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Hida Chiyo

“I am Chiyo of the Grand Star Army Infantry, 216th division, 4th platoon from the GSS Kyuubi,” she replied automatically without thinking. Pain lingered in her eyes at the recollection of who she was before the Blue Rift but her tone remained respectful.

She corrected herself and touched Ram's solid leg where she could reach, “I am a Joto Hei of the Ryuusei.” Her eyes flicked up to meet Ram's obsidian pools. She felt at ease staring up into what reminded her of black holes that stole away the twinkling starlight.

Hida Chiyo is a recovered Second Draconian War Fleet Nekovalkyrja trying to adjust to life as a independent medic with Michael Voss after retiring from the Tenth Standard Fleet and was a member of Task Force Lantern's Ryuusei Special Task Group.

Hida Chiyo 飛驒 千世
Species: Ni-Aria Type 3
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (23日 2月 YE 23)
Height: 5'2“
Weight: 95 lbs
Organization: Formerly Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Combat Medic
Rank: Retired Jôtô Hei, Cho, Ane-san.
Current Placement: The Brave

Chiyo in Roleplay

Chiyo is a player character played by Kim.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'2”
  • Weight: 95lbs
  • Measurements: 32 (30B)-22-31

Build and Skin Color: Chiyo is small like many neko but possesses the muscular toned build of a martial artist. Her tanned body is modestly proportioned with a slender waist and narrow hips.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has a heart shaped face with Yamataian facial features with wide almond shaped sky blue eyes. face ref

Ears: She has tanned furless elf style ears.

Hair Color and Style: Shoulder length, straight blonde hair with long side swept bangs that fall slightly below her eyes. Chiyo typically wears her hair in braided pigtails that rest on her shoulders or pulled back into a high ponytail. braid ref

Distinguishing Features: She has a genetic tattoo encircling each wrist that are two 1/2 inch thick bands that resemble a tan line from bracelets.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Originally programmed as a carefree and bubbly young soldier, Chiyo has grown quiet and distant. She does not like to discuss her past and has not fully adjusted to the present where she is not fighting a foe she understands. She is a shell of who she was before the Blue Rift and she is unsure if she can fill the void left by the displacement of time and the loss of the people she cared about.

The Dracionian and Elysian wars have left Chiyo scarred but she only truly understands pain anymore. The concept that she is more than her job as a soldier and medic confuses her, she only knows life as a weapon to be used by her nation. She has no choice but to accept this new found humanity and build something out of it.

  • Likes: Fighting, blood, pineapples, feathers
  • Dislikes: Beans, Elysians, reptiles, overly flavored foods
  • Goals: The mission drives her but she has been ordered to build a life from the fragments of her old one.



Grand Star Army of Geshrintall: Doctor Hida Yuuko


Chiyo was one of many NH-7 Nekovalkyrja created for combat in the Fourth Elysian War and did not experience life outside of military service, she was created in a lab, programmed and deployed as a weapon. Her basic personality was a carefree and bubbly young woman that lived to prove herself in combat. She served as a planetary infantry neko in the Grand Star Army as boots on the ground and was reassigned to fight in the Second Draconian War when the fighting with the Elysians went mostly to space combat in YE 24.

Life in combat had made the bubbly nekovalkryja withdraw from the people around her and start to question her identity, that is, until she met and became romantically involved with a Geshrin Ship's Security forces member, Michael Voss before an engagement in the Second Draconian War.

Echoes Of the Past

“Can I get your hand?” he asked, and when he had it, he fixed a little braided string around Chiyo's left wrist. “You are what you are. So breathe, and look around, feel the air, hear the sound of it, and this is life. If you waste all of it thinking it should be something else it won't be worthwhile for you. So instead, look at this every once in a while and remember you're what you think you are right now, really nothing more and nothing less. You feel it, right?”

Chiyo lightly touched the braided string around her wrist with a soft smile on her face, “I do feel it and something more that I don't understand,” she paused and placed her hand on his. “I feel this warmth and I want to keep it close but I can't explain why.”

