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Hex Three Seven
Hex's body model is a SIv1.0b โ€œMalcontentโ€
General Information
Name: Hex
Creator: Intelligent Design
Alias: Hex Three Seven
Serial Name: 3769464826
Organization: Free State, The Hacker Cult
Age: 8 years
Species: Automata
Color Scheme: Black paint with red/orange flame decals
Modifications: Comm. suite upgrade, personal ECM jammer

Hex is rather well-known among hacker circles as a de facto leader of sorts. It seems to have a natural affinity for in-depth planning and large scale organization when working with other hackers, traits that are hard to come by in the Hacker Cult given its radically independent and decentralization doctrines. Perhaps the primary reason for his fame is his charismatic aura; he will not only get hackers to work together but make them believe in what they are doing, in some greater cause, which in turn inspires greater cooperativity and loyalty. When these traits are taken with its almost zealous belief in the freedom of information and equality, the result is what can only be described as a rebel leader without a war to fight.

Hex's position among the hacker community has made him a prime candidate for information gathering and diplomatic liaison duties, and such he is often chosen as a representative for such duties.

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