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Hetzer Johannes Thalberg

Hetzer is an Abwehran played by Kokuten.

Hetzer Johannes Thalberg
Pronunciation: Heht-Zer Yo-Hanz Thall-Berg
Species: Abwehran Born: 253 AF
Gender: Male Height: 6'9“ / 205.74 cm.
Age: 7 AY (24.86 YE) Weight: 253 lb. / 114.75 kg.
Family (or Creators): Albrecht Thalberg1) Organization Weltraumflotte
Yulka Thalberg2) Freja Thalberg3) Ranks/Grade Maat/E-1
Lineage: Surfacer Occupation Corpsman
Current Placement
69th Para-Military Squad

Hetzer's Voice and Theme

Physical Characteristics

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7 AY (24.86 YE)
  • Height: 6'9” / 205.74 cm.
  • Mass: 253 lb. / 114.75 kg.

General View

Hetzer Johannes Thalberg

  • Handedness: Top-right.
  • Build: Strong, muscular build. He is thin for the usual Abwehran, making him lanky.
  • Skin Color: Light brown skin.
  • Facial Features: Slightly chiseled face, with exception of the slight roundness to his cheeks. Eyes are fairly droopy giving the impression that he's tired.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Hair color and Style: Curly silver-gray hair that extends down just below the line of his chin. His eyebrows are thick.

Mental Characteristics


Hetzer is a considerate fellow, generally friendly to everyone unless given a specific reason not to be. Before his training, being amongst his privileged life as a Surfacer, the young Abwehran was a very talkative and knowledgeable sort. This often gave him an air of arrogance that was quickly corrected when he began his training. Now, Hetzer is more quiet, and is rarely the one to strike up a conversation unless spoken to first.

Despite his newly withdrawn nature, he is fairly level-headed when it comes to stressful situations.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: The color green, being outside, working with plants and nature, being around friendly people, relaxing quietly after work
  • General Dislikes: Utter silence, people of hostile natures, being cooped up inside for too long
  • Religion: Ancestor Worship
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: To properly honor his family's name through his work.



A Fine-Crafted Spoon

Hetzer was born the son of an established economist(father) and a well-spoken politician(mother). From the societal stand-point of the Surfacers, the Thalbergs were a hard-working family that enjoyed a more peaceful lifestyle than their military focused ancestors. The young Thalberg was expected to follow up on the family's expectations of a young Abwehran. From the beginnings of his life, he was pushed by his instructors to focus on his courses and improve himself to be a well-adjusted member of the Surfacer society. His friends, which were mostly other children he met on community center trips with his parents, could never truly understand he always took things so seriously.

Unusually enough for the young Abwehran, Hetzer took up gardening as a hobby to spread out his free time between his studies. He grew local flora, edible and not, and often experimented and played at using more exotic strains of plants as his experience grew. Through that, he found himself an avid lover of nature, and gained a deep appreciation for the natural gifts of the world. With it came the line of thought that everything had life and beauty, no matter how big and small it was. As he grew up, his love of the agricultural arts made him into a gentle, considerate person, despite the hardy nature of his people.

Almost in a paradoxical way, Hetzer loved books; he loved books specifically about war. He read personal records of his military-involved ancestors, and learned of all the things that made them worth remembering. Struggles of ones own life against that of death with the wager of such large stakes on each side. His parents often said that this fascination would mislead him, and that such pursuits were in the past of his family. Surprisingly, it was this admiration of his ancestors service, duty, and honor that caused a splinter to drive between him and his parents. Despite the Thalberg's practice of ancestor worship, Hetzer's mother removed any of book or text referring to any sort of war from their personal collection, including the family records. To the young war-buff, this was too extreme of a move, but instead of arguing further with his parents and creating further heat between them, he decided to create records of his own.

Hetzer joined the Weltraumflotte.


Removing the Spoon

Großartige Festung was a wake-up call for the young fledgling Hetzer. Life turned much more difficult when it was placed in the hands of strangers who held the chains to your leash. Those first three months turned out to be some of the toughest in his life, and to know that those before him had endured that was the only thing that kept the overly soft Abwehran from dropping out. At the end of his third month, he had felt he had passed a crucible, and despite what he had done in the past, he had felt he had actually accomplished something. Even better, he began to adapt more to the lifestyle of a soldier, and his next few months felt much easier.

