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Higashi Takumi

Higashi Takumi is a player character played by Fay.

Higashi Takumi
Species & Gender: NH-31M Minkan
Date of Birth: YE 09
Date of Death: YE 29
Date of Revival: YE 39
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
Rank: Shoi
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis Plot

Physical Description

Height: 5'6“ Mass: 157 lbs

Takumi has a fairly athletic build with a sand beige skin tone. His handsome face has human-like ears, aquiline nose, and a strong jawline that is clean shaven most of the time. His almond-shaped eyes are a steel gray color with flecks of violet throughout, as if the gray color is shedding away to reveal another shade laying underneath. His viridian hair is cut short and neatly combed to the right side.


Takumi has a down-to-earth attitude with a passion for life. He is both kind and courteous to even his most staunch enemies. It is very rare for someone to find him without a smile on his face. He always tries to put his best to the forefront in everything that he does and never shirks away from his duty, no matter the odds. His previous death has only strengthened his resolve to defend the helpless at any cost.

No man is without faults, and Takumi is no different as his primary means of dealing with stress is to always keeping himself busy with something. This has inadvertently caused him to become somewhat of a workaholic during high stress situations. He also has a difficult time sharing his emotions with just anyone, usually letting things well up inside of him to unhealthy levels unless he has close friends to talk things out with. Secretly, he is afraid that he is utterly useless and a coward, even though his actions usually speak otherwise.

Likes: Waffles, stargazing, reading, solving problems. Dislikes: Mishhuvurthyar, cheating, putting others at risk, bugs. Goals: To learn as much as physically possible as well as never allow his own failures to cause harm to those around him again.



Higashi Takumi was born in YE 09 to NH-1 Geshrin parents near Kyoto on Planet Yamatai immediately following the terrible Plague of YE 08. His father and mother were both in the medical field, doctor and nurse respectively. This meant that they both worked long hours, but his parents did their utmost best to spend time with the young Higashi siblings and raised them correctly. Takumi did not have many friends growing up, but the ones he had were very close. His younger sister would constantly tag along with them, but he didn't mind as much as an elder brother probably would have under normal circumstances. They had always been close in both age and friendship, so she was simply one of the group.

If he wasn't reading or hanging out with friends, Takumi would indulge in his secret passion: stargazing. Throughout his childhood and into early adulthood, he would find a secluded spot and just stare up at the night sky. He would later learn that the study of stars was called astronomy, but his simple interest lay beyond the multitude of diamonds seemingly set in the sky. His thoughts would always wander to what strange and alien life existed on those distant gems. Such thoughts would eventually lead him to studying xenobiology in college following graduation.

His most notable experience during college was also arguably a double-edged sword. During a rather high tempo and completed unauthorized party, an attractive, buxom blonde Elysian approached him. Although the Fourth Elysian War was still fresh in many minds, Takumi did not question her presence during a time when Elysians would rarely travel Planet Yamatai so openly. To be fair, he was not even certain at the time if she had even truly existed in the first place. However, the rude awakening that occurred the next morning when one of Takumi's professors discovered him in bed with the professor's Elysian wife would prove the encounter to be real.

Fortunately, the young Yamataian was not outright expelled, and the rather embarrassing event for the school would be noted as him “taking his xenobiology studies a tad too far. The real irony is that Takumi remembers nothing of the 'educational' portion of the escapade besides waking with a killer headache, an angelic figure snuggling into his chest, and a red-faced professor screaming at the top of his lungs nearby. Needless to say, Takumi opted to change schools for the following semester. However, that was when his interest in space was sparked once again.

The Star Army of Yamatai was aggressively recruiting as the First Mishhuvurthyar War was in full swing around this time. A particularly savvy (and attractive) recruiter by the name of Orocha Hinara-Chui managed to catch his interest by explaining the Star Army Science Officer program to him. Not going down without a fight, Takumi bargained with the lavender-haired vixen. If she went on a date with him, he would sign up the very next day. Although initially hesitant to give the bright-eyed Yamataian a chance, Hinara eventually accepted.

Their first date ended up being a magical trip to a festival being held in Kyoto. Completely taken by the slightly awkward, yet charmingly romantic gentleman, Hinara was almost heartbroken when he turned out to be a man of his word and signed into the officer commissioning program the following day. Their budding romance did not die that day, however and continued throughout his training. Following his initial training and commission, he returned to her on a period of much-needed leave. Surprising her one the anniversary of their relationship with a ring, Hinara and Takumi had a rather quick wedding ceremony right before he shipped out on his first assignment. Little did he know that a piece of himself had been left behind with his new wife.

The Irim-class Heavy Gunship YSS Sheridan in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet was his first ship, and its squadron was immediately pushed into the thick of battle during the First Mishhuvurthyar War. During periods of downtime, Takumi would find himself drawn to wherever the starlight showed aboard the cramped warship. This was usually the bridge, and the simple pleasure of gazing out to the stars as he did during childhood days long past would comfort him since communications with Hinara would be spotty on the best of days. However, disaster would soon strike.

