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Hightower, Conrad

Hightower, Conrad is a player character played by Emblem.

Hightower, Conrad
Conrad Hightower
Species: Nepleslian/ID-SOL hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 7'0“ (210cm)
Weight: 350lbs (158kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Cook / Technician
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7'0'' (2.10 meters)
  • Mass: 350 lbs. (158 kilo)
  • Measurements: n/a

Build and Skin Color: Conrad Hightower is, as if his surname suggest, a massive towering hulk of muscle. Much in confirmation with his father's ID-SOL's physiology, Conrad is large, and very muscled. Due to rigorous training Conrad has developed his body that live up to the standard of extreme hard labor. He's not extremely muscled but enough to lift and carry heavy materials as he pleases. He had a slightly tanned skin due to working outside a lot, but is normally light-skinned. His skin has a few nicks and scars here and there, small marks of his daily construction work.

Eyes and Facial Features: Conrad has jadegreen eyes, one of the few physical things he inherited from his mother. He had a fairly defined jaw line, an average forehead and normally rounded ears. His cheekbones aren't poking out, at all and his eyebrows are well defined lines of delicate hair. However, those eyebrows, where previously brown, seemed to turn grayish. Conrad has a few nicks and scratches on his face, the most apparent one a sleek triangular (aimed up) nick in his skin on his jawline, right side of his face. His flesh seems rugged here and there, a result due to his physical outside work. His jaw is covered in an seemingly everlasting five o'clock shadow, occasionally a bit more.

Ears: Conrad's ears are 'common' rounded ears.

Hair Color and Style: Around the time he turned 18, Conrad's hairs turned a whitish grey; Before this, his natural color was brown, but slowly went to grey and white. He keeps his hair short, as longer hair highlight the little a balding he already has going. His hairline is slightly creeping back at the left and right of his forehead. Slightly. His hair is kept short but he doesn't do anything to it next to keeping it clean, making it look a bit unkempt in the end.

Distinguishing Features: Small nicks and scars over 'exposed' body parts such as his face and arms as well as on his massive shoulders. Easily stands out in a crowd of (usually) NH-31 Minkans due to his height and build.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Conrad is commonly seen as a friendly giant. However, there is much more then meets the eye. Conrad has grown a bit twisted inside due to everything he has experienced. Due to his appearance, he always stood out from the crowd, even when he did not want to. Children and adults alike would avoid him if they had a chance, and none seem to speak to him unless they must. Whilst he is rather empathic, Conrad shows great to not get angry at anything, fearing consequence.

During his time in construction work, Conrad developed a liking to creating things and being supportive, using his body instead of being condemned by it. Due to him standing out (and at times being disadvantaged) compared to the Minkan he shows an unrelenting interest in body augmentations.

  • Likes: Cooking (and eating!), Fixing broken things, talking, everything BIG (guns, ships, oh my!), friendly people, competition, reading.
  • Dislikes: Extreme Hostility, unexplainable narrow-mindedness, corruption, lack of empathy, decaying grandeur.
  • Goals: To provide means of survival for his mother, to search and acquire physical augmentations, to find a place


Family (or Creators)

Anne Gilliam (Mother) & Jack Hightower (Father)


Conrad has had a turbulent life before joining the military. He was born in YE 12 on Planet Yamatai.

Growing up, he felt like a foreigner amongst men. His mother had fled to Yamatai for reasons she refused to tell her (then unborn) child. Conrad suspected it was all because of his dad, whom he never met. All he could figure out was that that man was all about warfare and none of a family man. That and logically, his father was an ID-SOL. His mother had to share that detail when it was obvious Conrad wasn't like many others. Hair color, length, build…Conrad was something different.

As a young man, Conrad had spent most of his days at home. He didn't have much friends as people seemed to shy away from the uncommon. He learned how to cook (and thoroughly enjoyed it) and clean. Neighbors employed him after he had gained their trust, and he was able to provide some extra money for his mother, who worked in a small floral stall at the nearby market.

As he got older, Conrad had gotten the advice to use his large and strong body. A local construction company was looking for heavy lifters and Conrad seemed almost overqualified for the job. His next few years were all about creating and fixing, assisting other craftsmen and otherwise lifting heavy cargo. The more he worked with these men, the more they trusted him and respected him. Conrad loved their appreciation and enjoyed creating.

A faithful day, one elderly construction asked him about his father. Conrad could not answer. The elderly man pointed him to try a career in the military. They could always use special people like him. It was also a better way to get a hand on cybernetics, pay for them, and pay the bills for his elderly mother. The house he lived in was getting too small and had never been big to begin with.

Conrad received his old mother's blessing, and applied for military duty on YE 34, starting with basic training and undertaking formal technician training, combined together for a total of a bit over 5.5 months, training himself into the next year. He could use the discipline, education, the extra cash and the challenge the military provided.



Conrad has received military communications training, successfully familiarizing him with various procedures, radio equipment and efficient handling of transmissions through various means. Conrad is fluent in Nepleslian and slightly above average in Yamataian. Rudimentary forms of communication and field communications are next to second nature to Conrad, as he is very efficient in understanding and undertaking given orders.

Technology Operations

Conrad has been familiarized with the Kessaku OS and had proved to be a quick learner and adept information seeker.


Conrad has received mathematics training, excelling at particular subjects that require logical calculation and statistical analysis. Conrad looks at things with an idea for optimization, a vision dated back to his construction days.


Conrad has been sort of a 'natural' fighter even before the program. Due to his strength and mental fortitude, Conrad has excelled at the hand-to-hand combat training and followed an even heavier training program to augment his physical prowess. While favoring the bigger guns over the smaller ones (possible due to his nature as hybrid ID-SOL species) Conrad was unable to adequately train for combat in power armor due to his length.


Having been a long-term hobby of his, Conrad has memorized various tasteful recipes, is able to combine flavors from various plants and even estimate proper cooking methods for unknown food sources. He's a hard worker and prefers cooking for others (as long as he gets a taste before). Especially fond of bartender duty, Conrad is able entertain yet maintain good service with a smile.


Having taken care of his household and others before he started in the field of construction, Conrad is able to take care of anything related to cleaning, laundry and even infant care. Seeing this more as a pastime then an actual duty, he seems absent doing domestic tasks, but actually performs his duty faster (and more cheerfully) then most others.

Maintenance and Repair

Whilst his strength doesn't lie in engineering, Conrad is aptly able to handle repair equipment and keep the ship in a good condition. Quick to find damaged parts of the ship (even faster with access to the Kessaku OS) Conrad will often know where the problem is. Although it might at times be difficult to reach said places, he is able to repair or replace most parts within Yamatai spaceships.


Hightower, Conrad has the following items:

Star Army Standard Issue Items

Gifted as a Present on the Eucharis:

- Oversized Hammock

- Oversized Bath Towel set

- (Black and Red) Kimono, including Tabi and Geta)

- YSS Eucharis Plush Toy


Hightower, Conrad is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
8221 KD +221 Monthly Salary (Santo Hei)
8000 KS +5000 Present on Eucharis
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

First time application in a very different RP setting. Critique is very welcome.

Character is made with the intention to join the Eucharis.

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