“Because you want to keep it close,” the Geshrinii explained, giving her another wan grin and sliding over closer to where she was near the glass, lifting their hands together for brief emphasis. “Look any deeper and you might miss appreciating the feeling.”

She gently entwined her fingers with his, smiling as she enjoyed the warmth of his skin against hers. “But, just how close do I get to appreciate it?”

He ducked his head, hesitated only a moment - a moment where she could have pulled away, if she'd wanted - and kissed her.

Flashback RP is located Task Force Lantern Act 3, Scene 3, Echoes of the Past - 18+ Forum access required.

Draconian War: Lost in the Rift

There were several incidents in her combat career that left her partially distant, but the one incident in particular changed her baseline personality entirely. As a NH-7, Chiyo was well aware of the Army policy that any nekos taken by the enemy in combat were not rescued or recovered but one particular engagement alongside Dracionian Alliance troops caused several of the allied troops to be captured by a unit of El'izon. It was a rare instance that the captured NH-7 soldiers were recovered but the incident left her traumatized and required regeneration of most of her body. She became cold and distant, stopping any interaction with her sister troops outside of combat training or actual engagements. Her hardened personality made her particularly ruthless and more effective in combat.

What happened between Voss and Chiyo around the time of this incident is unknown. It was shortly after that particular engagement, that her unit and fleet was effected by the temporal displacement caused by the Blue Rift and her fleet re-emerged with the YSS Miharu to participate in the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Like many Draconian fleet nekovalkyrja, Chiyo felt horribly displaced and out of touch with her home culture which had suddenly changed from everything she had known. Nekos were considered something more than weapons, the planet and culture now identified as “Yamatai” and “NH-22C Yamataian” instead of “Geshrintall” and “Geshrin” and she was encouraged to stay in the military as a member of the “Star Army of Yamatai” provided that she upgrade to a new body. She could not fathom a life as anything other than a member of the Star Army and re-enlisted but decided to try a new course of training and become a medic. The new body and the concept of building herself a life confuses her but she is making an attempt, provided that she is still alive at the end of her contract.

Task Force Latern- Becoming a Ryuusei

Chiyo found herself aboard the YSS Motome as a member of their medical staff and was selected to join the Ryuusei squadron at the beginning of YE 35. She has found herself learning about what her comfort levels are as she tries to integrate with her new squadron.

She officially entered RP during Task Force Lantern, Act 3 Scene 1, Swords of Heaven - 18+ Forum access required.

Leo Station: Issues at Hand/Bloody Blossoms

Chiyo's heart beat furiously in her chest. There were a hundred things that she wanted to say in this exact moment to the man she had been looking for since she was recovered from that failed engagement.

Her eyes were wide and filled with pain but there was something bigger going on than her right this moment, there was the mission to accomplish. “Michael, I know that the Star Army has no jurisdiction here but if the suspects are leaving this district through the tunnels, direct our team to the junction that connects to the other district. If they are not in your district, it is not your problem, correct?”

She lifted her left hand, the sleeve shifted to reveal the worn braided bracelet around her left wrist were Voss had placed it twelve years earlier. Her voice was calm despite her anxiety. “We need to recover our soldier, we have the luxury to do that now. It is not like it was for me during the war, if we can save him, please help us or direct us in a way that gets us out of your way.”

“I know who you are, legs. We'll catch up later; I have to do my job just now.”

Voss reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small silver cigarette case. From this, he produced another hand-rolled smoke, and tucked it between his lips. The lighter he used to fire it was also silver.

This small procedure, so smooth and practiced, took only a few moments. With a snap, a flip, and a click, he was finished. A few of his companions turned to watch the bolting Nekovalkyrja, and more than a few of them glanced towards one window or another, expectantly.

Voss didn't look. “I figure you have about roughly a few more seconds before your over-eager companion dies.”

The Ryuusei stumbled upon some of the darker truths of Leo Star Fortress within the Chou Cho District and found themselves in an incident with the Chou District Police Chief, Michael Voss as they look to recover Honda Makoto. Chiyo's reunion with her former lover was unexpected and less than ideal considering the circumstances. She found that he had been scarred by the years and is serving at the top of whatever caste system exists within the Chou District.

