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Hoax is a NPC controlled by Chris Young / Gallant in the Task Force Lantern plot.

Species: Geshrin
Gender: Female
Organization: Independent World League
Occupation: Bodyguard
Rank: β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
Current Placement:

Character Description

A well defined Geshrin, she has medium length gray hair. She wears long deep brown pants, a deep brown trench coat, a long sleeved deep brown sweater and full fingered gloves. Wears a blank oval plate that goes from her hairline, to the base of her jaw. The mask has no holes, but she seems to see just fine.

History and Relationship Notes

Hoax, like all the others working for Doppel has given up her original name and life. Who she was, who her family was and who she could have been are all lost to antiquity.

She is best friends with Ruse and considers Mock something like a brother. She can work with Fake, but thinks her medical training makes her a liability.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: She is fluent in Trade and Nelpeslian, is capable of delivering and receiving messages with minimal loss of contest. She is able to handle most Star army based communication technology.
  • Fighting: Proficient in heavy armaments, unarmed combat and with Simple Melee weapons, is also skilled with the use of grenades and satchel bombs. Lacks Finesse but makes up for it in brutal efficiency.
  • Demolitions: Trained in the used of polymer-bonded explosives, mines and pressure charges, binary explosives, plastic explosives and liquid explosives. Very dangerous if left to her own devices.
  • Engineering: Knows how to quickly build small ramshackle, if intricate things, mostly meant to hold an explosive of some kind.
  • Rogue: Can silently and discretely set up explosive charges and other booby traps quickly and without making the trap look too obvious.
  • Physical: Is considered what one would called \β€œStout\” or sturdy. She is not fat but is generally thicker and more muscular then others in the Doppelgangers. Has incredible strength and endurance, slightly less then Ruse but is stronger and tougher then most everyone else. In turn is the least likely to be mistaken for Doppel.


Hoax has the following items:

Brown variant ensemble
Face mask
Lover's Kiss, built into her gloves
Trench Shotgun, in a holster under the Duster
A satchel filled with various throwable explosives, mostly light grenades and some home made pipebombs.

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