A pack of Mishhuvurthyar had unknowingly infiltrated the YSS Sheridan and her sister ships and eventually would wreak havoc throughout the squadron. Takumi would valiantly defend the ship and fellow crew, but would ultimately perish when a self-destruct sequence caused the reactors to melt down and wipe out the Mishhu infestation once and for all. The real tragedy of this occurrence was that the YSS Sheridan's Soul Savior Pod was badly damaged in the explosion. The resulting data corruption prevented over half of the deceased crew from being revived, including the young Shoi.

Embroiled in the current war with the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX), the Star Army of Yamatai did not have the time nor resources to sift through the corrupted data, so the “lost souls” were registered as KIA, and compensation was passed along to the next of kin, if applicable. A now-with-child Hinara would receive this devastating news with little warning or fan-fare, and this would ultimately be a key reason for her resignation from the Star Army along with now having to raise a daughter that would never know her father. Takumi's family would support her the best that they could during this trying time, and his sister Yuuki would be a vital friend to a bereaved Hinara.

Years would pass by while Takumi slumbered in eternity. Many important events would occur during this time, but none more so than Battle of Yamatai during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Millions of Yamataian civilians would perish during this battle, including both of his parents as well as his beloved widow. Fortunately, his sister and young daughter, Katsumi, would survive thanks to Hinara's sacrifice. Shielding them from a blast, the former Chui made Yuuki swear to continue raising a still young Katsumi before joining her husband in the afterlife. However, they would not be together in death forever.

Note from SSS Archive #9034717 ++Audio Only++
“Is it really worth reviving this one? Records show that he has almost nothing left, and it has been so long…” “Enough. Every life is precious, and to give up now would be a disservice not only to him, but to everything Yamatai stands for. Now, begin the revival procedure…” -End Archive

Newer technology allowed a dedicated Scientific Studies Service (SSS) team to conduct Project Lost Soul, a renewed attempt at cracking “cold” ST data. In time, the team was able to successfully revive the Shoi into an NH-31M body. Ten years had gone by, but in his mind, it had barely been an instant. One moment, Takumi was sitting in the medbay aboard the YSS Sheridan while making a routine ST backup, and the next, he was floating in a cold, dark tank with no recollection of how he had gotten there. The Shoi was not the only one to be revived nor was he was first. Several other Yamataians and Nekovalkyrja from his former crew were revived as well.

Takumi was not only in for a huge culture shock following the gap in time but also for an extreme amount of heartache. Months of therapy and psychiatric evaluations would eventually allow him to accept the deaths of practically everyone he had ever cared about and the fact that he was a father to a complete stranger, yet somehow familiar. His daughter had many of Hinara's features as well as some of his own, but the fact that he could now walk into her life and turn it completely upside down had been troubling for him.

Once fully cleared as mission ready, the Star Army of Yamatai actually gave him a choice. Takumi could return to his life and remaining family since he was well past his original contract, if he chose. However, not wanting to upset the delicate, yet now-stable lives of his sister and daughter with his sudden return from the grave, the still young Yamataian decided to stay in the Star Army and perhaps forge a new destiny with the life now returned to him. The Star Army eagerly gave him new orders in the face of the growing Kuvexian threat.

Social Connections

Higashi Takumi is connected to:

  • Father: Higashi Shousheh (Deceased)
  • Mother: Higashi Migami (Deceased)
  • 'Younger' Sister: Higashi Yuuki
  • Wife: Higashi Hinara (Deceased)
  • Daughter: Higashi Katsumi

Skills Learned

  • Science (Xenobiology): Although he studied a variety of sciences during his training to the Star Army, he has substantial knowledge and experience in Xenobiology as a college major. Following his rebirth, Takumi will diligently update himself on various newer species over time. This ever-expanding knowledge includes the anatomy and biology for the following species: Nekovalkyrja (NH-17, NH-33, NH-33A), Elysian (Patrician, Caelisolan, Plebeian), Mishhuvurthyar (Pre-Neo)

Inventory & Finance

Higashi Takumi has the following items:

"Figments of Fantasia" VR-MMORPG Profile

  • Name: Takumi
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Mage
  • Appearance: His in-game appearance is the relatively the same as his regular appearance 'in real life'. The only exception is his hair color being changed to a soft, earthy shade of brown.
  • Personality: His personality is pretty much the same as it is normally.
  • History: Takumi has wandered for most of his life, always passing through village to village and seeking rare knowledge. He usually pays his patronage with helpful spells, tutoring, and even simple magic tricks to entertain both child and elder alike. If that fails, he will simply sleep in the fields under the night sky. Perhaps it is a lonely life, but Takumi doesn't mind. Learning new things every day and teaching others is more than enough for him.

OOC Information

AKA: Science Guy™

In the case Fay becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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