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Hugar is a player character played by Semjax.

Species: Helashio
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 7'1β€œ (215 cm)
Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
Organization: Independent
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. The Wayward

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7'1” (215 cm)
  • Mass: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Hugar has the build of a standard Helashio whom has spent his life doing hard labor. As such he has a somewhat robust and muscular figure with broad shoulders, his tail stands at 3 feet in length. His skin is a light gray hue while his tail's tip and base are discolored a bit from abuse of the Lortah Overlords.

Eyes and Facial Features: Hugar has very rounded eyes, unlike the usual Yamataian who's eyes are more of an Asian decent, Hugar's looks more American and bug eyed than not. His eyes are of a violet color rather than white or gray. His facial shape is of a developed male of Helashio decent that has engaged in rigorous and difficult manual labor, there for his face could be considered 'chiseled' by some.

Ears: Hugar has ears that are on the side of his head, much in the fashion of a Neplashian and Yamataian, however unlike those two races in particular his ears are arced upwards towards the sky with a distinctive curve upwards. The ears are more feline like than primate like.

Hair Color and Style: Hugar has neck length red hair. His hair has a natural curl to it, and has spots that have been bleached or something of the sort from damages from being a slave.

Distinguishing Features: Hugar has a lot of scars across his body, most particularly on his back where a lot of punishments took place, to a smaller scar across his left eye that permanently damaged his face.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Hugar is one of the Helashio that you would want by your side. He is fiercely loyal to anyone who treats him as a normal person and earns his trust. He despises the idea of a slaves collar, and would not hesitate to get violent towards anyone who dared to attempt to put one back on him after he has been freed. He's rather quiet for the most part, once more only ever really opening up towards anyone who has earned his trust. He is less likely to talk to those who whom he just met, in comparison to those who he has known for a decent amount of time. He does not take orders very well, but you can trick him into taking orders by simply reconstructing the order into a request. He likes to tell stories of his time as a slave to the Lorath, and he likes taking part in his races tribal like activities, however he is very knowledgeable having elected to learn as much as he could so that he could one day get revenge on the Lorath woman who gave him all these scars.

  • Likes: Freedom, Weapons, Spacefairing.
  • Dislikes: Servitude, The Lorath
  • Goals: To one day kill his former mistress, and locate his sister.


Family (or Creators)

Wife: Yukta (Deceased) Son: Margoi (Deceased) Sister: Hugin (20, MIA) Mother: Unknown (Deceased) Father: Lorgo (Deceased)


Hugar was born free and sold into servitude by an unknown Helashio mother, and his father Lorgo. At a young age he was shown to have tremendous physical ability, and as such he was taken into a high standing Lorath womans house, this woman was named Senator Sie'larn 'Cruelty' Occhestian. While in her service he was forced to do humiliating things from 'serving' the Senator, to cleaning, to heavy lifting. Whenever he dared to speak out, or do anything wrong he would find himself on a rack, being whipped, flogged, beaten, violated, whatever found the horrible Lorath taste at that particular moment. This treatment, and his subsquent release after years of it, is what lead to his strong hatred and desire to see the senator's head on a pike so to speak.

Once the Lorath Policy-Makers offered them a chance to not serve anymore, he went looking for his family only to find out that his wife that he had married a few years earlier in secret, his son, and father were all dead. He asked around and found out that the Senator had done it, and this broke him, however his resolve steeled when he learned that his sister Hugin was still alive, and was sold off to a captain of a vessel. Determined to find her, then come back and bleed out the senator, Hungar chartered a ship to take him to the Yamataian Capital.

His severe hatred for the Lorath, and his want to find his sister drove him from the Lorath's home planet, and he had no desire to stay there and learn from his oppressors. So for the next nine years he spent his time at in the Yamataian Capital attending university for the knowledge and the arts that he would learn, and hiring a specialized trainer to constantly train him in the art of combat, from marksmanship, to mastering his hand-to-hand combat that he had learned over the course of his slavery. All this time keeping his eyes on the goals of finding his sister, and gutting the Senator who enslaved him. All of his time was dedicated to these goals and this learning until finally he graduated from the university and got the approval from the guy he paid that he had passed his training.

