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Huaca Falcon

Huaca Falcon is a crew member board the HNMS Eidolon. She is a 18 year old Yamataian woman from Kyoto, Yamatai currently employed by Hikyaku no Mikomi to help ship board operations, loading and unloading.

Name Huaca Falcon
Sex Female
Species Yamataian
Age 18
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 115 lbs
Affiliations Hikyaku no Mikomi
Occupation SAoY Civilian Contractor
Current Assignment HNMS Eidolon
Job Title Crew

Hair: straight black hair cropped short into a “pixie” style cut.
Eyes: Dark Blue
Skin Tone: Medium tan
Build: Thin.
Distinguishing Features: Seems to suffer from narcolepsy, doesn't talk much if at all.

Notes: Has spent most of the initial deployment sleeping since there isn't much for the crew members to really do until they reach their destination. Typically wanders around the ship wearing fuzzy penguin slippers and blue flannel pajamas.

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