would eventually leave for the Gartagen Union, planning on continuing to create rival governments that could curb Yamatai's warlike influence and ultimately stabilize the sector. What the Nepleslians would eventually find out would shock their high-command to the core. Wazu's command and control electronics and software were integrated into nearly ever-aspect of Nepleslian life and military… and the Nepleslians started to suspect that the Drei system had a built-in back-door. The truth was more complicated than that, and the Intelligence and Pacification Group were never able to prove anything, but suspicions remain.

The Gartagen Union

Wazu had been preparing the Gartagen Union ever sense the first diplomatic run-in. When he did finally join up he had already helped modernize and expand their military. By this point, Wazu was starting to fall apart and the Gartagens were keeping him together as much as he was helping them. Wazu assisted in putting down a civil war on Sharia to ensure Vishta's ownership of the throne. This was largely due to timely intervention of a Brozni, a Gartagen Special Forces soldier who Wazu officially 'Owes One'. He had a variety of further adventures, being abducted by pirates, getting stranded on a desert planet, and one awkward marriage proposal before the events of the International Relation's Conference of YE 34 where he used an Armor Piercing Question to bring down an attempt to put Yamataian forces on Lor's doorstep, possibly preventing a war between these two powers. Now attacked on all sides by powerful political forces both from opponents in Yamatai and what should have been friends on Nepleslia. Wazu was about to kill himself so that he could 're-spawn'…only to end up being saved by intervention from Ketsurui Yui!

By this point Wazu knew he couldn't tell his friends from his enemies, he was a mess both physically and emotionally, and after a conversation with Ketsurui Yui he ended up at Ether Base.

Ether Base

Wazu has distanced himself from design and military work, focusing on biology and trying to conserve the local creatures on Ether. The ice-ball of a planet is where he has been cooling down for the last few years.

YSS Eucharis [Mission 24]

SARP Action Comics
Issue 24: Looking for Trouble

In YE 37 Wazu was asked to join the YSS Eucharis to assist with investigating ongoing Kuvexian activity… finding himself once again on the same side as his previous shipmate Hanako.

Though Wazu had been out in the cold for quite some time, he could feel familiar skills returning quickly. He offered several ideas to the crew of the ship during this period. To quote Candon Howard Suites, ” It was a really, really good idea. I hate this guy… “

While he spent some time getting to know the crew, talking with Antonia Stark, singing Karaoke with Yamashiro Natsumi, talking Biology with Doctor Thaddeus Hemlock, examining a Rixxikor body with Taharial Chasan, and even sharing a close moment with Akiashiro Aikiko, Wazu is still uncertain about his future…

…By the end of the Mission, Wazu would be one of Kyoto sectors few experts in Rixxikor biology.



While on Ether, Wazu has had a lot of time to reflect and explore food in-depth. He has developed an appreciation for Coffee, has some talent with mixed drinks, and is comfortable working various coffee making and bar-tending tools. Though he can cook, he has never cooked for anyone.


Wazu has been an engineer almost all of his life, learning about the various mechanical properties of things from a young age. Equipment he has designed is in use by many factions in the Kyoto sector and includes everything form escape pods and starships to cars and medical devices. This includes the math require such as calculus and trig, the understanding of how to work through a design process, and extensive knowledge about materials science.


He is a competent shot with ranged weapons, and has operated a variety of powered armors in various combat situations but has not earned his ace stripes. He has virtually no experience in hand to hand fighting other than exercise and being only human, he tends to be on the receiving end of beatings during fist-fights.


Wazu is mainly an engineer and scientist. He often views people as problems to be solved rather than as emotional peers. He has studied some psychology, though he does not have a good understanding of the difference between manipulating and empathizing with people.

Maintenance and Repair

Building things has become second nature to Wazu, so repairing and keeping them maintained has as well. This skill has been accumulated over years of living and working aboard starships. If there is a way to repair what is in front of him with the parts laying around he likely can.


Wazu has extensive experience with military forces in the Kyoto Sector and has a deep understanding of not just starships, but also the weapons they use and how they work. He prefers to avoid fights when possible, and greatly prefers sending in machines instead of men when the time comes.

He is an extremely dangerous opponent in starship combat.


Above all, Wazu is a scientist. He understands experimentation, investigation, and has very solid technical and scientific knowledge. His innate curiosity helps push him to constantly work on unraveling the mysteries around him.

Technology Operation

Wazu is often times more comfortable with technology than he is with people. He is very skilled at optimizing processes and applying technology to solve problems. While he is an expert user of technology, and quite capable at writing programs himself, he is not an expert-hacker.


Financial Situation

Wazu has run or have been a part of many major corporations, and has amassed enough money to live comfortably. In turn, most of this money is used to maintain various holdings or is otherwise inaccessible. He can pay for his day-to-day needs easily and can afford the occasional big expense without having to check his funds.


Wazu's holdings, aside from financial instruments, consist of large size shipping containers that he pays to have kept at ports through the Kyoto sector. These containers have their own power source, hand weapons, ~5,000KS worth of cash for the nation the box is kept in, and a spare body ready for his consciousness to be downloaded to if the box doesn't hear back from him in a set amount of time.

Noteable items in storage include:

  • Yamatai 4th fleet Taisho pin with Scythe logo
  • 8 Cases of Plum wine
  • Nepleslian Admiralty Hat

On Hand

Wazu lives out of a duffel bag, and has minimal possessions on hand.

  • Generic Cargo Pants, Gray x5
  • Generic boxers, Red x5
  • Tank top, Green, x5
  • Black Socks, x3
  • Black Socks, but with a blue stripe x2
  • Black Socks, Dress, x4
  • Black Socks, Long, x1
  • Parka, Black x1
  • Parka, Blue with reflective striping x1
  • Nepleslian Military Jacket, Green, x1
  • Hoodie, Green, x1
  • Red Hair ties x20
  • Brush
  • Snow Boots, White
  • Kneepads
  • Elbowpads


  • “Hanako's Hips!”
  • 3 Kohanian Moon Shirt
  • Mishhuvurthyar Reproduction Cycle chart T-shirt (“So…let me get this straight…”)
  • 383 KS
  • 1530 DA
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