Despite his intense training, he realized that joining the Star Army of Yamatai would do nothing but hinder him in his goals due to having set goals, and regulations. He elected instead to charter a ship to take him across the universe with what meager savings he had. He bought some weaponry, and clothing, and supplies and left the Yamataian Capital. Eventually however, his funds were reaching critically low levels and he had to find a new way to explore the universe, so he decided to look for employment upon an independent ship..

The Wayward (Episode - 0)

Hugar, having found out about The Anbruch recruiting people, made his way to their Bar; The Rot MΓ€dchen. There he met up with Veronica Roux, and Rev'tock Embel. They were sat down at the table, where Embel and Hugar both talked and became rather close with similarities between them providing a delicate bridge of understanding. Soon after, the Captain of the Anbruch, Tanja Dunst, approached and began talking to them. He also met the other two people who'd join the crew soon after, Reed Sterling and Shadow Wraith. With Reed, he immediately took a disliking due to his lack of belief that space was dangerous and his overall nonchalant attitude with slavery. Where as with Shadow, he didn't really have much time to talk to him.

Soon after this they took a tour of the Anbruch and he found yet another common ground this time with the Captain. It turned out both of them were at one point or another slaves in the most brutal of fashions. He immediately felt a want to get closer and protect the two women, as well as himself from this ever happening. At the end of the tour he took to a cabin with Embel and was assigned as a navigation expert. He took this job to heart and began aiding the ship in any way he could.

The Wayward - First Steps (Episode 1)



The first thing that Hugar learned once he left his home planet was how to communicate with the several different races of the universe so that he could easily locate his sister.

  1. Trade(Neplesilan)
  2. Lorath
  3. Helashio
  4. Yamataian


Hugar was a slave for a long time to a female Lorath whom took complete advantage of him in almost every form. So he learned a few things about pleasuring both male and females. He is exceptionally better at pleasing women then he is men, though he can do both if it calls for it. Furthermore, he also enjoys telling stories about his time, as well as making up stories to entertain people even if he is noticeably quiet.


Hugar learned in his servitude to the Senator how to do basic domestic things such as laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, and infant care. He has mastered these skills as it was important that he did so to survive.


Hugar decided to major in biology and learn everything there was to learn about Biology as the subject got him to enjoy learning more than before. As such he has a masters degree in biology from the Yamatain capital, being noted at being on a skill level of a doctor when it came to Biology.

Specialization(s): Xenobiology and Genetics


Hugar learned how to fight and survive at a young age, so he has exceptional ability when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and martial arts. Later, when he was freed by the Yamataian Army, he took an interest into learning how to use Weapons of different types. Particularly he learned how to use fire arms, as well as melee based weaponry such as swords. He is particularly ferocious in combat as he has a lot of pent up anger inside.


Hugar is a large Helashion male and has an extremely fit physique from being a slave, he has the ability to do quite a number of physical activities and do them for an extended period of time. He would be considered on a level with a professional body builder and/or a professional Athlete.


Hugar is a survivor, it is rare that he won't know how to handle himself and survive in even the most extreme of situations. He has learned how to take care of him self, navigate land, construct shelter, hunt, and get camouflaged on the level of a high-level hiker/Scout.


Hugar has the following items:

  1. Battle Rifle
    • Standard Gear with the BR
    • Underslung 40mm Grenade Launcher
    • 4x Infrared Optical Sight
    • Sound Suppressor
    • Infrared/Visible rail mountable laser
    • LED flashlight rail attachable
    • Rail attachable bipod
    • 10 30-Bullet Magazines
  2. 10 Sets of Yamataian Civilian Clothes
    • 10 Basic Pants
    • 10 Basic Shirts
    • 10 Basic pairs of Undergarments
    • 10 Basic Boots
    • 10 Pairs of Basic Socks
  3. Eviscerate (Spear)
    • Yamataium
    • Molecular Knit
    • Monomolecular Edge
    • Poison Reservoir: Velserine
    • Shock Modification


Hugar is currently a in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS 0 KS 0 KS Starting Funds
740 KS 0 KS 2260 KS Starting Funds (Subtracted)
1190 KS 450 KS 0 KS Payment for Mission

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