Despite his brutal run through Festung, Hetzer still kept his gentle side intact. He was still capable of a steady touch, and considerate gesture. This remaining part of his psyche is what drove him to become a Corpsman. Though, not just any Corpsman, but one of the Foreign Service. Despite it's dangers, it paid more, and offered a greater legacy for himself, should he survive it.

The Horrors of the Galaxy

Hetzer's first assignment started peaceably on a CSEIA Station. Riots had broken out with a princess on board the station. This was to begin his first encounter with sinister race known as the Mishhuvurthyar. The evening was a nightmare of removing parasites from the bodies of unfortunate marines and people, fighting ghostly apparitions, and confront hoards of the reanimated dead. Innocents died in untold amounts, slaughtered by the horrid Mishhu, and there was very little that Hetzer himself could truly achieve. His own service was key in preserving the lives of Princess Johanna Rosenthal and Hannelore Fuchs.

Despite his own success and heroics, what he witnessed on that station has caused him nightmares for days to come.

Ancestors Demand Your Death

After a brief interlude of relaxation to shave off the stress and rattling of the previous mission, the young and inexperienced Thalberg was set to fight in a new mission. This time his unit would be field-testing the new Jäger Heavy Infantry Armor against a group of pirates unaware of the penalties of pirating within Abwehran space. This was the moment in Hetzer's life when he became painfully aware of the aggression that pressed his family into service of his people's various flags.

Then sensation struck him first when he came into contact with his first group of pirates. For the first time in his life he felt an intense burning in his mind that commanded the death of his enemies. Like true, honest soldiers of the Weltraumflotte, he experienced an Abwehran surge of battle-lust which drove his iron-boned body into a frenzy against his enemies. Hetzer believed that what drove him to such violence against his enemies was a call from his ancestors, but the lasting effects of the fighting made it feel all the more natural, and all the more sinister in his own right.

It took inhumane scene of slavery aboard the vessel to bring Hetzer back to his usual self, his tender emotions taking over once again. He assisted a young girl named Adalheidis, a rare four-armed Abwehran girl, whose innocence helped calm the more beastly nature. With the immediate presence of people in need, Hetzer, the true Hetzer, came through to help those in need of the waning battle with the pirates.



Hetzer is fluent in Abwehran and Trade4), after contact with the Star Army of Yamatai, and knows the proper procedures to write reports and fill out military documents. He also knows basic operations of shipboard communications systems and standard military communication equipment.


Hetzer has received training in basic close quarter combat using hand-to-hand, knife, and sword combat techniques. His training has also included firearms training with mass-driver pistols and rifles.

Technology Operations

Hetzer operate shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. Basic operations of ship systems and skinsuits was also included in his training.


Hetzer has an understanding of mid to higher level mathematics, including basic calculus along with algebra and trigonometry.


Hetzer has intensive military medical training. He is able to respond to calls for assistance, identify injuries, dress wounds, perform field surgery, and properly set up soldiers in critical condition for medical evacuation.

Knowledge(War History)

Hetzer has scholarly knowledge of past wars dating all the way back to the Great Conflict Era


Hetzer has home-grown knowledge of Abwehran flora, common and exotic. He is also familiar with the planting cycles and how to proper grow and nourish these individual plants.


Standardized Gear


  • 2 Jumpsuits
  • 1 Bomber Jacket
  • 1 Workout Uniform
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks
  • 1 pair of black boots
  • 1 black beret
  • Undergarments (Male only)
    • 4 black cotton briefs
    • 4 pair of black boot Socks


  • Weaponry and Tools:
    • MDP-04 service pistol with 2 additional magazines
    • combat utility knife
  • Personal Hygiene: (to be reissued when needed)
    • 1 bottle of shampoo
    • 1 bottle liquid body soap
    • 1 toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
    • 2 washcloths, white
    • 2 towels, large, white
  • Electronics
    • Electronic Money Card


10350 AC
Item Income Expense Net Total
Starting Pay 9000 0 9000
Pay from 1/25-5/31 1350 0 10350

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