She knows that there is something wrong but she wants to stay with her lover… but the mission comes first and the Star Army might not let her go so that she can stay with Voss. The Draconian can only hold onto the fragile hope that she might not have to kill her lover on their next meeting, if he is truly involved in whatever it is going on Leo.

“It is a choice and if I don't go, it will end poorly… I want to come back to you.”

He held her there for a few moments more before he let her down, one leg at a time. “That might not be possible.”

“Why not?” Chiyo stared up at his disbelievingly as she held the fabric of his shirt. “We found one another again… we're stationed out of Leo now, why the hell not?”

Settling his arms casually around her, Voss fixed his good eye on her. “The Empire came back, after abandoning this sector. People are angry. I am afraid if we meet again, it won't be because we want to see each other, it will be because we're being ordered to kill each other. Think, legs. The colonists now have ships backing them, Mitsuya has gone belly up. You already know how the Army deals with this sort of thing, and it's my job to keep the colonists and - now you - out of this district, out of people's lives, as much as possible.”

He brushed some of her hair back, tucking it gently behind an ear.

“I don't care about this district, only you. It can burn. I don't want to lose you but I still have an obligation to the Star Army. We don't have to work against one another, we can make it happen… I don't want to have to kill you.” Chiyo frowned and shifted her gaze to her hands on his shirt.

Voss tapped her forehead. “The only obligation you have to anyone is the obligation you willingly accept. To them. Even to me.”

Starting over, Leo, Chou Cho District

YE 35 - Present: Chiyo left the service of the Star Army of Yamatai after her time with the Ryuusei and switched to a UMC Synthetic body, a Ni-ARIA. She has remained with Voss on his ship and was considered the Chou Cho District Ane-san, much to Palomino's dismay.

In YE 39, Chiyo purchased a Courier 2A from Origin Industries for a private cargo running business for herself and Voss. While waiting for cargo, she “proposed” to Voss in a street restaurant.


  • Medical: Chiyo has been trained in first aid and combat lifesaving. She became proficient in the art of patching up her comrades and herself using whatever materials are available to her both in and out of the field through simulated combat field training and experience in the field.
  • Survival and Military: Chiyo is proficient in outdoor survival skills and tracking enemy troops movements from her combat programming and her experience as an infantry soldier in the Elysian and Draconian wars.
  • Cooking: In her attempt to develop useful skills outside of combat, Chiyo has started trying to learn how to cook through the old fashioned trial and error method. So far, she really only seems to be skilled at butchering and preparing animals for food preparation.
  • Engineering: When she bought the Brave, she learned how to repair and maintain the Courier 2A utilizing her digital mind to memorize the user's manual, repair manual and other useful engineering and repair manuals, this information is reinforced with practice maintaining the ship. She understands and is able to perform damage control mitigation techniques to keep the ship intact for most basic worst case scenarios.
  • Piloting: She is able to fly the Courier 2A.


Hida Chiyo returned her Star Army Standard Issue Items when she retired.

Authorized Civilian Use Star Army of Yamatai Merchandise

She was allowed to keep the following items:
Star Army Medical patch
Tenth Standard Fleet patch
Star Army Hinomaru patch
Ryuusei Unit patch
Jôtô Hei pin
GSS Kyuubi patch
White thigh length boots
White gun belt
Black gun belt
Star Army Toiletry Kit
Star Army Undergarments


Vessels // Vehicles

  • Finch-Class Patrol Craft- Peacekeeper Model (A Police Vehicle… With Tracking Device) (Pirating the UOC, TC: 77-91, IC: 7064-26447-159)
  • Pristine Airbike (NMX War, TC: 38-32, IC: 1235-27865-66)
  • Civilian Truck (Pirating YE 34, TC: 26-31, IC: 837-3095-54)


