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Hisoka is a player character played by Chris Young.

Species: NMX Nekovalkyrja type 29
Gender: Female
Age: Five months
Height: 5'7“
Weight: 135lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Intelligence Operative
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7”
  • Mass: 135lbs
  • Measurements: 34C-25-33.

Build and Skin Color: A tall, slenderly build nekovalkyrja, toned musculature beneath light cream colored skin. Not-too-wide hips slide into a comfortably slim waist, but, her slenderness ends when one reaches her upper torso where a pair of immodestly large breasts rest.

Eyes and Facial Features: Angry looking golden eyes glint out from slightly slanted narrow set eyes. Hisoka's face is very angular, high set cheekbones, a straight jawline ending in a pointed chin. A smallish, but straight nose divides her symmetrical features in half down the center resting above a thin lipped mouth.

Ears: Her ears are hairless and longer then standard nekovalkyrja ears by about two inches. Her particular ear design is more swept back then normal and gives her slight elfin mystique.

Hair Color and Style: Hisoka's knee length purple hair is kept manageable in a single elaborate french braid. Save for her bangs and ear tails which are left alone and trimmed in a “hime” cut. She routinely has her long braid wrapped around her neck like a sort of scarf.

Distinguishing Features: Hisoka wears a standard black paneled Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35, with a matching Star Army Cap, Type 32 on her head almost constantly, she has since surrendered her Admirals Peaked Cap after defecting.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Hisoka is a goal driven, ambitious, power mongering Intel Analyst, she abuses every advantage she can get and every weakness she can discover. She could and can be considered amoral, deceitful and out right ruthless in her pursuits. If she wants something, she will do everything she can to get it. She can pretend to be a friend, or a lover, so long as it can help her get what she wants. Her personality has since mellowed out some since her defection and reeducation, she is still goal oriented, but much more loyal and less likely to back stab allies to gain advantages.

  • Likes: Good intel, successful plans that garner her praise.
  • Dislikes: Bad intel, plans that fail and cause unneeded casualties
  • Goals: To loyally serve the Yamataian empire.


Family (or Creators)

One of twenty-five nekovalkyrija of generational batch 2-590-Beta. She doesn't know how many of her underlings are still alive and frankly doesn't care in the slightest.


A specially generated nekovalkyrija designed and purposed for data gathering and processing, Hisoka was born along with twenty-five other nekos in that particular germination string.

As soon as they received their information and skill packets, all twenty-five of them began to plot and back stab each other. Six were murdered within the first five hours of the experiment, another two “vanished” and were discovered dead and stuffed into ventilation ducts after two days of searching.

After, what was admitted by the survivors, a 'cleansing' of the idiots and rejects, the nekos eventually settled into plotting and deal making. Within four days of release, the nekos had more or less settled into two main groups of seven and one small gang of three. Hisoka was apart of one of the seven neko gangs and displaying a quick mind and a faster tongue, Hisoka managed to sway the small three neko gang into joining her group, instantly destabilizing the balance in her favor. Three hours and a massive free for all brawl, that left another neko dead and eight with severe injuries, later Hisoka declared herself the best of the generation group, and the others too tired, injured and frankly awed by her abilities agreed.

She was taken from the others and given special training in counter intelligence, terrorism logistics, domestic skills and entertainment, particularly dancing and singing. Three weeks passed as she was physically trained as well as mentally conditioned for her first mission. A covert infiltration of a retired Nelpeslian Captain's expanse estate. The exact details are not known outside of her report to high command and her own personal memories of the event, but when she was done two weeks after she was planted, her target and his immediate family were all dead. And she was the owner of a new, if somewhat damaged and dirty hat.

After several months of further debriefings and more intense training, where she picked up advanced training in her Communication handling skills as well as most of her extensive combat skills beyond the basic training she was givem. Hisoka was then reassigned to the XSS Tiavareth as their Intel analyst.

Eventually the Tiavareth was attacked by Yamataian forces and her commander had proven to have either defected or decided to just slaughter the crew. Hisoka and several members of the Tavareth crew escaped the doomed ship on surplus shuttles and were eventually captured by their attackers. Several crew were summarily executed, when they turned down the empire's demand of surrender.

Hisoka was never stupid and willingly surrendered and even declared her defection to the Yamataian empire, claiming that as an analyst she had valuable intel they could use. She was taken and after being interrogated for all the information the YSE could get out of her she was sent to Reeducation to be re purposed for the empire's use. Her cap was also confiscated and returned to Nelpeslia, she didn't like that but it was the only real sacrifice she had to deal with.

Eventually she was released into the Star army duty pool after her reeducation was complete and she was deemed a non-threat.

Skill Areas

Communications (interception, retrieval, decryption)

Hisoka's Signature Skill.

Hisoka is proficient in all forms of communication technology, from hand signals to hand radios, to ham radios, armor comm systems, embedded sub dermal relays to starship communications suites to esoteric systems like LoS laser and Morse code. She is adept at intercepting communications as well as wiretapping, redirecting and active denial of services. She is also adept at the use of ciphers and machine language as well as code breaking.

She is a skilled Telepathic, being able to send, receive, encrypt, decrypt, cipher and even scramble inbound, outbound and free messages. She's been practicing a special ability she's nicknamed “Jacking,” where she snatches Telepathic messages en route and quick saves a copy before continuing the relay. She freely admits she's not all that good at it yet so she only uses it when she knows she has an advantage.

She is fluent in all known speaking languages, including Common Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語), Lorath, Elysian, Phod, Azorian, Abwehran and the four dialects of Konoha. She can read and write in Yamataian, Nelpeslian, Trade and Elysian.

She can deliver orders as well as send and receive communications while under fire or duress with minimal lose of content or context of the message.

Knowledge (Counter Intelligence)

Hisoka was also taught counter intelligence tactics and exploits to most data gathering dragnets used by the major powers in play. She's proficient at covering her tracks in the scope of leaving a minimal social footprint and containing any documentation she should need or leave behind. Hisoka has been allowed to keep her counter intelligence training but her political skills were silently deleted during her interment at her reeducation facility.


Hisoka was retrained in the use of leadership skills and has currently been noted as to have assimilated this data well enough to consider her old training obsolete and it was erased. Hisoka now uses proper praise and rewards for proper decorum and behavior.

Rogue (Common sense)

Despite her skills at subterfuge, and her down right mind boggling skills at communication manipulation, Hisoka has something that she considers to be the primary reason she won against all her sisters in their free for all. She used plain common sense. Hisoka's “seduction” training was deemed irrelevant for her new position and was removed, her “common sense” was left alone since she seemed to pride herself on being able to tell obvious patterns apart.

Entertainment (Singing "Dancing")

Hisoka was taught the finer points of dancing and singing by a civilian artist in the matter. She felt she was meant to learn operatic, but quickly learned that though she can carry a note, she can't carry it as far as a real Diva. As such, she's been forced to accept that she can sing short Ballads, but nothing like a full opera.

She was also taught dancing. She considers what she learned less dancing and more gyrating her breasts and ass at people to music, but personal bias aside she learned enough contemporary moves to be a passable stripper. Aside from a small edit, these skills were largely left alone.

Fighting (Conventional, dirty, oppertunistic)

Hisoka has been trained in all standard Star army weapons, including knives, pistols, shotguns, rifles, demolitions, heavy weapons and various sundry martial arts techniques, she can fight in Zero-G, atmosphere and on a ship. She is proficient in the use of armors and anti-armor tactics.

Hisoka has also taken it upon herself to learn Pankration. Something she would become devastatingly skilled at. Pankration is a blend of wrestling and standard boxing that utilizes only one rule, win or die. Hisoka has replaced the punches normally used with devastating elbow strikes and will never waste any time in forcing an advantage in close combat, be it from stepping on toes or finger, pulling hair or ears, poking eyes, pinching noses or even groping. Again aside from a slight edit, her combat skills were left unchanged.


She claims that she learned this subset of skills to assist with her first mission. Truth is, she took to cooking and found she was really fond of it.


Hisoka has the following items:


Hisoka is currently a Elite in the Neo Mishhuvurthyar Military.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion


Non-standard characters should use a Modular Combat Armor System in place of the Mindy 2.

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