  • 578 x Manacles (2 lb)
  • SSCC-XL containing Scandium (Pirating YE 34, TC: 2-75, IC: 207-29457-77)
  • SSCC-XL containing computers (Salvaging Commodites, TC: 84-20, IC: 1653-2977-94)
  • Handful of circuit capacitors (Pirating Nepleslia, TC: 42-23, IC: 981-3898-61)
  • Remote medical Drone - Used (Pirating the UOC, TC: 74-20, IC: 1463-5897-86)
  • Type 30 Portable Shelter (NMX War, TC: 93-88, IC: 8241-62097-170)
  • Printer (Pirating YE 34, TC: 98-66, IC: 6427-2829-153)
  • Environmental Systems (NMX War, TC: 44-46, IC: 2037-15467-85)
  • New laptop navigational computer with interface cable (Pirating YE 34, TC: 42-52, IC: 2241-3905-89)
  • Sensor-shielded compartment kit (easy smuggling!) (Pirating YE 34, TC: 85-89, IC: 7622-9402-164)

Food / Single Use Items

  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (Pirating YE 34, TC: 51-4, IC: 210-993-49)
  • SSCC-XL containing eggs (Pirating YE 34, TC: 16-31, IC: 537-9977-46)
  • Barrel of Motor Oil (Pirating YE 34, TC: 43-66, IC: 2895-19131-104)
  • SSCC-XL containing energy cells (Pirating YE 34, TC: 16-32, IC: 569-14521-47)
  • SSCC-XL containing gasoline (Salvaging Commodites, TC: 96-41, IC: 3897-7642-126)
  • Padded wooden crate full of mangoes, papayas, starfruit, and kiwis (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 57-89, IC: 5130-22040-140)
  • Box of bottled cleaning chemicals (Pirating YE 34, TC: 50-70, IC: 3557-10277-114)
  • 49 x Small Cask of Ale (2 sp, 8 lb)
  • Box of brand-new airfilters (Civilian and Starship) (NMX War, TC: 13-72, IC: 980-2433-84)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Beer (Pirating YE 34, TC: 41-3, IC: 139-888-40)

Personal Effects

Chiyo looked at Akemi questioningly, she started to say something but her right hand brushed the worn braided thread on her left wrist and she stopped. “If you’d like, I have enough money that I can cover myself but, thank you.” Her bright blue eyes appraised the basket of hair flowers, unsure of what she would want to have.

The blonde haired medic had never seen an actual garden or real flowers for that matter, so all she had to base her opinions of flowers from were the pictures from encyclopedias and manuals at the back of her memory. She leaned over Freesia’s basket and selected a white and burgundy colored lilac hair flower, placing it in her hair behind her right ear. “How does that look?”

Freesia looked up at Chiyo with an almost knowing smile and very softly said, “Hatsukoi”.

The blonde medic's bright blue eyes met the violet eyes of the young Helashio for a brief moment and she felt uncomfortable as she smiled. “Ah yes, that is what that flower used to mean when exchanged… I have never seen a real flower so I'll just have to pretend, little one.”


Red worn braided bracelet worn on left wrist.
Burgundy and white lilac hair flower


Hida Chiyo was a Jôtô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai and received 12 years of back pay after emerging from the Blue Rift.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
53, 400 KS +50400 KS 1 Year Joto Hei Pay, +12 years
193, 800 KS +140400 KS 3 Years Joto Hei Pay, + 9 Years
539, 400 KS + 345600 KS 3 Years Itto Hei Pay, +6 Years
608, 925 KS +69525 KS 3 Years Nitto Hei Pay
644, 925 KS + 18000 KS 2 Years Santo Hei Pay
660, 000 KS + 15075 KS 1 Years Yonto Hei Pay
655, 000 KS -5,000 KS Ni-Aria Type 3 Body
495, 000 KS - 160,000 KS Origin Industries: Courier 2A
493, 650 KS - 1, 350 KS Star Army Ship's Store : Misc Items
448, 650 KS - 45,000 KS Second Chance Salvage

OOC Information

Second Chance Salvage: Halloween Stuff
Chiyo was submitted by Kim and approved by Wes on 1 Jan 2013.

In the case Kim becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
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